How are you doing response

Whether youre a school/college student, working in a corporate sector, or own any kind of business, conversations have to be an integral part of your daily life. Even the stay-at-h

How are you doing response

Whether youre a school/college student, working in a corporate sector, or own any kind of business, conversations have to be an integral part of your daily life. Even the stay-at-home parents and elderly have someone or the other that they come across or interact with on a regular basis.

how are you doing
how are you doing

While most conversations start with a greeting such ashi, hey, hello, good morning, and so on, some also begin with a question.

And trust us when we say this: a majority of people the latter.

This is because it not only lends some gravitas to the conversation but could also potentially bring them a response more interesting than a simple reiteration of a greeting such as:

Hi! Hey.

Hello. Hello to you, too!

Good morning. Good morning!

How are you doing?is one such question: often used by people to start a conversation.

But before you dismiss it solely as that, remember thatoftenis the keyword here.

Want to figure out what to say when someone asks you this question? Stick with us till the end to find some befitting answers to this question.Contents hideWhy People Ask How Are You Doing1. How Are you Doing: A Classic Conversation Striker2. A Genuine Question: Could There Be a Reason for Concern?Best Answers to How Are You Doing (30+ How Are You Doing Reply)

Why People Ask How Are You Doing

A common mistake most people make while interacting with others is to speak or respond too quickly. We understand that its usually an instinctive response, but if you just give yourself a second to think before words come out of your mouth, wouldnt you be able to answer it in a better manner?

This 1-second-thinking habit is not limited to answering this question but is actually a very useful social behavior that you could learn to polish your interpersonal skills.

So, the next time youre askedhow are you doing,before answering right away, think about why the next person might have asked it. There are usually two common reasons behind asking this question, and well explore them in detail below:

1. How Are you Doing:A Classic Conversation Striker

As we mentioned in the introduction,how are you doingis one of the most common conversation-strikers around the world, across all languages and countries. After all, it is always polite to ask about someones general well-being before talking about something you need or want to know, isnt it?

So, if thehow are you doingthat has come your way appears to be a conversation starter, you can respond to it in two ways. The first way would be to simply answer the question and wait for them to throw another question, which was probably their real question all along. If this is the approach you plan on going with, here are a few appropriate responses for that:

Couldnt have been better.

Cant complain.

Rested and refreshed.

Feeling high spirited in this sunny weather.

If you pick any of these, you wouldnt have to worry about sounding impolite and would be saved from dragging the conversation forward at the same time.

Now, coming to the second way of answering this question: it would be to ask a question of your own. This approach works well if you want to take the conversation forward on your own, which is generally when youre fond of the person or enjoy talking to them.

Well talk about this approach in-depth later in the blog. For now, lets explore the second possibility behind someone asking youhow are you doing.

2. A Genuine Question: Could There Be a Reason for Concern?

If the next person hasnt askedhow are you doingjust to get you talking, perhaps they truly want to know how youre doing. But what could be the reason for such concern? There are two common possibilities in this case: this person has either not seen you in a long time and wants to catch up, or must have known of something bad happening to you in the recent past; a cold, fever, or bad meeting, for instance.

If the first possibility is true in your case, your response to the question is probably going to be a long one and you wouldnt need our help framing.

On the other hand, if the second possibility is true, here are some ideal responses you could use:

Im doing much better now, thanks for asking.

Better than before, but Ill need more time to recover fully.

Im absolutely fine now. Its so sweet for you to ask about it.

In this manner, you can be honest with them about your well-being in a polite manner while also expressing your gratitude for their concern. Because if someone can be genuinely worried about you, its the least you can do for them.

Best Answers to How Are You Doing (30+ How Are You Doing Reply)

  • Quite well, thank you
  • Doing great. And you?
  • Great, how are you?
  • Im doing excellent thank you for asking! What about yourself?
  • Better than I deserve! And you?
  • Doing great! Thank you for asking. How are you?
  • Cant complain.. Nobody lets me
  • I wont respond until I see my lawyer
  • Good! Im sensing today is going to be a great day.. it all starts with a cup of tea!
  • Fine, thank you, and you?
  • Next Question Please
  • Tip, top thumbs up!
  • Not bad.
  • Im getting by. And you?
  • Not too well
  • Pretty good, thanks!
  • Well, its still Monday
  • Im doing better now that youve asked!
  • 50/50, and you wizard?
  • I dont feel so well. (sick)
  • Im doing well, thanks for asking
  • Could be better
  • Been better, been worse!
  • Dont ask because you dont really want to know
  • From a scale through 1 to 10, id say im a solid 7/10
  • Today im ready and armed. Gonna take over the day!

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