how to flirt with a girl if youre a girl

Ill tell it to you straightlearning how to flirt with a girl is a tough thing to master. If you think about your technique too hard, youll look like a phony. But its also really ea

how to flirt with a girl if youre a girl

Ill tell it to you straightlearning how to flirt with a girl is a tough thing to master. If you think about your technique too hard, youll look like a phony. But its also really easy to go over the line and make someone feel uncomfortable, which is the worst outcome of all. If youre nervous about approaching someone, texting is often a good way to help break the ice. But even then, youll want to make sure that youre getting your tone right.

If youre hoping that flirting eventually leads to something more, its more important for you to be sincere with these first steps. So, without further ado, here are some of the best ways to flirt with a girl, either by flirting over text or in person!

How to flirt with a girl 101

Ditch the cheesy lines.
She wont think youre cleverinstead, shell think you have absolutely no game. Pick-up lines are tiresome and old, and girls often dont know how to respond after a new guy says she must have fallen from heaven. In order to get her attention, youll want to be a little more genuine that she can actually have something to say back to.

Think hard about what you like about her.
When learning how to flirt with a girl, an important lesson is that there are ways to compliment a womans appearance without going overboard. Dont even think about complimenting her on her chest or butt. Instead, focus on her eyes or her smile. If you can tell that she put some extra effort into her hair, thats also a good thing to take note of.

Let her set the pace.
Id love to take you out for coffee sometime is a nice opener. It tells her youre interested in getting to know her, but also leaves things open-ended. Remember, women dont have to respond to your request. So in the beginning, you dont want her to feel trapped or cornered into making plans shes simply not interested in.

Use your sense of humor.
When you joke with a girl, try to start by making a topical reference or use observational humor. Laughing at a friend, or making fun of someone else you see while out at the bar, may make you look mean-spiritedand anything self-deprecating will make her think youre a bummer to be around. The best way to show interest is to try cracking a joke and seeing where things go from there.

Subtly ask if shes seeing someone.
Unless you already know through mutual friends or Facebook, subtly asking about a significant other is a big move that shows youre interested. Something like have plans with your boyfriend this weekend? will give her the opportunity to tell you shes single. And if shes not interested, she has an out that wont make either party feel all that awkward.

Ask about movies or something to set you up for a date.
Find a movie you want to see, and text her about whether or not shes seen it yet. Itll make her wonder whether or not youll extend an invite to see it together. Even if its something shes not interested in, its a nice move thatll make her realize youre interested and want to spend more time together.

Tell her youve been thinking about her.
Openly stating that may be a little odd if its your first interaction, but if you know anything about the girl youre trying to flirt with, its a good way to tell her shes been on your mind. Maybe you finally got around to hearing an album she recommended. Or, maybe you heard a song that, for some reason, reminds you of her. Let her know, and see where the conversation goes from there.

Make sure you smile.
If youre trying to flirt in person, a smile will take you very far. Itll show her that you enjoy being around her and that she makes you happy. In general, people seem to gravitate towards positivity. Itll also help your confidence.

Text her a funny question.
Open up the conversation by asking her a goofy question. Like, would she rather eat pizza for the rest of her life or pasta? Would she rather be a cat or a dog? What are the three books shed bring with her on a deserted island? These questions are hard to resist and can lead to a lot of fun conversations.

Flirting can be difficult since youre putting yourself out there and admitting youd be romantically interested in someone else. Everyone has had failures with it at some time, which might make the act of approaching someone all the more difficult. Just remember, the best way to flirt is to be yourself. Trying any specific tactic that doesnt come naturally will make the act much harder than it needs to be.Share

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