How to start conversation on WhatsApp with a girl

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How to start conversation on WhatsApp with a girl
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Sustaining a good relationship with a girl you just met could be tricky. You need to strike a balance not to be seen as boring while trying to be careful not to create an impression that you are just the unserious type.

Having successfully scaled the first stage of getting her contact, youve done the normal introduction, now the next thing is to find good conversation topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp to keep the chat flowing and make her find chatting with you interesting.

Trust me, the euphoria of chatting with a girl you like, mixed with the anxiety of striking a balance in maintaining your cool without being boring could be frustrating, but hey, you dont need to feel bad about it. You just need to know those interesting and good conversation topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp.

Interestingly, this post features 50 giveaway topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp. These topics will surely make her enjoy chatting with you, always look forward to chatting with you, and end up getting attached to you.

Now, lets check them out;

Table of Contents

  • Interesting Topics to Talk with a Girl on WhatsApp
  • 1. Work and career
  • 2. The environment she lives in
  • 3. The house she lives in
  • 4. Hobbies and free time
  • 5. Sports
  • 6. Fashion
  • 7. Music
  • 8. Movies
  • 9. Food
  • 10. Books
  • 11. Television shows
  • 12. Traveling and Tourism
  • 13. Pets
  • 14. Jokes
  • 15. General learning
  • 17. Talk about her family
  • 18. Childhood memories
  • 19. Talk about her ideologies about life
  • 20. Discuss Love
  • Topics to Talk with Girlfriend at Night
  • Topics to Talk about with Your Crush on WhatsApp
  • Deep Topics to Talk About on WhatsApp with Your Fiancee
  • Takeaway

Interesting Topics to Talk with a Girl on WhatsApp

Whether she will end up liking you, ignore your chats, give you one-word responses or block you for good, your fate is determined by the impression you create while you chat with her.

Im sure you want the chat to yield a good result, and to achieve this, you must make the chat interesting and meaningful. Trust me, this is easy when you know interesting topics to talk with a girl on WhatsApp.

Understandably, one might get a little bit confused about womens topics of interest or interesting topics to talk about with a girl on WhatsApp. Hence, this post features a list of interesting topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp to help you through.

1. Work and career

This could be seen as an everyday life topic and is always a good way to start. Remember, never let her feel like shes having an interview, and if you are just getting to know each other, always start light, and then, subtly go deeper and more personal.

You can start with questions like;

What do you find interesting about your job?
Do you have any businesses you run?
Where do you go between 9 am and 5 pm? Etc

Of course, these questions will always create an avenue for other questions as she responds.

2. The environment she lives in

Ask a question about her immediate environment and the area she lives in. Note: to save yourself from being ignored, while asking about where she lives, let it be as general as possible, and always respect her privacy. You dont need to ask for the house address.

You can ask questions like;

Where do you live?
Is there any location in your neighborhood where you hang out?
Whats the most interesting thing about your neighborhood?

3. The house she lives in

Remember there is this strong feeling connected to where we call our home. However, remember the rule, and keep it simple and general.

Ask her questions like;

Do you have roommates or do you stay alone?
If theres anything you would love to buy for your house, what is that thing?
Whats the most precious object in your room that you love seeing?

4. Hobbies and free time

We all play and love to relax. This topic will greatly give you the idea of whom she is a -a bookworm, an outgoing and fun-loving girl, or if shes midway.

Ask her questions like;

What do you do to unwind
What do you do when you are not working?
What do you enjoy doing most in this world?

5. Sports

Interestingly, some girls are sports lovers, asking her if she loves sports and simple questions about her favorite sports is not a bad idea.

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6. Fashion

Yes, an average girl loves fashion. This is why asking her questions and bringing up discussion in that line will surely make the chat interesting.

Sample questions:

Online or offline shopping, which do you prefer?
Whats your favorite color?
Who is your best dressed or most fashionable celebrity?
What type of outfit do you find classy and most comfortable?

7. Music

Music is life!

