How to respond to whats up

Whats up is one of the most common greetings. It is similar to How are you or Whats going on. Whether you are a native English speaker or not, it can be difficult to know how to re

How to respond to whats up

Whats up is one of the most common greetings. It is similar to How are you or Whats going on. Whether you are a native English speaker or not, it can be difficult to know how to respond. How to respond to Whats up?

When someone says Whats up, a common response is Nothing, Not much, or Not much, you? In this context, the appropriate response is to return the greeting or confirm that everything is okay.

The proper response to this question largely depends on the one who is asking and the situation it was asked.

When a person asks, Whats up? they want to know what you are doing or if you have time to talk. The context of how it was asked has everything to do with the meaning of it. In other words, your response will depend on the circumstances by which the question was asked.

Read on to learn more about how to respond to whats up, including many example responses.

How to Respond to Whats Up?

When someone greets you with Whats up, you can respond with any of the following:

  • Nothing
  • Not much
  • Not much, you?

A person may pop the question Whats up? because of one of the following reasons: 1) to show politeness in a limited context, 2) to start a small talk, or 3) to show genuine interest.

1. Whats Up? from Someone Youre Acquainted With

In the first scenario, Whats up? could be asked by someone you are acquainted with but not that much. So out of politeness, they will give this greeting to acknowledge your unexpected encounter.

2. Whats Up? from Someone Who Admires You

In the second situation, the person may ask you, Whats up? in their desire to start a conversation. Maybe the person is someone who admires you or is someone who wants something from you.

3. Whats Up? from a Close Friend in the Past

In the third scenario, the person could be a close friend with whom you have lost contact for some time and you have just had a chance encounter. Your friend may want to know your present situation, or what you have been up to, and stuff like that.

So, you can see that your response to Whats up? will largely depend on the person asking and the conditions wherein the question was asked. There is really no one answer that may apply to all these three scenarios.

For instance, a person may ask, Whats up? because they notice that a coworker seems distressed or has some trouble. The question is a non-intrusive and polite way to know whats going on and if they could offer any assistance. Its just like asking, Whats the matter? or Are you alright?

There is a notion that this phrase is short for Whats the update? That means the person asking is basically just checking up on what you have been up to or how things are going. Eventually, it became a general greeting for people in the United States and the U.K.

So, you will know how to respond when the other person asks, Whats up? As a general response, you can either say Not Much, or Alright, or Nothing. In that context, the other person gets the feeling that you are just returning his greeting.

What Is the Expected Answer to Whats Up?

In general, when someone greets you with Whats up? they are not really expecting an in-depth answer from you. Any polite response that you can come up with will be appropriate. It is proper to return the greeting with Oh, hi (name of the person). You really didnt answer the question, but they wont think that you are aloof.

Here are some appropriate responses that you can consider:

  • Same as always, or Same old, or As usual.
  • The roof, if you are indoors or The sky, when you are outdoors.
  • My blood pressure, after a meeting with your boss.
  • Gas prices, if you are feeling sarcastic.
  • Good, how are you? or Im good, yourself? if you want to return the greeting.
  • Im selling my house, if you want the other person to know your current condition and if you both have the time to talk about it.

How to Respond to Whats Up? from a Close Friend?

You can be more flexible in answering a friend who pops the question, Whats up? Your answer could be funny, sarcastic, or neutral, depending on the intent of your friend.

Below are some examples of how to respond to whats up from a close friend:

Cant complain.

This will tell your friend that everything is going fine with you and that nothing is bothering you at the moment.

All is good.

This simply means everything is okay at the moment.

Im screwed.

You can say this to a friend who notices that you are worried and seem to be in trouble. This is a good start to tell them whats wrong at the moment or whats currently going on with your life.

Thats for me to know and for you to find out.

You can use this quip in two ways. Use it sarcastically when you are not in the mood, or use it as a joke if you want to intrigue your friend.


If you want to be funny, you can tell your friend that your rent has just gone up. This can start a lively discussion between the two of you.

My blood pressure.

This response is appropriate if you are getting old. It can tickle the bones of your friend and still let them know about your present health condition. You can also use this reply even if you have no problem with your blood pressure. It could mean that you are feeling stressed.

Wassup and sup or slang versions of whats up. How to respond to wassup? How to respond to sup? You can respond to wassup or sup with All good, Nothing much, or Nothing. Or you can use any of the other examples listed below.

How to Respond to Whats Up on Tinder or Bumble?

