How to make a girl text you first

Your first text to a girl is important because it sets the tone for the rest of your text interaction with her. No matter what our experience level, we can all stand to improve our

How to make a girl text you first

Your first text to a girl is important because it sets the tone for the rest of your text interaction with her. No matter what our experience level, we can all stand to improve our approach when learning how to text a girl for the first time.

In this article, were going to cover everything you need to know about good first texts and how you should structure them. Get comfortable and read on  by the end of this lengthy article, youll have all the info you need to start improving your text conversion with women, right from the first text.

The best part is, these tips can also be applied to messaging on the few hookup apps that we know work. So, lets jump right into it.

To me, learning how to send a girl the first text isnt about working within a set of strict rules. We all have our own personal style and arbitrary rules are a sure way to strip the personality out of our conversations.

Instead, were going to start with some pointers on sending that first text to a girl. You can incorporate these tips into your current texting. That way, shes talking to a better version of you rather than a pickup artist robot.

Use these tips for texting a woman's phone or even when messaging online (check out our rankings of the best sites for meeting older women to find out more).

Shes a warm prospect

Firstly, you must recognize that if you have her number to begin with, shes a warm prospect. While theres a slim chance she may have given it to you out of politeness, in most cases a woman will only give you her number if shes at least mildly interested.

Its much easier to engage a woman whos already interested in you than it is to try and convince a woman who isnt sold on you after making your first impression.

Assume theres some attraction in place to begin with, and youll have an easier time moving forward starting with your first text.

Texting a woman for the first time often induces some anxiety. Its normal to feel a bit nervous  especially if shes an attractive woman. It means that youre not settling for less than you deserve.

You deserve a cute girl with a bright personality that compliments your life  regardless of how long shes a part of it.

If youre nervous to send that first text, or endlessly contemplating what you should send or how you should send it, you should take pride in having some anxiety.

Avoid those obvious mistakes

This tip, in itself, sounds obvious. The thing is, were all guilty of getting wrapped up in our own thoughts and obsessing over the minor details from time to time. When we do that, its easy to miss these mistakes that well look back on later and facepalm over.

If you ever find yourself stuck for what you should text a girl for the first time, slow down. Think it through from a third-party perspective  if it were your friend sending this text, what advice would you give them? Does it still seem like a good move from the outside or is it too boring? Too sleazy? Too lengthy?

Remember, theres no strict time limit here. Rushing is a great way to land yourself in a situation where she won't text back.

The first message you send a woman should be very casual, direct, and to the point. Sending a long-winded message or pushing a conversation from the get-go is incredibly overwhelming in most cases, and would likely harm your chances with her.

You can say things like, Hey Anna, its Mike. It was nice to meet you today.

But avoid saying something like, Hey Anna, its Mike, we met at Winehouse last night. It was great to meet you. I hope you got home OK. What are you up to today? While the sentiment behind the second example is nice, its way too much for a first text.

You can break it up into 2-3 text messages once she gives you an initial response. It might seem trivial, but her replying to your messages is an emotional investment, even if its incredibly minor in the beginning.

The First Text Message to a Girl You Don't Know

This is the most common situation youll come across, particularly if youre into online dating. You dont know each other yet so youre putting your best foot forward and starting an engaging conversation.

Here are some quick tips to make that happen smoothly each time.

Ask questions

A great way to get to know someone is to ask questions about them. It keeps the conversation engaging since we all find it easy to talk about ourselves.

By taking an interest in her and kicking things off with a simple, fun question, youre setting the right tone for future texts. Its simple, effective and youre not asking too much of her right away.

Keep it interesting

Sometimes, this can feel like the most difficult part of texting in general. In terms of good first texts, you want to avoid a boring opener.

For example, the most common complaint I hear from women on dating apps is guys just saying hi. When the bar is that low, it doesnt take much to improve from there, right?

Start with a question. Mention something interesting about her profile or the way you met. Introduce humor if thats your style. Whatever you do, dont just say Hi Amy and leave it at that.

Not only is this text so easy to ignore, but youre also putting the burden on her to get creative with a reply. Depending on her personality, if she replies to that lazy text at all, itll probably be with a hi. Wrangling an interesting conversation from that exchange can be pretty challenging.

Conversation threading

This is a skill thatll help your dating life overall, right from her first reply. Conversation threading is about recognizing topics within her reply that you can work with for your next response.

With some practice, itll become second nature and youll have no problem keeping a conversation going indefinitely. Take a look at the link and make an effort to start incorporating it, youll pick it up in no time and be a far better conversationalist for it.

Texting a Girl for the First Time and Creating Attraction

As the old saying goes, this is where the rubber meets the road. Let's take a look at some examples of how to start texting a girl with confidence. If you are struggling with your overall confidence with women there are a few great books out there worth looking at to help.

