How do you start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat?

Do you know why guys say that Snapchat is a terrible place to meet women? Thats because they dont know how to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat. As it is with most datin

How do you start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat?

Do you know why guys say that Snapchat is a terrible place to meet women? Thats because they dont know how to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat. As it is with most dating platforms and social media sites out there, we now have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesnt. And for best results, you simply need to follow what works.

As important as starting a conversation is, its equally important to know how to keep a conversation going on Snapchat. Keeping her interestedand enticing her to meet you face-to-faceis a whole different ball game. And yet its a game you can win if you simplyagainfollow what works.

So lets jump into this quick Snapchat guide on starting a conversation, keeping it going, and what never to do.

How to Start a Great Conversation With a Girl on Snapchat

Starting conversations with girls on Snapchat is actually quite easy. While not everyone will respond to your messages or Snaps, the ones who do will be worth your timeespecially if you follow the tips below to pique her interest.

Tease her

The #1 mistake most men make on Snapchat is being nice. Put simply, women dont like it. Whenever they meet a guy whos too nice, friendly, or accommodating on Snapchat, they think one of two things:

  • Hes up to something. He wants something from me. Whatever it is, Im not sticking around to find out.
  • Hes nice. I wonder if hell be a good friend, but Im pretty sure Im not getting any romantic vibes from him.

So heres Lesson #1: Avoid being too nice. Instead, learn to tease her, joke around, and have some fun with her. Doing so will make you rise above most of the other guys who are messaging her.

Lets say she posts a Snap showing her new hairstyle. You then send her a message: So, about your new hairstyle...

And she replies: Whats wrong?

And you ask: Is it for Halloween?

And if shes not a complete stranger, shell laugh and call you a jerk. Congratulationsyour conversation has started.

Post your own story

Try posting a Snap about something you know shell be interested in. It might involve her favorite food, activity, TV show, advocacy, etc. If its enough to make her chat you up or ask you a question, then its game on.

Common ground is always something nice to have when chatting with someone. Remember, she gets a lot of attention from men, but she shares something in common with only a small number of them. Youll want to be one of those special few.

Some people drop it like its hot. I drop it like its my hopes and dreams.

Sometimes self-deprecating jokes can be funny, especially if she finds them relatable. Its human naturemisery loves company, even on social media. If you have a good idea for a self-deprecating joke, it may be enough to start a conversation. She might feel the sudden urge to vent or share a bad experience with you.

Remind her of an inside joke

Hey, your latest Snap reminds me of the Arbys incident.

On Snapchat, its so much easier to start a conversation with a girl if you already know each othere.g. shes an old classmate, co-worker, or acquaintance. Thats because you can share an inside jokea running gag that only you, she, and a few others know about.

The more gossipy the inside joke is, the better. It makes her feel instantly interested in having a short chat with you. Shell at least want to know more.

Send a one-second snap

Running out of ideas? Then simply send her a one-second snap. It can be about anythingdont worry about making sense or being funny. The goal is to make her ask: Hey! Whats this about?

When that happens, congratulations. Youve just started a conversation with a girl on Snapchatand all it took was a vague one-second video.

Of course, now you have a new challenge. You now have to carry the new conversation. A little further down, youll learn how to do just that, so be sure to read til the end.

Chat with pics

Heres a fun and creative idea: Chat with her, but dont use messages. Everything you send each other should be pics and picture messages. It makes for a fun conversation when you end up communicating effortlessly.

Check out this Pinterest collection for ideas. It should give you ideas, as well as some inspiration.

Reply to her story

This is probably the easiest path to a conversation with a girl. When she posts something new, post a reply or go directly to her. If shes interested enough in you, shell respond and youll have yourself a conversation.

Unfortunately, many other guys on Snapchat are doing the exact same thing. And so the challenge is to rise above the noise and grab her attention in a way the others cant. Thats not always easy.

So while its easy to send messages to many different girls by replying to their posts, you may get fewer responses. Use this strategy if you prefer to talk to women en masse.

Lastly, if you have no idea how to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat, share some news shed be interested in. Snapchat sends new Public and Sponsored stories your way all the time, so if you see something that might grab her attention, share it with her.

If shes interested, shell reply to you, and youll have started a conversation. If shes not interested, well, maybe try working on the 7 other tips above.

Now on to the next part: How exactly do you carry a conversation on Snapchat? The answer might surprise you.

How to Keep a Conversation Going on Snapchat

Heres the first thing you should know: Keeping a conversation going on Snapchat may not be a good idea.

Why? Itll all depend on what kind of relationship you want with the girl youre having a conversation with. Do you want to see if shell be your next lover? Or do you want to just be friends with her?

It may be a good idea to keep things platonic between if you if she adds a lot of non-romantic value to your life. For instance, she might be a good source of business information or connections, or you might be part of the same circle of close friends. Expressing your romantic interest to her may ruin that valuable friendship.

If thats the case, you can keep the conversation going as long as you want. And doing so is fairly straightforward:

  1. Stay on topic or branch out to subtopics. (To branch out, say: That reminds me, or Speaking of that...)
  2. Listen to what she tells you without judging
  3. Keep the mood positive and interesting
  4. Unless your friendship is really strong, steer away from sensitive topics like politics unless you have shared views

Meanwhile, if you do want to date her, then you should only keep the Snapchat conversation going for only a few messages. Your goal should be to make her look forward to seeing you in person.

When she replies to your messages at least three times, and all of them feel positive, go ahead and invite her to meet up. Hey, Ill be in town Thursday. Lets hang out so we can talk about it more.

Simple, right?

To wrap up, here are a few things to never do on Snapchat if you want to keep a conversation going:

Don't double-send

Its considered bad manners on Snapchat to post a Snap on your Story, and then send the exact same post in a private message. So avoid making this mistake: Either make a public post and wait for her to reply to it, or send it to her directly without showing anyone else.

Nothing indecent, please

This should go without saying, but dont send her any dick pics. For that matter, dont send her anything indecent and oversexualized. Not only does it not work, but it also ruins your chances with her for good.

Don't get mad if she takes a while

And lastly, keep in mind that women dont spend all day on Snapchat. So if she takes a while to respond to you, take it easy and dont get offended. For that matter, even if she never replies at all, its no biggie. After all, Snapchat is a big place. Send messages to as many women as you like, and reward the ones who reply with a fun conversation and a date.

And that, my friend, is how to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat. If youre looking for your next girlfriend or lover on the social network, I recommend our comprehensive guide on getting girls on Snapchat.

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