How do I know if my crush loves me?

That feeling you get when they walk into the room, the way your heart skips a beat when you perceive the smell of their cologne and how your face lights up when you see their pictu

How do I know if my crush loves me?

That feeling you get when they walk into the room, the way your heart skips a beat when you perceive the smell of their cologne and how your face lights up when you see their pictures. Yeah, we know that feeling. You have a crush!But how do you know if it is mutual or one-sided? We look at 10 signs your crush likes you back.

Its totally fine to admire people. Having a crush is all sweet and lovely until you start wondering if they even feel the same way towards you. So the big question is; how do you know if your crush likes you back? But before we answer this question, you need to understand what type of crush you haveand how realistic it is.

For instance, if the person you have a crush on is in a relationship or likes someone else, its advisable to let go of your feelings to avoid complications. On the other hand, if youve got a crush on a classmate or a colleague and you two hardly talk, its going to be easier to know if they like you back.

However, if youve got a crush on a friend, it might be a bit more complicated because itll be hard to tell if theyre just trying to be a good friend or if they really like you too!

Nevertheless, there are numerous signs your crush is going to show if he/she is into you as much as you are into them.

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Signs Your Crush Likes You Back

Now, lets go through 10 of the signs your crush is likely to show if they like you back!

1. How They Interact With You Online

Heres a fact! The average person spends about 3 hours online a day. This is because social media is the most used medium of communication in the 21st century and that makes it one of the best places someone who likes you can get your attention.

If your crush likes you back, then you just got yourself a new follower. Someone who is into you, will likely follow you on all or most of your social media accounts to know as much about you as possible. They might even interact with your posts, tag you in theirs and message you on your social media.

Also, with social media, texts without emojis may imply either seriousness or lack of interest. So if your crush is sending you pink flower emoji, moons, sparkly hearts, or blushing smiley faces, you can bet theyve got a special place for you.

If the texts dont have emojis at all, theres still a pretty strong chance that they are into you (I mean, some people just dont use emojis).

Its also possible that they create a catfish account (not a good idea) or just simply check out your social accounts to avoid coming across as a stalker. However, if they are a bit conventional and not the social media type, then you should check out the next sign.

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2. Their Mode And Pattern Of Communication

Someone who likes you would want to communicate with you as much as possible, whenever they get the chance to. They will care enough to call or send a text to check on you, and this might happen sometimes just because they long to hear from you.

Even if youre the one who took the bold step by calling or texting first, they will promptly answer the call, return your call if they miss it, reply to your texts and sincerely apologize if they happen to leave your texts unread.

Nevertheless, ensure they are not hitting up your phone or texting you only when they are bored and lonely. If they do, it simply means they are not as into you as you are into them. In this case, its advisable you send those fluttering butterflies in your tummy to animal control.

Signs Your Crush Likes You

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3. Willingness To Help Out

In soap operas and rom-coms, it all starts with the guy giving the girl his jacket when they are out in the cold or the girl bringing a bowl of soup over when the guy is feeling down.

The damsel/dude in distress narrative is still one of the ways to know if someone really cares about you or not. When your crush likes you back, they would always want to be of help when they know youre in need of it.

So yes, its not a crime to blush if your crush shows up in a superhero cape when youre having a little problem with your PC. However, before your cheeks turn red, check that he isnt that nice and helpful guy everyone loves in the neighborhood or the beautiful plain Jane that everyone in Swellview is fond of.

Of course, theres absolutely nothing wrong with them being nice to everybody, just ensure you dont take their kind gestures too personal, until they plainly tell you, Hey, I like you, how about we go on a date?

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4. How They Act Around You

Having a special likeness for someone sometimes is an open secret especially if you are the type that finds it really hard to keep your emotions in check. Ever noticed how you feel around them? Somewhat nervous, supercool, super hyper, shy and suddenly quiet? Yeah, thats it.

If your crush is nicknamed stern face yet a shy smile creeps up their face when you pass by, its very possible they like you. Even if they bagged the orator of the year award, chances are, they might stammer, feel shy and get nervous when they are with you or around you. If you notice any of these signs a couple of times, then theres a high probability that your crush likes you back.

