How do I look cute on FaceTime?

Why Dont I Look Good On Zoom?Since weve all been doing video calls lately, Ive seen three common things that people do (or dont do) that detract from the way they look in real life

How do I look cute on FaceTime?

Why Dont I Look Good On Zoom?

Since weve all been doing video calls lately, Ive seen three common things that people do (or dont do) that detract from the way they look in real life, and can also be distracting to the Zoom Call or any video call. Im going to refer to them as the 3 Ls

Lighting  Level  Lipstick

The 3 Ls will help you look good on any video call  so that you can show up as your best self and feel confident as you converse with your friends, family, or colleagues. They are also the 3 things that if ignored, will make you not even look like yourselfhello, up the nostrils!

But first  let me say this, you are beautiful. If you find yourself apologizing or commenting on how you look every time you get on a video call, cut it out. When you answer a Face Time call from your son, please stop talking about how awful you look, how your hair is weird, how your skin looks saggy. You are beautiful, as you are!

And whats more important than your appearance  is your energy flowing through that device, smiling at the person (people) who truly want to see your face. Saying its so good to see you! is enough. Smile, do the things in this article  and just be you!

So, lets move on to the things that you can do to look good  so YOU can be more confident when you get on that call knowing you look your best. This has nothing to do with what everyone else thinksbut how you feel. Because when we feel confident, we show up as our best selves. We are more engaged, better listeners, and can turn off the negative voices inside our head a little bit easier than when were not confident.

Is it just me, or are you sometimes distracted by how you look or where those shadows are coming from on your face that you miss what the other person is saying??

Whether youve got classes to teach, grandchildren to call, conferences to attend, meetings to host  these three Ls will elevate your Zoom Call instantly. No fancy software or filters needed. You can use things you already have in your house! Now, lets get you feeling confident in front of that camera!

This first video demonstrates why the 3 Ls cause you to not look good on Zoom

Both of these videos were recorded on Zoom so we could really see what it looks and sounds like before and after leveling up. FaceTime or Skype would look similar.

This second video shows the 3 Ls leveled up to look good on Zoom (or FaceTime)

Im sitting at the same table but in a different chair. Im using the same lap top and Zoom meeting so we could see exactly the differences that the 3 Ls make.

Lets dive into each L with a little detail so you can look good on Zoom or FaceTime with ease. You may already be doing one or two of these things, so unlocking whichever youre not doing will level you up big time!

Step 1: Lighting

Demonstrate poor backlight on zoom call

Sitting in front of a window causes awful lighting on your face

The Donts:

  • Dont have a bright light behind you. If your only available background is a window, close the blinds and the curtains if possible.
  • Dont sit in the complete dark
  • Dont have a bright overhead light on if you also dont have light to your side or in front of your face

The Dos:

  • Do position yourself so that the light (window or lamp) is to the side of your face or in front of your face
  • Do turn on a light in your background if its further away to light your space
  • Do use regular lamps to light either side of your face or the front of your face
Demonstrate how to prop up a laptop for good zoom call level

Put the window either to your side or in front of your face  and get that camera level up to eye level or higher

Step 2: Level of your camera

Demonstrate bad position for iPhone camera on FaceTime

Looking down at the camera + bright backlight = unflattering

The Donts:

  • Dont have the camera of your phone, laptop, or tablet sitting below eye level
  • Dont have the camera angled up

The Dos:

  • Do prop your device up on something that raises the camera above eye level
  • Do angle the camera down slightly if possible (this is easiest using a laptop)
Demonstrate using everyday items to prop up iPhone for FaceTime

Use everyday items to get that camera level up!

Step 3: Lipstick

The Donts:

  • Dont go bare lipped (even if youre not wearing any other makeup)
  • Dont wear a super light or nude shade of lipstick

The Dos:

  • Do wear a bold or bright lipstick (like this bold cruelty free lipstick choice here)
  • Do wear mascara and fill in your eyebrows to look extra pulled together (or if you wear glasses!)
Show great bold lipstick choice

Bold Lipstick Choice Du Jour: Cant Be Beet

This last thing isnt on the official list because I bet weve all figured this one out by now. But see that cute shirt, earrings and necklace Im wearing in that Leveled Up photos and video?

Those were donned whilst I was wearing gym shorts and barefoot below the waist. So, just in case you needed permission to be business on the top, comfy on the bottom  permission granted!

Other Tips For Looking Great On Zoom

Whether youre wanting to look more professional for business meetings or just talking to friends or family  theres a couple more things you can do to level up your look.

  1. Wear solid colors, especially if they contrast your background or hair
  2. Wear visible jewelry  it will make you look super pulled together
  3. Look at your background in your video preview  anything you dont want to be distracted by while on the call, move it where its not visible
  4. Light a candle in your background  youll be amazed by the zen this brings to you and the people youre on the phone with
  5. Smile  even if you dont do any of these other tips  turning your video on and giving a big smile is something we all need to see more of these days! Be the friendly face

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