How do you respond to a recruiter on Linkedin If interested?

Career Advice and Job SearchHow to Respond to a Recruiters Message on LinkedInPosted on June 10, 2021You received a message from a recruiter on LinkedIn saying they would like to d

How do you respond to a recruiter on Linkedin If interested?

Career Advice and Job Search

How to Respond to a Recruiters Message on LinkedIn

Posted on June 10, 2021

You received a message from a recruiter on LinkedIn saying they would like to discuss a work opportunity with you, but you were not actively seeking a job. This is quite common nowadays. Thanks to digital technologies, recruiters are using new techniques to identify and find the best candidates for different roles. Your profile may have caught the recruiters attention because you might have it set to Open to Work or your experience and skills make you a suitable candidate for a given position.

In the message, the recruiter most likely has asked you if you would like to discuss the opportunity further and they want to give you more details about the role at hand, while also learn a bit more about you to confirm you are a good fit for the role. They want to know where are you in your career, how open you are to new challenges, and if you think the role that the recruiter is offering is interesting to you for your career progression.

Now, its your turn to answer. What do you do when a recruiter reaches out to you on LinkedIn?

Respond to the recruiter

Your answer will depend on whether you are interested in the position or not. If you are not sure, there is no harm in learning more about the opportunity. You can have a conversation with the recruiter to understand better the type of company, the responsibilities of the position, and then identify if you are open to new opportunities. On the other hand, you may know you are absolutely happy with the role you are in currently and you are not interested in hearing new offers. Heres what you need to do in case:

You are not interested in the position

Thank the recruiter for reaching out and considering you for the position, and ask if you can remain connected for future opportunities when your situation changes. If you are open to new opportunities but the role at hand is not the right fit for you, let the recruiter know what you are looking for. They might have a similar role to what you seek, or they can keep you in mind for future roles that fit better with what you have in mind.

You might also want to consider sending your CV to the recruiter. While you may not be open to opportunities now, you could want their help in the future.

You are interested in the position

First thing, thank your recruiter for the message and reply as soon as possible. You could ask the recruiter to send you more information and job description, or arrange a quick phone call to talk more in detail about the opportunity. Keep in mind that having an initial conversation with the recruiter does not tie you down to the position immediately. It is an introductory call for both of you to be on the same page.

Before having a call with the recruiter, make sure you:

  • Have your CV at hand and be ready to talk about your experience and key skills.
  • Make sure you are in a place where you can speak comfortably and take notes.
  • Check out the recruiters profile to find out more about the consultancys areas of expertise. This will give you a better understanding of the types of roles they manage.

Do you want to be presented as a suitable candidate?

Near the end of the conversation, the recruiter will ask if you would like to take part in the selection process for the job. If you consider the role to be the perfect match for you, say so and the recruiter will explain to you the next steps, and send you more details about the company and the role via email so you can check it out and do some more research. They will ask for a copy of your CV so that they can pass this to their client for assessment.

But, if you need more time to think about it or need more information, dont hesitate to ask. Make a pros and cons list of the opportunity and try to picture yourself in the role. More importantly, consider how the job fits your career goals and ambitions. You can use the extra time to research more about the position and think it through. Just make sure you dont take longer than a workday to let the recruiter know your decision.

If you decide the role is not the right one for you, let the recruiter know and thank them again for their time and consideration. But, dont close the door to that connection! Send them an updated version of your CV so they can take you into account for other positions in the future.

When a recruiter reaches out to you is a good sign! It means your profile is strong and competitive, with relevant skills and experience. Regardless of the outcome, if you are interested or not in the position, you can keep building your network and keep the door open to new opportunities. You never know what other roles they might be able to offer you in the future.

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