Creative ways to introduce yourself on social media

Note: This post originally published in 2012 was updated on June 21, 2018.Social media etiquette introductions are requestedHow often have you invited someone to Link, Follow or F

Creative ways to introduce yourself on social media

Note: This post originally published in 2012 was updated on June 21, 2018.

Social media etiquette  introductions are requested

How often have you invited someone to Link, Follow or Friend without reminding the person how you are connected? There are some rules forsocial media etiquettethat somehow dont cover this topic and some that do.

Social media etiquette makes the Web a nicer place

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all have suggestion mechanisms to help you find and connect with those that may be your friends, former co-workers, colleagues, or even former sweethearts. In the drive to get the numbers up many people click, click, click to add new peeps.

Twitter and Instagram allow you to follow people without their permission. Though on Instagram, if an account is private, you will not be able to see or follow. So, understanding new connections motivations is not as much of a concern as it is with Facebook and LinkedIn. With these two social media platforms, the emphasis is on a personal connection. I like what Cisions Yvette Pistorio wrote in her blog post:

Introduce yourself. When you follow/friend/engage with people who may not know you, introduce yourself. It helps break the ice and open the door to conversation. Let them know who you are, what you do (if connecting for business) and how you came across themit might just make a great impression. Be transparent about what you are connecting with them for.

Now I dont want to sound like a curmudgeon, but if you want to be my Facebook Friend isnt it just polite to introduce yourself? And if you want to be Linked, shouldnt I know that youre not a ball and chain?

Tell me who you are

Im delighted to get to know new people, after all, I do brand myself The Connection Maven, but if I dont know you, I dont always understand your motivation. Do you want to sell me something? Do you want to become a client or do you just want to ask me out for a cup of coffee? Or maybe you want to find a new job? Im not a mind reader and so I have no idea why you may want to become connected. So, just tell me and were cool.

Ill be your Friend. LinkedIn posse member and Ill re-tweet your amazing tweets. Just give me some context for our pending friendship.

After were connected

And after were connected, please do not tag or mention me in every post.

Especially on LinkedIn. You know. Youve seen them.

The posts where someone attends a meeting and then proceeds to humble brag about how awesome the event was, how much they learned, and mentions/tags 35 of their *friends* or connections in attendance, all in an attempt to increase engagement. If someone there said something cogent that you want to credit them with, for heavens sake, do mention and tag them. Give them all the credit they are due. But just piling on the mentions for the sake of ginning up some response to your post should be avoided at all costs. It feels and looks like begging. Events are all about face to face connections. Take selfies with the peeps you sat with and post away. Then you have a reason to mention them.

If it feels forced. If it feels like something you would not do in real life then stop. Dont do it. Keep it real. Keep it human. Keep it sociable.

Thanks, and rant over.

Photo credit: flickr user Kate Ter Haar

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