How to ask a guy you don t know out

You don't always get what you want without asking for it, right? Hell no!And if you're a free-thinking woman, who knows what she wants (and doesn't), doesn't care about traditional

How to ask a guy you don t know out

You don't always get what you want without asking for it, right? Hell no!

And if you're a free-thinking woman, who knows what she wants (and doesn't), doesn't care about traditional mating and dating rituals, then, it's time you put your money where your mouth is.{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}

The point being: if you find yourself falling for a guy, make the first move! Who knows how far this rendezvous will take you on the road of happy love? So, take a chance, you! After all, asking out is no longer a man's job. We could give you a laundry list of why!

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Now, men will have mixed feelings about this, but who doesn't like a confident woman who has the nerve to walk up to a man and ask him out? This becomes all the more significant if the guy in question happens to be the shy kinds.

Sure, it can get a little intimidating asking a dude out; but hey, it's refreshing and puts you in control of your dating destiny. At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preference. But, as always, we're here to help.

Now, some tips on how to ask him out, the classy girl way, without sounding desperate, obviously! Actually this is how you can ask him out, without him even knowing you're asking him out; and having a great time all along.{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}

1 Buy him a drinkIf you know the guy well already, skip right to the next pointer. But, if all you've done this far is exchange smiles or quick looks, the next time you bump into him, casually ask him if he'd be interested in checking out a new bar or restaurant and hanging out for a couple of drinks. Although, if it's at a pub or party that you spot the lad, send a drink over to him and wait for him to return the favour. Talk about putting the 'flirty' ball in his court!{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}

2 Plan a guy-friendly outingThis is so easy that it's ridiculous! All you need to do is put your acting cap on and tell him you were dying to go bowling over the weekend or hit a karaoke bar, or something, but all your friends are too busy! Tell him you're really annoyed, and stop talking. Now, wait. Unless, he's a dumb mule or already has a girlfriend, he's probably going to say, "Hey, why don't we go together? I'm free..." All you need to do now is smile and blush and say yes! Is there anything easier than that? Nada!{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}

3 Forget solo, go groupieGoing out with common friends or in groups is not only simple and not-date-like, but really takes the pressure off. If you don't want to make a big deal of meeting him, tell him you're going out with friends for a match, renting a DVD and crashing at a friend's place or simply grabbing a coffee post office/ college and he could join if he likes. If he's interested, he is not turning this one down. Spending time together will help you realise if you're comfortable around him and whether you want to in fact go on a typical date with him. Try it, it works!{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}

4 Let him know you're into himIf your gut tells you the guy is interested, but shy, follow your intuition. You don't want to come on too strong and freak the poor guy out. But you could sit him down, when it's just the two of you, and tell him how you feel about him. Tell him you've grown fond of him and want to see if a romantic relationship could grow between you two. Mention the things you like about him. It's no flirty games. You are asking the guy out. Now, it's this way or that. Fingers' crossed. But if you're the type of person to jump off a roof after being rejected, then you better not put yourself in such a situation; it could hurt you.{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}{{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}}

There you go. Not as rough as it looks, right?

But, wait. You still can't bring yourself to invite him out? Drop him a serious hint (like, hold him by the collar and scream into his ears that you like him and want him to do something about it), pray that he gets it, likes you back, and finally asks you out! If not, follow our pointers woman!

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