How to ask a professor to reschedule an exam

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How to ask a professor to reschedule an exam

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Please read the following information regarding scheduling proctored exams.

Exams scheduled at the DRC are still subject to your instructor's policies for exams in the classroom as long as they do not interfere with accommodations.

As of Fall '18, we have implemented the Accommodate system, which has consolidated all of our processes, including exam scheduling.


The following contents are in alphabetical order, and can help you navigate to parts of this page for the information you are looking for.

DRC Testing Center hours

DRC Testing Center policies for academic integrity

How to schedule exams

Scheduling final exams

What if you're late to an exam or miss an exam?

What to do if your exam is online

Video: Scheduling Exams

How to schedule exams

  • If you have been approved for exam accommodations, you will be able to see the Testing Room tab on your Accommodate page.
  • All of your exams can be scheduled at the beginning of the semester if you know all of the dates (check your syllabi).

We ask that exams are scheduled at least 3 business days prior to the date of the exam, and final exams must be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to the start of finals.

  • If you are late scheduling an exam, you will not be able to submit a proctor form. You will need to email[emailprotected]to make your request for an exam room.
  • To schedule exams:

1.Log in to Accommodate (button found above, bookmark this login page).

2.Choose theTesting Roomtab on your Accommodate page.UTC media

Testing Tab

3.Click the"New Booking Request"button.UTC media

New Bookings

4. Select the course you want to schedule an exam for, and click"Check Availability".UTC media

Select Course

5. Depending on the date range you set, you will see all of the available rooms in the specified dates for the time of your class (you cannot pick another time).

  • If you need to change this time, please mention that in the note section of the form. Changes that do not overlap with your regular exam time will need to be confirmed with your instructor.UTC media
Date Selection

6.Click on any "general" slot on the right-hand side of the page under the correct date.

7.In the "Confirm Exam Booking" window that pops up, you will need to:

  • Label the exam you are taking as Exam 1, Exam 2...etc. or Final, or Quiz 1, etc. if it's a quiz.UTC media
Exam Name
  • Choose any resources you will need for your exam, or select "None of these/Nothing needed".
  • Include in the Student Notes section any further information about your exam such as:
  • If you need the time of the exam changed due to a schedule conflict.
  • If you need any resources that are not included in the list above.
  • Any other pertinent information.
  • Select if the exam you're booking is actually a quiz (this will let us know if the length of the exam might be different).UTC media
Resources and Notes

8.Click Submit Request to submit. You will then see the request in the pending pane until it is approved by your professor.UTC media

Submit Request

Note:The length of the exam that you see on the "Confirm Exam Booking" window will be the length of your class plus your extended time if you're eligible for extended time.

Note:While UC 108 is an option for location, this option will not show any available rooms unless it has been approved for you to use.

  • If your exam is for an online class or a night class:

Because our hours are 7am to 6pm, the system may not allow you to schedule exams late in the day where the exam time would go past 6pm with your extended time. Also, online classes default to 7am times and 30 minute time slots.

To override this:

  1. Select the "Yes" button on the left-hand side under the option for "Final/Online/Night Class?".

1. This will open up an option to adjust the time of your exam.UTC media

Final Online Night Class

2.Note:This will also default the exam length to 3 or 4 hours (for 1.5 or 2x extended time) based on the 2 hour time slot for finals. You may need to make an additional note in the notes section about what time you want the exam to start if it won't let you schedule later than 2 or 3pm.

3.Note:You should also adjust the start time to the latest time you can start (2-6 for 4 hours or 3-6 for 3 hours) in order to refine your results so that the options don't show you every 5 minute time slot from 7am to 6pm.

Displaying all available time slots starting at 7am:UTC media

Refine Results Button

Refined times starting at 2pm:UTC media

Refined Results
  • To Reschedule Exams:

Note: Rescheduling an exam must be approved by your faculty. You can reschedule the exam yourself, but they will be contacted to confirm the change.

  1. Log in to Accommodate (button found above, bookmark this login page).
  2. Choose the Testing Room tab on your portal page.
  3. You will see a Reschedule button for all of your exams, whether they're pending or approved.
  • Clicking the Reschedule button will take you back to step 3 above, but the information inside your appointment will be saved when you get to step 7.UTC media

What if you're late to an exam or miss an exam?

  • If you are late to an exam, you will be allowed to take it, but you will only be allowed the remaining amount of time to take it.
  • If you miss your exam time completely, you will not be allowed to retake it without permission from your professor following their policy for retaking exams (unless the absence is related to the impact of your disability and is documented).

DRC Testing Center hours

  • The DRC testing opens at 7am so exams can be scheduled before 8am, and the center closes at 5pm, but we will remain open until 6pm only if a late exam is scheduled. Exams for night classes must be rescheduled for a time your professor agrees to. Please follow the same procedure above for rescheduling exams.

What to do if your exam is online

  • Online examsthat you can take anywhere do not need to be scheduled at the DRC testing center, unless the professor requires the exam to be proctored.
  • Make sure your professor has an accommodation letter stating if you get extended time, and they should adjust your time for your online exam to reflect this accommodation.
  • When you book your exam room, select the option for online/computerized exam in the Resources section.

Scheduling Final Exams

  • If you have not gone ahead scheduled your FINAL EXAM date early in the semester, please schedule your final exams by at least2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF FINALS.
  • Final Exams will be given 3 hours to complete if you receive time and a half.
  • When you book your exam room for a final exam, be sure to select the option that you're scheduling a final in order for the scheduling options to adjust for scheduling finals.
  • Schedule your finals based on the chart below.
  • Label your exam as "Final" in the "Confirm Exam Booking" window.

Final exam start times are adjusted as follows in order to accommodate extended exam times without any exams starting while exams are already in progress:

Original exam time:

Take in the DRC at:8:00am8:00am10:30am11:00am1:00pm2:00pm3:30pm2:00pm

Unless otherwise specified by the Access Coordinator, any exams originally starting anytime after 3:30 will need to be rescheduled for any of the above DRC times, and the rescheduled time approved by the professor.

DRC Testing Center Policies for Academic Integrity

  • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES may be with you in the exam room, or your exam will be stopped and collected if a phone is found on you.
  • Make sure to turn your phone off and leave it with your belongings in the DRC testing center office before you start your exam.
  • Nounauthorized materials will be allowed in the exam room.
  • Unless otherwise specified by your professor, students are required to bring their own scantrons/blue books, etc.
  • The DRC Testing Center will closely adhere to any other instructions faculty provide regarding the administration of their exam, as long as they do not interfere with accommodations.

Please report to University Center 108 at the time of your exam unless other arrangements have been made. Your exam will be ready for you there. You will leave any belongings you don't need for your exam in this office, sign an honor statement, and you will be brought to your exam room.UTC media

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