Keep your conversation short and to the point

You have better things to do than text this girl 24/7, don't you? Even if you don't, she needs to think you do. After all, you're a popular guy and there are tons of women who demand your attention. She must view you as a scarce resource.

Scarcity occurs when the demand for a resource is high but there isnt much to go around. For example, water is a scarce resource in a drought-stricken desert.

In the dating world, youre the rare resource. You can let her have some of your time but certainly not all of it.

The more scarce you are, the more she'll want you. I'm certainly not telling you to blow her off when she calls. Keeping your texts brief and to the point will communicate that you have better things to do than sit around all night and chat.

Stop waiting for validation

A lot of guys are timid when they're texting women. Many are afraid to make that first move because they're waiting for more validation that the girl actually likes them. If this is you, ask yourself this one question - how many texts do you need to send and receive before you have the validation you need to make a move?

It's very likely she's waiting on you to make a move. Yet when you're too timid to take that first step, your texting relationship transitions from potential love interests to good ol' friends.

This will be your texting relationship soon enough: "Hey! It's my good ol' textin' buddy Matt back for another round of late-night texting!"

If you draw out a texting relationship for too long without revealing your intent you're practically asking to be cast into the dreaded friend zone. Stop waiting for validation and just make a move. Let her know "this is the reason I'm texting you."

You're not texting for the hell of it. She probably has a dozen guys in her back pocket she's texting for fun. You need to be that one guy she's texting because she's interested romantically.

Be assertive

Let's throw out all concepts of being the nice guy. Assertiveness is the name of the game here. That's especially the case when you're asking her out on a date. Remember this well - the whole point of texting a girl you like is to ask her out on a date.

Don't be like a large number of men who fumble when it comes time to make a move. Most men have no clue what they want or how to go about asking a woman out. The end result: something like this happens:

"Hey, um...if you're not busy anytime we should go out to a movie. I mean, when you're free and all."

How many of us have sent cringe-inducing texts like this one to our love interests - not sure of yourself, fumbling and over-accommodating.

Let's take a look at a more assertive version of that same text:

Hey Kyla, lets check out that new bar on 7th Thursday night. I heard its worth the walk.

This is a happy middle ground between begging for her time and trying to be some alpha dog that barks orders at her. Youre making the plans in a forward, casual manner without all the self-deprecating maybe, if youre free or something nonsense.

Make her feel comfortable

Making a woman feel comfortable is important to keep her engaged in the conversation. I'm sure we've all dealt with that situation where you're texting a woman and she suddenly stops responding out of the blue.

You sit there and wonder what the hell happened. Was it something you said? Maybe it's something you did?

In most cases, women only engage with a man if they feel comfortable. If you make her feel uncomfortable in any way shell mentally check out and simply ignore your texts. It happens all the time.

Any number of things can make her feel that way. Perhaps you made a sexual reference that she didn't like. Perhaps she wasnt feeling a connection with you.

Whatever the case, a successful first text to a girl requires that you make her feel comfortable right from the beginning.

Make your first text an easy introduction

Now that you know the main mistakes to avoid when texting a girl for the first time, you can focus on sending that crucial first text.

Moreover, its imperative that you dont overthink it. Any attempt to embellish your first message might be seen as an overeager attempt, which would possibly turn her off. Less is more  keep it simple, like these for instance:

Hey Emily, its Jon. It was nice to meet you yesterday.

Good to meet you tonight  James.

Hey, Jess. Guess who ;)

As you can see, the context behind how you got her number will change the tone of your first message.

The last example implies that you just got her number  this is a good message to send a few minutes after getting a womans number through online dating. She may even play along if there was a good-humored vibe in your initial conversation.

With the other messages, youre essentially fishing for that first reply, because you can begin a conversation once shes a little bit more invested.

If you attempt to kick start a conversation with her instantly with your first message, youd be making the common mistake that we mentioned before.

Create some magnetic attraction

Creating attraction from your first text to a girl is a process. When you start the conversation on a high note, youre putting yourself in a great position to escalate from there.

Keep the interaction playful. Tease her whenever you can. Get her talking about herself.

Pay attention when she asks you questions because its a strong indicator of interest. It means she's not just leading you on. Soon enough, youll be in a good position to ask her out, then it's all about texting in anticipation for your first date.

Learning how to text a girl for the first time isnt as complicated as you may have been led to believe. If shes a warm prospect, as she should be since she gave you her number, theres little that you could do wrong as long as you avoid making any avoidable mistakes.

What Are Some Conversation Starters for Texting a Woman?

Done right, text flirting can be a safe and fun way to get to know someone without pressure. But starting a good conversation by text represents double the problem. First, you need to get her number. Second, you need to deliver the goods.