How to respond to whats up text messages on Tinder or Bumble? How to respond to wassup? How to respond to sup?

If you unexpectedly received a Whats up?; Wassup?; or Sup message from someone on Tinder, Bumble, or some other dating app, here are some effective responses that you can use.

  • My level of attraction, since you texted me.
  • How much time do you have?
  • I feel much better now that you asked me.
  • If I told you, would you think about it?
  • Everything is going fine now that youre around.
  • Thank God youve finally noticed me.
  • Ugh, I have just developed a mental problem. I cant get you out of my mind.
  • Im busy. However, I could add you to my to-do-list. Is that ok?
  • Thats for me to know and for you to find out.
  • On my way out to eat food. Would you care to join me for dinner?
  • Im socially predisposed to say, Nothing much, what about you?
  • Living the dream.
  • The opposite of down.
  • I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • I feel much better now that you asked.
  • All things seem to be fine now with you around.
  • The best thing that happened to me today is when you asked about my day.
  • How am I? Is this a pick-up line to pick me up?
  • In case you are wondering, I am still single.

Now that you know how to respond to whats up text messages, also (wassup or sup) from a friend or dating app, lets see what would be an appropriate response when it is from a co-worker.

How to Respond to Whats Up? from a Friend at Work?

How to respond to Whats up if its from a co-worker? A close workmate sees you every day. So you can expect them to greet you with Whats up? not just once but several times a day. Here are some responses that you can use for your officemates or co-workers.

Im pretty tired today.

You can use this phrase if you want your co-worker to know that you have had a hectic day and are looking forward to getting home for a rest. This could also start a talk that will help you while away until the clock hits five oclock.

Im busy with this task; lets talk later.

If you dont feel like talking, you can politely and gently give this reply. You will be able to avoid the conversation without being rude to your co-worker. But you impress upon him that it is still working hours and its not yet time to have a friendly talk.

Nothing special.

If the person is somebody you are not particularly close to and youre not very interested in knowing, this is a good response because you are still showing them your niceties. It shows them respect and impresses them in a polite way that you dont want to talk about.

All sorts of stuff, have you heard that Im promoted?

If things are going great at work, you can use this reply. Give it so that it doesnt sound that you are bragging but just sharing the good news. For sure your workmate will be happy to hear it.

Counting the hours before the week ends.

Its best to give this reply to a co-worker on a Friday. You are both looking forward to the weekend when you can relax and forget all about work. If you are raring to get off from work because the past week has been terribly stressful, you can even use a depressed tone in your voice.

Nothing much. How about you?

This is a very typical response that most people expect. Therell come a time that this will go out of our mouth instinctively if you are used to being asked, Whats up? But it is a very polite way to respond by asking almost the same question to your co-worker. Its also a good way to start a conversation.

I am hanging in there; its been a busy week.

This is an apt and polite answer to an officemate with whom you are not particularly close. It is not too formal either, so the remark will not put them off. Its a decent way of saying, Im exhausted, and I really want to go home.

How to Respond to Whats Up? In a Funny Way?

Do you want to make fun of the phrase whats up? Here are some quips that will surprise the person who asked and possibly make them laugh or at least make them smile.

  • A two-letter word that shows your ignorance. (This is meant to be a joke that you can only use on your closest friends).
  • Sure aint my pay.
  • Anything taller than me.
  • The ceiling, or the roof, or the sky, or the stars.
  • Nothing but the rent
  • The price of gas.
  • The number of obese people in the United States.
  • The movie about an old guy who can make his house fly and kidnaps an Asian kid while flying his house.
  • The ass of a chicken when it eats.
  • My adrenaline after seeing you, buddy.
  • Its a bird, or its a plane.
  • Apparently, my anxiety levels.
  • My cholesterol.
  • My blood pressure.
  • Not me. Ive been pretty depressed today.
  • Oh, you know, just an old soup which I reheated.
  • The opposite of down.

Conclusion: How Do You Respond to Whats Up?

When someone says Whats up, it is an everyday greeting that you can respond with one-liners such as Nothing, Not Much, or Alright. When asked this question, the appropriate response is to return the greeting or confirm that everything is normal.

The right response to this question largely depends on the person asking and the situation it was asked.

Sometimes, when a stranger asks, it is better and safer to nod your head so that you can acknowledge them. There is no need to say a word because the question came from someone you do not know. Again, it depends on the circumstances. Exercise discernment and use the example responses above to respond however you feel.

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