5. Eye Contact

Arguably one of the best ways to know if your crush is into you is by paying attention to their eye contact with you. However, eye contact between two people depends a lot on each persons personality, so be aware that this isnt an ultimate sign to determine your crushs likeness for you.

Nonetheless, if it happens that you find yourself in the same room with them, you may have the feeling that you are being stared at. If you are lucky to catch them stealing glances at you, take note of what happens after.

If they smile at you, or look down/up, it certainly means they admire you. But if they give you a smirk or look aside, it connotes lack of interest or dislike and a discard the little crush you have for me message.

If your crush is the shy type, they may have a hard time keeping eye contact with you and will look away often.

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6. Body Language

One of the easiest ways to show affection is via body language. If your crush gives you a playful push or light pat, its very possible that theyre trying to let you know that they like you.

If for instance, you two are hanging out and your crush bumps hips with you playfully or lightly squeezes your shoulder, these are good signs your crush likes you. However, if you are aware that this is just how your crush acts around people normally, then you shouldnt take it too deep.

Also, when two people are attracted to each other, they tend to mimic each others body language and stand facing each other. So the next time you are with your crush, try taking a peek at their shoes to see which direction their feet are facing. While this may mean they like you, its also likely that thats how they are standing, so try not to read too much into it!

Lastly, when you are both having a conversation and they lean towards you, its very likely they admire you. When youre talking to your crush, whether youre standing up or sitting, look to see if theyre leaning in towards you. If they are, then boom baby, thats one of the signs your crush likes you more than just a friend.

7. Questions About Your Relationship Status

If someone becomes suddenly curious about your romantic life, they might just be your secret admirer. When your crush likes you back, theyll like to know if theyve got competition, who this competition is and if they arent crossing a line.

They are probably not going to hire a private investigator to get answers to these questions. So when they start asking questions about your relationship, or who you think likes you, who you like, what qualities you want in a partner and if youre considering going on a date, chances are they want to be the answer to those questions.

In some cases, theyd rather ask your friends about you simply because they dont want to come off as nosey. Other times, your crush might not ask you any of these questions especially if you hardly talk to each other. However, if they tend to get angry and have mood swings when they see you with someone else  green light.

8. Interest About Your Life

Except they are some private investigator, undercover spy or social researcher, you might want to take note of this sign. When they start to pick interest in your daily activities and routine, it is one of the most undeniable signs your crush likes you.

Here, they will remember special information concerning you. For instance, your birthday (or even your grandmas birthday), your cats name, favorite coffee shop, favorite meal or your favorite color. Dont be surprised if they start watching your favorite TV shows. It simply means they like you enough to want to learn about what goes on in your own little world.

9. Being Able To Open Up To You

If you find them talking to you about where they will like to spend their next summer holiday or where they see themselves in the next 5 years, you are likely to have unlocked a door in their heart.

People hardly open up to others or tell others about their plans nowadays. Experiences like heartbreaks and betrayal have made people cut down on how much they open up to other people.

So if they tell you things about themselves that they dont tell others such as their past gory experiences, family background, goals and future ambitions, it simply means they trust you enough to share with you.

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10. Their Social Behavior Around You

When your crush likes you back, there will always be a difference and awkwardness when you find each other in a social gathering. From their friends suddenly acting super nice to you, to them saying nice things about him when you are around  such signals never get to be concealed.

In addition, if your crush likes you back, they will likely laugh or smile when you say something funny, dress more attractive and groom up when you are around. Dont forget to notice if they are being playful and flirty with you. This includes actions like calling you funny nicknames, teasing you, or joking around with you.

Each person flirts in a slightly different way, but if your crush is being playful in a way thats funny and light-hearted, chances are, they are trying to get your attention and show their affection.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the truth is, the best way to find out if your crush likes you back is by asking him or her. I know you might have felt a lump in your throat the couple of times you thought about it. Truly, going directly to ask them is only for the brave. But bravery is often more good than bad.

Asking will save you from assumptions that might not be correct. The worst answer you could get after a I like you, do you like me? is Oh! Sorry, I dont . The world isnt going to end there (although it might feel like it) and there will always be someone more amazing who would want to be with you. Its great to notice signs and blush over them, however, its best that you dont make decisions based on assumptions.

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Signs Your Crush Likes You

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