These are tips that will work for you from a standard text conversation to getting things going on your favorite hookup app (if you don't have a favorite yet check out the proven hookup apps we have been using).

Luckily, there are ways to get around these problems. Knowing how to get her number is part of learning what to say to start a conversation over text. So lets take a look at how youre going to do it, so you can land a date with a woman youve just met or even one you know quite well.

The first text you send

Once youve got her number you might be feeling pretty pleased with yourself. But this feeling could wear off once you realize the real work has only just begun. Now you have to decide what to say to start a conversation over text. You also have to figure out the best time to text her.

Luckily, the second question is much easier to answer. You text her straight away. Hopefully, shell text you back with a mirroring text. If she does, or even if she doesnt, youre ready for text number two.

A good conversation starter for texting: Ask an open question

As we covered earlier, asking questions is such a simple way to keep an engaging conversation going. Open questions are questions that need a descriptive answer. Basically, anything which cant be answered with a one-word response, like Yes or No.

If you know her already because she goes to your college or is in your friend circle youll already have loads you can text about.

Did you get the homework assignment details  I think I missed them.

What do we need to prepare for Thursdays meeting?

Did you hear what happened to Tom?

The key here is to ask a question you know she knows the answer to. You want to get her comfortable with texting you and receiving texts from you. Youre also starting a natural text flow, which can lead to other subjects and interests.

Show you like her in a discreet way

Three or four volleys into the chat (because you want to keep it going  and shell lose interest if you dont reply straight away), youll want to show her you like her. When people are interested in each other, they tend to remember details about the other person. They also pay more attention to things the person has said.

You can show her you're interested by asking a question about something she said or some details about her.

My brother is going to Miami next week. Didnt you say someone from your family lives there?

Theres a new Disney store opening up. I think I remember you saying you were a big Disney fan.

Do you have any good restaurant recommendations in (her neighborhood)?

If youre feeling brave and sense theres already some flirting going on, you can be more direct and show her shes on your mind.

A woman walked past me today wearing your perfume. I had to stop and look. I thought it might be you.

These are the small signals that let her see you like her without needing her to react straight away to your advances. Most women need a few days of thinking about a guy before they decide if they really like him or not. Plant the seed in her mind, you might like her and shell start thinking about it.

Quite often, its not until we connect with people on social media that we realize how much we have in common. If your phone number swap has led to more online contact thats great. You can now see what you two have in common.

One word of warning. You should only pay attention to recent posts. Theres nothing creepier or more off-putting than getting a notification when someone you hardly know has been scrolling through your old photos. Mentioning old interests will also make her feel a little cyber-stalked.

Just look at what shes posting right now and use it to build a connection.

I saw your cute dog in your feed. Ive got an adopted retriever. Where do you walk him?

Was that photo of you taken in New York? I was just there. Did you visit the Modern Art Museum?

Is that your mom or your sister in that photo?

This last one can work wonders. It could make her giggle and she might even show the message to her mom. Suddenly, shes received a compliment and is batting for you!

Things not to say when flirting over text

Before we get to the asking for a date stage, we need to run down some things you shouldnt be saying when texting a girl for the first time. Weve covered some conversation starters for texting and how to get it flowing, but there will be times when youre lost for words. Maybe she just sent you a text and you want to text back quickly but dont know what to say. Perhaps you just got the number and cant find any shared interests. Thats okay. Just ask her.

You seem like a really kind person. Are you an animal lover? Do you have any pets?

Most women wont reply saying theyre not kind. So this can open up a conversation about what pet shed like to have.

If youre not sure what to say, step back and think about it first. In early texts, its never okay to just send a Hi, or an emoji. This kind of text makes you look lazy and unimaginative. However, adding an emoji to a text of two or more sentences can be a good way to strengthen the emotion. Also, never text her if youre drunk. Youll regret it the next day. The same goes for texting her out of the blue, late at night. Waking someone up with an emoji isnt going to get you a date.

If you really want to know what shes looking for, check out some womens dating advice pages or a good dating book. You might learn a trick or two.

Now that you know some conversation starters for texting with a woman, youll be ready to ask her out. The great thing about text dating is you can scroll back to see what youve already said. This means you can tailor your date request to make it more natural.

Have you ever been to that restaurant on Madison? Would you think me too forward if I invited you to dinner there, Thursday night?

This ask has everything you need. Its specific  she knows where and when. Importantly, its also friendly and it contains a question that cant easily be answered with a No. What part is she saying no to? She'll have to think about it.

As a general rule, you should leave enough space between asking and the date for her to prepare or change plans if needed. For example, asking someone out for a coffee during the day can be an immediate thing.

Would you like to join me for a coffee in the park. Its such a beautiful day.