Sample questions:

What genre of music do you love listening to?
Who do you see as the best singer ever?
-Which song is on repeat on your music playlist?
When last did you attend the concert?See also How to Know When a Romantic Relationship is Over: 20 Revealed Secrets

8. Movies

This will also give you an idea of her personality.

Ask her questions like;

What genre of movie do you find interesting.
Which movie can you watch over and over again?
If we could watch a movie together, which would you choose for us?

9. Food

Everyone eats, amazingly, a great percentage of female folks love eating too.
Ask about her favorite food and build a conversation from there.

This topic of discussion is less serious and more of a funny discussion. You can think of a funny gist to tell a girl that can make her laugh about your food experience, and share with her, and slightly tease her and encourage her to share her own too.

Sample questions:

-If we were to have dinner together, which food would you pick?
What is your worst food experience?
What food do you always enjoy cooking?
Which do you prefer, cooking your meals or eating out?

10. Books

can discuss her reading habits, favorite books, and the like.

Sample question:

-Which popular book do you think is overhyped?
-Which book are you reading currently?
If you were to recommend a book, which book could it be?

11. Television shows

That will help you know the kind of TV programs that interest her.

Sample questions:

-What is your best TV show at the moment?
-Do you have a TV character that you secretly crush on?
-Which TV personality do you wish to be like?

12. Traveling and Tourism

You can ask her a few questions to know if she loves traveling and adventure, generally.

When was the last time you traveled on holiday?
-If we could visit a place together, where would you suggest?
Where would you love to visit next for vacation?

13. Pets

You can also bring up interesting topics about pets, you will get to know if she loves pets, and what her favorite pet is.

Sample questions:

If you are allowed to keep any animal as your pet, which would you pick?
Do you have pets?
Whats your pets name?
How friendly is your pet?

14. Jokes

If you love a girl with a good sense of humor, it is better you find out before you make the relationship official with her. To save yourself from the stress of looking for how to text a boring girl when you are already in a relationship.

Ask her questions like;

When was the last time a prank was pulled on you?
What was your funniest prank?
What was the most interesting comedy show youve attended, etc?

15. General learning

Talk about her interest and what she spends her time learning about.

Sample questions:

Is there anything you are always interested in learning about?
If there is anything you have the power to know everything about, what subject would you pick?
What is your favorite subject?

16. Talk about her dreams: Trust me, if shes interested in you, She will gladly open up to you and share her dreams with you.

To open the discussion, ask her questions like;

-Whats your dream job?
-Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
What is your biggest dream?

17. Talk about her family

Girls love talking about their families and friends, they love telling you how cute their siblings are, and how sweet their mum is. It also makes them open up to you and feel connected to you.

You can also have an idea of her family values as you get to know her, this can help you know your level of compatibility in that aspect.

Whats the most beautiful thing about your family?
What was the most memorable moment you shared with your family? etc
Who are you fond of, dad or mum?

18. Childhood memories

Childhood memories are interesting to share. Encourage your girl to talk about childhood memory and see how she will connect with you. A few questions like the following could be asked as you go deeper.

Sample question:

What was the most memorable moment in your childhood days?
Where did you grow up?
Who was your best friend while growing up?
What was growing up like for you?

19. Talk about her ideologies about life

What are her values? How does she see life?
If you are just meeting a girl, this is one of the deep topics you can discuss. This will help you understand her values and see how compatible you are.

Sample questions:

What is the meaning of life to you?
What are your best life quotes?
Whats your philosophy on life in general?

20. Discuss Love

Yes! all things being equal, we all love to discuss love. If you like a girl, you can start an interesting discussion on love matters with her.

Sample question:

What is your definition of love?
Have you ever fallen in love?
What were your past love experiences like?
Do you have someone who loves you but you dont love back? Etc.

These are general topics to randomly discuss with a girl to keep the conversion going smoothly, without any party getting bored.

Now, lets go a little bit deeper!

