Do exes sometimes come back?

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Do exes sometimes come back?

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Youre in a relationship. Youre happy. Youre in love. Yes, there may have been some ups and downs, but youve always believed that you and your partner will get through it.

And then it happens. You may have had a big fight or a serious conversation (or a series of conflicts or conversations!). You may have found out about a significant transgression, or a series of minor issues may have piled up. Whatever the reason, it happened: You two broke up. The two of you decided it was time for a break and re-evaluation  or worse, you two decided to end things then and there. A lot of hurt feelings may have been involved, or you may have reached a point where you just both feel tired of it all.

But deep down, you are still harboring feelings for your ex? You do wish fervently that they would come back to you, or you are hoping for them to give you a second chance? The journey towards getting back together with your ex may not be an easy one. There may be a lot of uncertainties and discouragement ahead. It will require a lot of patience, endurance, and a lot of love  not to mention a whole lot of insight that you will need to determine whether there is still hope for you and your ex. If you have what it takes and are ready to take the challenge on, then weve got 29 secretly alarming signs that your ex will eventually come back. This article will guide you as you go down this road of possible reconciliation.

Breakups are always tricky. They hurt. Especially if its not what you really wanted. And you want to know if its something your ex didnt want either. Our signs your ex will eventually come back will help you determine how your ex may be feeling about your breakup and you.

Suppose youve really been able to determine what led to your breakup and have done your part in trying to fix what led to it. And you are now ready to try and see if your ex still wants another shot at love with you. These signs your ex will eventually come back are just what you need to help lead you to the right path when it comes to you and your ex. Knowing these signs and seeing them can be the difference between cherishing what was and realizing what can still be between the two of you.

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

They love you; they love you not. But seriously, do they still love you? These 29 signs your ex will eventually come back will help you find the answer you desperately seek.

#1. Your Ex has not Blocked your Number  or has Unblocked it

While in many cases, breakups mean wiping each other out of your lives. When your ex has not yet blocked your mobile number, it means they still would like to leave the door open to reconnect. And if they blocked you before and have recently unblocked you, that can be a sign that they are thinking of you and may want to find a way back to your life.

#2. Your Ex Drunk-texts you on Numerous Occasions

If this happened, lets say once or twice, it may not be something to think about. But suppose they keep on sending you messages when they are intoxicated. In that case, that consistent behavior may undoubtedly reflect the still-unresolved feelings that they are carrying for you. Also, many times, though they may still have feelings for you, pride may be stopping them from confessing that to you. When they are drunk, that may lower their inhibitions and let them say how they truly feel.

#3. Your Ex Still Contacts you Regularly  or has Begun to do so Again

A call or text from your ex once or twice may just mean they want to see how you are doing. After all, youve spent a chunk of your lives together, so its natural for them to know how you have been. But if they do that quite regularly and even text you constantly when something reminds them of you, it shows that you are on their mind. It indicates that there is still interest on their part.

Any form of constant contact is one of the big signs your ex will eventually come back. They reach out to you suddenly and begin to call you regularly just to talk. Then it is them re-opening a doorand signaling that they may want to enter your life and heart again.

#4. Your Ex Responds to you Promptly and Enthusiastically

Continuing from the previously mentioned above, if your ex is always happy and enthusiastic when they respond to you, the chances are high that they still like you. They are full of emotion and genuinely care about what you say, and when they are super focused on you when you talk, then this is one of the clearest signs your ex will eventually come back  or at least very, very much wants to!

#5. Your Ex Lingers in or Around your Orbit

Have you found yourself noticing that your ex seems to be in attendance at the same events or gatherings you go to? They may go to the gathering with the knowledge that you will also be there, which shows that they want to see you again. And bonus points if they attend the event along  it is their way of giving you a chance to strike up a conversation and reconnect with them.

In the same vein, if you find yourself running into your ex significantly or unusually often. Say, for example, near your office or at that coffee place and knows you love this spot. It may not be coincidental; instead, they orchestrate to communicate that they would like you back. This intentional, going-out-of-their-way gesture is one of the big signs your ex will eventually come back.

#6. Your Ex still Spends Time with your Friends

Okay, this one is a little tricky as far as signs your ex will eventually come back. When we say friends, were not talking about mutual friends you two share, because of course, your ex may still hang out with them post-breakup since theyre also friends of theirs. But if they keep spending time with your friends after you two have parted ways, that is a clue that they are still curious about how you are and may still be harboring an interest in you.

#7. You and your ex Broke up in the Heat of the Moment

Breakups are complicated, and many things can lead to a relationship ending. One of those is getting caught up in emotions. Did you and your ex break up in the heat of the moment? Was a breakup initiated during a heated altercation or while you two felt very intense feelings such as hurt or anger? We all know that things can be said or done during these types of situations that you dont mean  and that includes breaking up with someone.

If you and your exs relationship ended in such a way, then there may still be a chance for the two of you to turn it all around. So this falls under the signs your ex will eventually come back.