For a dinner date, on the other hand, asking a day in advance is better.

Are you free tomorrow night? Ive seen this great new restaurant in the city and Id love to take you there.

I personally would never set a date further than five days out. By that time, you both might be seeing someone else.

In the end, some guys are just naturals at what to say to start a conversation over text, and some need the practice. When you first start texting women, dont expect to be an expert flirter overnight. Its an art form and you will get better with time. Just dont be afraid to try.

Final reminder for that first text to a woman

Lastly, a great way to send a first text is to immediately pick up where your last conversation ended.

This isnt something youll always be able to do, but definitely keep it in mind. You may have teased her once or twice on her drinking and her catty behavior. Adapt to your own unique situation  sometimes a creative first text works wonders. Otherwise, you cant go wrong with something casual, as we mentioned before.

The Five Stages Of Texting A Girl (Recap)

Below, youll find the five stages of messaging a girl youre trying to date and what to do in each stage.

After you meet a woman, send a message to re-initiate contact instead of calling her. It doesnt require as much commitment on her part to reply to a message.

Send your first message within 24 hours of meeting her. This ensures she remembers as much as possible about you and the good emotions she felt when you met.

A good way to reintroduce these good emotions is to use callback humor in your first message. Send anything that references a moment that made her laugh during your initial conversation.

If youre stuck for ideas, then send something simple like Nice to meet you [name]. Have a good night.  [Your name].

Remember, youre not trying to build attraction or invite her out with the first message. For now, you just want to establish communication and get a reply.

Stage 2: Increase the frequency and intensity of your texts

Your next goal is to build her investment in you by increasing the frequency and intensity of your messaging.

Keep the conversation moving forward by making statements about yourself and asking her questions to make for easy replies on her end.

Stay away from polarizing topics that can end a conversation or kill her attraction for you.

Ideally, the frequency and intensity of her messaging should be increasing alongside yours. This is a clear sign shes becoming more interested in you. Take care not to bombard her with lengthy messages as this over-investment can make you look desperate and put her off completely.

Stage 3: Maintain or build attraction

Attraction is built emotionally, not logically. When texting a girl for the first time, its best done with light-hearted messages that assume a level of familiarity, contain wit or humor, or are flirty without making her uncomfortable.

Its great to include callback humor, teases, funny memes or playful assumptions about what shes like. Throughout this phase, you still want to be unpredictable and challenging enough to keep her interested.

Stage 4: Maintain or build comfort

Maintaining and building comfort is actually easier than building attraction since comfort-building is mostly achieved by acting as a positive, non-threatening environment in her life.

The best way to build comfort is to exchange social media details with her. This way, she gets to learn more about you and your life. She can (hopefully) see for herself that youre a cool guy who has a lot of friends and doesnt look like a dangerous creep.

On top of that, any light and fun messages that add to her day without making her feel pressured can create comfort.

Feel free to send photos or videos of cool things that are going on throughout your day. This really helps to create an impression of what it would be like to date you. As she gets to know you better, she should become more invested in you and less nervous about the idea of meeting up.

Stage 5: Maintain or build comfort

With experience and intuition, youll start to see patterns and know when the moment is right to invite her out.  bIn the meantime, you can test her commitment level without too much risk by using a technique called baiting.

The bait is usually a non-specific or low-pressure text about the two of you meeting up. Its like touching a womans arm in conversation. If she is interested, shell respond. If not, you havent lost any ground and can keep working from where you are.

Here are some examples of non-specific invitations:

Lets get together next week...

If we dont hang out soon then Im going to start cheating on you.

You guys should meet us out this weekend.

We are going to be at X bar, you and your friends should stop by.

She doesnt have to be too invested in you to agree that this is a good idea. If she does agree, you can proceed and make more specific plans. If she ignores the invite, you havent lost out on too much because the plans were either non-specific or something you were going to do anyway.

Success in Texting a Girl Isn't 100% Guaranteed

Remember, you dont need to make a woman fall in love with you over the phone. The real attraction is built in person. Over the phone, you just have to do enough to convince her to meet you for a date. It shouldnt take weeks of back and forth. Most guys wait too long to pull the trigger and invite a girl out.

If you invite her out and she doesnt take the bait, that doesnt necessarily mean its over for you two. Most likely, youre just not as far ahead in the five stages of messaging as you thought you were.

Just go back to building attraction and comfort, then send another invite later on. As long as shes replying, theres still a decent chance she wants to come out and meet you. Timing counts for a lot. Attractive women tend to have a busy social calendar.

If she stops replying or makes it clear she doesnt want to meet at all, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Make sure youre out meeting new women and getting new contacts all the time, as this will stop you from texting any particular girl too often and scaring her off.

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