Topics to Talk with Girlfriend at Night

The nighttime is known to be a period we withdraw from the days activities, to refresh ourselves and relieve our nerves. As your girlfriend may be busy during the day, and likely distracted, there are some topics that are more suitable topics to talk with a girlfriend at night.See also Never Say I Love You if You Don't Really Care: What Love is and isn't in 2022

Among the different topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp, you must know the right topics to talk with a girlfriend at night on WhatsApp in order to help get her nerves calmed and her body well prepared for sweet dreams, and also, to get the best response from her, in a case where you need to discuss serious matters.

These next few lines feature some suitable topics to talk about with a girlfriend at night on WhatsApp, lets check them out.

21. Talk about your future: If you dream of ending up in marriage with your girlfriend, then start planning the future with her. Ask her questions about like:

If I get a job in another country after marriage, would you go with me?
Do you believe in my dream
Where do you see us in the next 10 years

22. Your first date: Bring back the sweet memories of your first date with each other, this will surely make her smile to bed and rekindle your love for each other.

Sample questions:

Do you still find me as attractive as you did on our first date?
What was the first impression you had about me?
How much did you prepare for our first date?
Were you anxious on our first date

23. Her dream wedding: Trust me every girl loves the sound of this, especially, from the men they love. This discussion will surely get her excited and give her a sense of security in you.

Sample questions:

Whats your dream wedding like?
If you were given 10 million dollars not to show up on our wedding day, would you do it?
What wedding reception theme would you love us to have?
What would you choose as the perfect wedding outfit for us?

24. Talk about you: Bringing up a discussion about yourself is an avenue for your girlfriend to air her opinion about you. It will give an idea of what she thinks about you and how she feels.

If you were to describe me to someone who has never met me, how would you describe me?
Do you think I am the best man you ever met?
What do you find cute about me?
What is the most annoying thing Ive ever done?

25. Talk about your pasts: Remember, talk about it, but dont dwell on it, in case it seems unpalatable.

What is that issue you have dealt with in your life that you wouldnt want to experience again?
Name three things you wished you did better in your past relationship.
If you could send a note to your younger self, what would you write?

26. Interesting moments you recently shared: Tell her how pretty she looks with the hairstyle, how cute she looks, and how you secretly admired her as she laughed at the movies. You can also tease her about how awful her dance steps were. The bottom line is, to make her laugh and feel connected to you.

27. Talk about romance: This is definitely an important discussion you should have with your girl, what some girls find romantic might not move or even be a turn-off for another. You need to know what she finds romantic to satisfy her and make the relationship interesting for you.

Sample questions:

Do you love surprises?
What are the most romantic moments we shared?
What are those things am I not doing that you would love me to do to spice up our relationship

28. Talk about the day: Its nighttime, help her clear her head, and relieve her nerves. Give her the chance to pour her heart into you by asking her about her day.

Sample questions:

On a scale of 1-10, how good was your day?
-What was the most memorable moment you had today?
Did your day go as planned?

29. Settle conflicts: Have you got pending issues to settle? Its time to talk about it and thrash it out. The nighttime avails you the opportunity to communicate effectively and settle every pending dispute.

30. Discuss her plan for the next day: Asking her about her plans for the next day will surely show her that you really care about her and have her in mind. This makes her see you as part of her and keeps her more interested in you.

What is your to-do list like?
How busy will your day be tomorrow?
Do you foresee your day will be stressful or exciting tomorrow?

Topics to Talk about with Your Crush on WhatsApp

Starting and sustaining a good conversation to keep your crush interested in you could be worrisome. You must be careful not to miss your chance of chatting with her, hence, the need to know the right topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp on different occasions.

While chatting with your crush, remember to keep it simple, try to respect her privacy, and do not scare her away with deep discussions.

You can start on a lighter note with these examples of topics to talk about with your crush on WhatsApp compiled to help you, while you build on it to start a more serious discussion as you go deeper.See also How Do You Know When Someone Likes You? 50 Surprising Signs (2022)

Lets talk about the straight questions on topics to talk about with your crush.