#8. You and your Ex Broke up Because of External Factors

Like we mentioned above, breakups happen for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, they dont happen because of anything between you. Its not because of incompatibility or dissolution of feelings or toxic tendencies. You may have just decided to end things or were driven to do so by something beyond your relationships, such as distance or pressure coming from family, friends, or society.

If your breakup honestly was due to reasons like these, then there is a very big chance that your feelings for each other have not changed. This is very much among the signs your ex will eventually come back  indeed, it is a sign that you are not apart because you no longer love each other!

#9. Your Ex has been Second-guessing your Split

Breakups are huge. They affect our emotions and indeed our lives. So, if you find yourself or your ex second-guessing the decision to break up at one time or another, then thats perfectly normal. It may not mean that they regret the decision and want you back. If this is something your ex keeps on doing, and even obsess over it or keep on thinking. After time has passed, then second-guessing your breakup that way falls under signs your ex will eventually come back. After all, second-guessing constantly shows that their heart may not have completely been in that decision.

#10. Your Breakup with your Ex was Never really Official

Your ex never really made an official statement to those around you, and they have ended things with you. This can indicate that they are not happy with what happened, and they want you back in their lives. It can also be that they are shy about announcing your split to others, or they may have been refraining from doing so out of respect for your feelings. Tread carefully with this one.

Another case of unofficial breakups may be that you two never really ended things or put a period on your relationship. You never had closure, and it may be because your relationship is not one that you nor he truly wanted to end. It may just have simply been a case of life getting in the way, and you just both let things go for a while. If this is the case, then there can definitely still be a lot of unresolved issues and feelings between the two of you, which can be one of the signs your ex will eventually come back.

#11. Your Ex still keeps in Touch with your Family

Just like the earlier sign about your ex keeping in touch with your friends, this one can also be tricky. Suppose there is a legitimate reason for your ex to still be in touch with your family. In that case, it may be just that, and there isnt any underlying desire for them to get back together with you. You have to really think about it.

However, suppose your ex does not have any good reason to still stay in contact with your family. In that case, this may be an indicator that they are still interested in you and want to somehow stay in your world and in your life. You can count this among the signs your ex will eventually come back if this is the case!

#12. Your Exs Family or Friends or both still keep in Contact with you

Yet another tricky one! When the family or friends (or even both!) of your ex still keep in contact with you, it can mean many things.

Since you spent time with them while you and your ex were together, it can mean that they still care about you. And they want to know how you are or maintain a relationship with you separate from your ex. And if they keep on contacting you and asking about your life while mentioning your ex during the conversation. This may be a sign that things are not over for your ex, and those close to him know it.

#13. Your Ex Blocked you and then Unblock you on Social Media  or they still check your Accounts

Social media can be a tricky thing. When it comes to this, its best to err on the side of caution  but at the same time, keep aware of what their behavior may be trying to tell you. If your ex blocked you and then one day randomly unblocks you, it can mean one of two things: That they were very hurt by your breakup but have realized that they still want you back OR that your breakup made them want to have a clean slate and after some time has passed theyve become neutral enough towards you to unblock you again. Its a fine line, and one that you have to tread carefully.

Now, when you find out that your ex has been checking your profiles once or twice, it can mean that they just want to know how you are. But suppose theyve been doing so on a more regular basis, even stalking your socials. In that case, that can be a big indicator of the high level of interest that they still have towards you.

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#14. Your Ex has not started Seriously Seeing Anyone else

When your ex has still not started really seeing anyone post-breakup, this is something that needs evaluation because there is a tendency to assume something that you shouldnt be assuming. While its easy to fall into the trap of thinking that they are still single because they are carrying a torch for you, this can also just mean that they are still taking their time before becoming involved with someone again. Yes, your ex being single can be a sign theyre still thinking of you, but do not jump to conclusions!

#15. Your Ex has not Returned your Things

When two people are in a relationship, its a given that you keep things close that may belong to the other person. You find out that they have kept keepsakes of you close to them, like your fave shirt or a gift you gave them on their birthday. Or even a sweet little just because note, it can be a reflection that they are still very much attached to them and, by extension, to you.

Its a sign that they are still thinking about you and missing you. So when your ex has chosen not to return your things and still takes care of them, then its among the pretty good hint that your ex will eventually come back.

#16. Your Ex opened up About you to their Close Friends

You are still on good terms with their closest peers or their childhood friends, and they let you know that your ex has been talking to them about you. Also, he has opened up to them about their feelings for you; that is one of the biggest signs your ex will eventually come back. They have you on their mind, so much so that its led them to confide in those they trust. Thats a pretty clear indicator that they still love you and want to pick up where you left off.

#17. You and your Ex Ended things Due to Misunderstandings

Okay, time for a little introspection. Why did you and your ex break up? Was it because of something major, like a significant transgression or cheating or ill-treatment or even loss of love? Or was it just because of some misunderstandings that made you end things on good terms? If its more of the latter, then there is an excellent chance your relationship is not irreparable. The feelings you and your ex have for each other may still very much be alive, and this can be among the signs your ex will eventually come back.

