How do Australians pronounce answer?

Buzz·Posted on 5 Feb 202020 Questions About The Australian Language That Need To Be Answered ASAPClearly, the rest of the world is just Isha BassiPost WriterFacebookPint

How do Australians pronounce answer?
  1. Buzz·Posted on 5 Feb 2020

20 Questions About The Australian Language That Need To Be Answered ASAP

Clearly, the rest of the world is just jealous.

Isha Bassi

by Isha Bassi

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Justin Whang  @JustinWhang

Why do Australians pronounce "No" like this?04:11 AM - 10 Apr 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


aeglan @sufferingsweet

why do australians use such weird words? PRAM? SERVO? MACCAS? THONGS? SHEILA? this is so weird. everyday it's something new. just i-02:27 AM - 05 Dec 2018Reply Retweet Favorite


The Minority Gay @theminoritygay

why do Australians sound like every sentence they speak is a question?11:08 PM - 03 Jul 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


Kaneki @The_Ranay

Why do Australians sound like someone put a washing clip on their nose?04:40 PM - 30 Aug 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


steph @shesaiddhello

why do australians say i have an english accent but the english say i have an australian accent can someone tell me what i am please08:44 AM - 09 Dec 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


EssentialBasic @EssentialBasic

@Zuckles why do Australians add an as at the end of sentences like bro thats fucking hot as.11:52 PM - 23 Jan 2020Reply Retweet Favorite


thekylegorski @thekylegorski

Why do Australians add so many unnecessary ys to words?04:18 AM - 25 Jan 2020Reply Retweet Favorite


𝖊𝖛𝖆 𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖑𝖞 @skinnyest

why do Australians call every candy except lollipops a lolly01:52 PM - 05 Jan 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


Spray UK @Spray_UK

Why do Australians always finish their sentences with cunt08:17 PM - 04 Jul 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


drunkkuncle @eheenan43

Why do Australians say holiday instead of vacation..... like thats sommmething elllllseeeeee??????05:08 PM - 19 Jan 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


Adán  @spermdoll

Why do Australians speak like theyre on TV all the fucking time PM - 23 Nov 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


Pam Ortiz @_pamortiz

Why do Australians love to make small talk....... Its just been an hour since my arrival but my introvert self is already tired 11:00 PM - 26 Sep 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


sav @dismalmyg

why do australians pronounce so like sᴏᵘᵘʳ07:46 AM - 26 Feb 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


riley @SF9officiaI

why do australians always tell people they have a good eye...........07:49 PM - 18 Jan 2020Reply Retweet Favorite


Grapps @LargestLad

why do australians say genuinely , gen-one-uly12:10 PM - 30 Jan 2020Reply Retweet Favorite


Jacko @JackODon7

why do Australians say farked instead of fucked08:54 PM - 28 Nov 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


Riga Morris @karicey_

Why do Australians use cunt as some sort of endearment? It frightens me09:27 AM - 30 Sep 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


𝕪𝕦𝕝𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕟𝕒  @AestatePerpetua

why do Australians say barber like BAAHBAAH03:52 AM - 21 Oct 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


Anonymous @Jaz46822090

Why do Australians call a BBQ a barbie but dont call barbecue sauce barbie sauce?¿?¿?02:36 AM - 01 Jun 2019Reply Retweet Favorite


𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘢𝘺𝘢 𓂀 @somay_as

why do australians randomly pronounce Rs in words that dont even have them, mfs say ohr my god and im on the phorne ????04:01 AM - 11 Apr 2019Reply Retweet Favorite

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