31. What one superpower would you love to have? This is one of the questions that can open funny discussions and make the night an interesting one.

32. If you won a lottery, what is the first thing you would do? This question will definitely be fun to discuss, but will also give you an idea of what she places priorities on in life.

33. If you were the opposite gender for one day, what is the first thing you would do? This will avail the opportunity to know her mindset.

34. What is your favorite restaurant? This is a very good question that can always lead to a date, sounds good, right? Just play your game right.

35. What are your greatest accomplishments? She will surely be glad to share this with you. This will make her feel proud of herself and also help you in understanding what drives her in life.

36. What is the next big thing you dream to accomplish? It helps her open up and pour her heart into you about her biggest dreams and vision. Show a genuine interest in her dreams, and offer help where you think you can be of help to accomplish her goals.

37. Which fact do you know, that you find most ridiculous? We all have those facts, but find them ridiculous. Share with her, and allow her to share hers with you to laugh over them.

38. What do you find most attractive in a person? Ask her this question to know how to up your game.

39. What turns you off the most in a person? We all have those things we dont find funny. Ask her what turns her off now so that you wont end up doing it.

40. Whats the most immature thing youve ever done? Remember, no one is perfect. We must have displayed a level of immaturity in one instance or the other. Let her share with you, but never let her feel stupid with you.

Deep Topics to Talk About on WhatsApp with Your Fiancee

Your fiancee is someone close to you to an extent, and you need to discuss deep heart-to-heart topics with her. As you share lovely memories of love, so also must you discuss deep life matters that are relevant to your future.

Among the interesting topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp, most especially, your girlfriend, one of the most important things is love and romance, then, the next most important things are topics that give you an idea of what the future will look like.

In a few minutes, let me show you some of those deep topics to talk about on WhatsApp with your fiancee

41. Parenting: Talk about how you intend to raise your kids, your family values you would love to pass down to your kids, and let her air her opinion.

42. Childbearing: Talk about her view about giving birth, how many kids she intends to have, at what age she sees herself stopping having babies, and does she even believe in having babies.

43. Health: Understanding the health of your fiancee is very paramount. Ask her questions about her past medical issues, does she have any health challenge at the moment? what is her allergy?

44. Dream home: What does her future home look like? Would she prefer luxury at the expense of running into debt? Where would she love to stay?

45. Money management: Talk about how well she can handle money, who is the best in money management? Who is going to hold and manage the familys income? and some other money-related questions.

46. Dispute management: Talk about how you intend to settle conflicts and misunderstandings in your relationship. Ask questions like;

How would you express it to me if you had a bad day? How would you expect me to respond to it?

These questions will greatly be of help to manage misunderstandings in marriage and your current relationship.

47. Is there anything you wish you could change about me, and why? Nobody is perfect, your fiancee cant find everything about you blameless. Let her air her opinion about those little flaws and see how you can reach a compromise and be better for each other

48. What gives you the conviction that we are meant for each other? Every girl has her reason for staying with you, find out what keeps her going with you and see if they are things you can improve on.

49. Is there anything you admire in your parents marriage that you wish we could have?
Everyone wants a better marriage than their parents, no matter how perfect their parents look.

You can spend time talking about those things she finds attractive about her parents and see how you can walk towards achieving them in your marriage.

50. What is your biggest secret? Someone you are envisaging spending the rest of your life with should be able to open up to you and reveal her secrets to you. After all, in marriage, we are supposed to be open to each other, so talk about it, now.

Sample questions:

-Whats your biggest secret?
Is there someone you find more attractive than myself?
Whats the most hideous thing youve ever done?


Since WhatsApp is the only avenue you have at the moment to send the right impression to a girl, Im sure this list of 50 giveaway topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp will greatly be of help to make good use of your chance and bring the girl closer and more attached to you.

Do you have more topics you use to get a girl you like impressed with you and connected to you? Feel free to share those topics in the comment section. Remember, sharing is caring, help a friend stay on top of his game by sharing these life-saving tips.

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