#18. Your Ex comes to your Side to Help you

Whatever your reason for breaking up maybe, and even if it all ended bitterly or not in the best of terms, does your ex still come to your help whenever you need it? Do they rush to your side to offer their assistance when they know that you need it? This is a big indicator that your ex still cares about you, which can also mean that they may eventually come back to you!

#19. Your Ex Remembers important Dates

So you and your ex have broken up. You have ended things and are no longer in a relationship. Do they still greet you on your birthday? Do they send you messages on Christmas, on Valentines, on New Years? Do they even maybe send you a little message on what used to be your relationship anniversary or on any other date that used to be significant between you two? This is one of the most prominent signs your ex will eventually come back if there is a chance for them to do so. It shows that you are still very much a part of them and hold a special place in their heart.

#20. Your Ex finds a way to make Sure you dont Forget About them

Alright, time to really think. Has it ever happened that just when youve found yourself deciding to forget your ex and move on, they suddenly do something that makes you remember everything? Do you find that your ex seems to have an uncanny way of reigniting feelings inside you just when youre about to let everything go completely? Impromptu, out-of-the-blue calls or messages show that they want to stay in your mind and even in your heart. Its a way for them to ensure that a bit of window is left open for them to find their way back to you.

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#21. Your Ex is Curious and wants to know About You

You and your ex have gone your separate ways for a while now. You each have your own lives separate from each other, and you have, in fact, begun to move forward. Is your ex now trying to know how youve been and found out your relationship status? Are they trying to find out how serious things are between you and a new person you may be seeing? That can be counted among the signs your ex will eventually come back  especially if he comes right out and asks you about your love life.

#22. Your Ex views you in a Positive Light

Have you noticed that the things that your ex may have once found to be annoying about you no longer bother them? It can be a big sign that they have done some major reflection and now understand their wrongdoings and that they now see your total value and accept you completely for who you are. This is a massive indicator that they miss you and they miss being with you.

And if your ex still sees you in a very positive light and they hold you in high regard, that is a huge sign that they still very much have feelings for you and have a lot of love for you still. These are all signs your ex will eventually come back because clearly, these show that your ex totally adores you still.

#23. Your Ex Tends to become Nostalgic with you

So you and your ex still keep in contact. When you two talk, do you find that they tend to wax nostalgic with you about your past and the things you shared together? Do they bring up moments and shared experiences? Do they talk about what might have been and how things used to be? While there is a chance that this can just mean your ex has a lot of respect for what you two shared before, there is also a strong possibility that it is one of the signs your ex will eventually come back to you. Clearly, it shows that theyve got you and what you two had together on their mind.

#24. Your Ex Admits that they have been Unhappy post-breakup

One of the clearest signs your ex will eventually come back is if you find out from common friends that they admitted how utterly unhappy theyve been since you two ended things, and they realize that letting you go was wrong. It becomes an even more massive sign if your ex actually admits these things to you and lets you know they havent been as happy since youve been gone, and they wish things had gone differently.

#25. Your Ex opens up About Future Plans and Dreams with you

If, when you are your ex talk, you notice that they still open up to you about their goals in life and their plans for the future, this can be an indicator of how much they still value what you think. It can be a way for them to keep you still involved in their life somehow because the truth for them may be that they really, really want you in their life still. Having them be this open with you can be one of the signs your ex will eventually come back.

#26. Your Ex Asks how they can Make it all up to you

So you and your ex have begun talking again. After about a couple of conversations, has your ex brought up the breakup? Have they asked you in some way what they can do to make it up to you and atone for their mistakes? Have they expressed regret and a strong desire to make you happy again after causing you much hurt or pain? As far as signs, your ex will eventually come back to you, and this is a pretty significant one!

#27. Your Ex does things that you Like

Back when you and your ex were together, did they have certain habits or things they would do that annoyed you or rubbed you the wrong way? Are you noticing that these days, they have been doing the exact opposite? For example, did they always used to get road rage while driving, which really put you off, and now have become very patient and good-natured on the road? This reflects a major change on their part, showing that theyve been working on themselves because they want to be better for you and make you happy.

#28. Your Ex Treats you Well

You and your ex may have ended things recently or even a while back. Now they are back in your life, and you are noticing how well they treat you. Has your ex become more affectionate and receptive towards you? Do you find that they are doing what they can to make you smile and keep you happy? Do they make you feel like they are completely focused on you? This indeed can be among the biggest signs your ex will eventually come back, as this can certainly be their way of showing you that they are someone who is good for you.

#29. Your Ex Lets you know that they want to Spend Time with you

When it comes to signs, your ex will eventually come back, this is one of the most crystal-clear ones, if not the most! I mean, its pretty obvious. Your ex definitely wants to be part of your life again if they express a desire to see you and spend time with you. If they ask you out and want someone on one time with you again, well, this isnt even a sign  its a huge billboard with led lights proclaiming their interest towards you. This is their genuine desire for you to give them another chance and take them back.

These signs your ex will eventually come back can serve as pretty good indicators of what is still there between you two  but only if you truly see things clearly and practice discernment. These signs can definitely help you find your way back towards your ex, but they can also add confusion and, even worse, give you false hope. Use these signs; your ex will eventually come back well and let them open their eyes and see what is really there.

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