How to look put together on a budget

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How to look put together on a budget

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People will stare. Make it worth their while  Harry Winston.

In todays world, looking put together has become an important part of professionalism.

People will observe you on every occasion as you meet them. When you look polished you seem to be in tune with the world. It boosts your confidence and self-admiration.

To look put together, you dont need frequent shopping trips or a whole lot of new stuff. You just need good skincare, haircare, and styling routine. And, make most of what you already have.

Here I have split the steps into two parts, you want to follow both parts, to obtain the desired results.


1. LuminousFace:

Eyebrows and facial hair removal are a crucial part of grooming, it gives you a cleaner look. Following a good skincare routineis important to have smooth and glowy skin.

2. SlickHair:

Apply a hair mask for pre-conditioning treatment. Shampoo your hair as required depending on the season  in summers you might need to shampoo more than you do in colder months. You can keep it to once or twice a week in cold weather and two-three times in summers. Dry your hair in a cold setting if you like to use the dryer after shampooing.

For special occasions  use a hair straightener/curler. Cut and color regularly for a glossy look.

3. SleekArms & Legs:

Shave or wax (whichever you like) once a month or depending on the hair growth. You can check the detailed article on DIY manicures & pedicures here.

All these things will give you a naturally fresh look. Then the next part is


4. GlowyMakeup:

Have a preferred makeup look using your favorite products. The basics include BB/CC cream/foundation, concealer, Compact/loose powder, Brow pencil/kit, eyeliner, colored eyeliner/eye-shadow, kohl pencil, mascara, blush, Lipsticks/gloss (a fresh color), and nail paints.

Keep the lip and nail shade based on the dress color and style (for example, muted shades for casual wear and brighter ones for special events). Also, while applying BB/CC cream/foundation and compact powder make sure to cover the neck area and the area behind the ears. Never forget to apply body butter/lotion to your hands and feet.

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5. Styled Hair:

Try some quick and easy hairdos (Ponytails, Updos, Braids) on a relaxing day to see what suits your face. Pick 2-3 of them, which looks best on you, and have them as your go-to hairstyles.

6. Dressy look:

Choose outfits according to your body type (pear, hourglass, apple, etc.,). Further, while selecting the colors, consider your skin tone (warm/cool/neutral). That way you wont go wrong with the purchases.

7. Right Accessories:

I always believe Less Is More when it comes to jewelry. Keep it to the minimum and I am sure youll love it.

  • chic neck-piece & earrings
  • pair of sunglasses
  • feminine perfume
  • cozy footwear
  • stylish belt
  • classy/casual watch
  • modish bracelet/bangle and rings
  • elegant handbag

is all you need to look nicely put together.

In this article, I encourage my beloved stay-at-home mommies & wives to take good care of themselves since we (including me) tend to neglect ourselves while taking care of our homes and our families. And, my working lovelies, to wake up 5-10 minutes early to squeeze in some time to dress up.

To new mommies, if doing these things yourself isnt possible, surely take an hours escape to the salon. To all the Beautiful Ladies take some time to pamper yourself Because You Are So Worth it!

Thank you so much for reading. Id love to know your tips and tricks to look put together in the comments section below.

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