How to stop liking someone but still be friends

As a human being, you were created to desire affection from other people and feel relaxed in a comfortable environment. That comfortable environment can be in the life of someone y

How to stop liking someone but still be friends
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As a human being, you were created to desire affection from other people and feel relaxed in a comfortable environment. That comfortable environment can be in the life of someone you like.

You are built with emotional connectivity inside of you, seeking to find expression at every slight opportunity. The tragedy lies in liking someone who doesnt like you back or liking someone you cant have.

Sometimes people find themselves liking someone else even when they are already in a relationship which can be detrimental to your relationship. It can be frustrating not knowing how to stop liking someone you cant have.

Hence, if you find yourself in any of these categories, you should deliberately seek how to stop liking someone who you know you cant have, who doesnt want you back.

You should do your best to get over someone you cant have; otherwise, liking someone you cant have would only throw you into perpetual fantasies, and it can affect your emotional stability.

So, why dont you focus on what you have and forget about what you dont have or what you cant have?

15 tips to terminate your affection for someone

Liking someone may happen quickly due to some reasons. But learning how to stop liking someone you are falling for may not be easy. It requires a resolution to do so. Please decide what you want and do it.

Act on your decision because that is when you would get the result. Therefore, be ready to practice the essential tips to stop liking someone and start acting on them immediately.

The following suggestions will help you on how not to like someone, how to let go of a guy who is not into you, or how to stop liking your crush.

1. Accept the truth about your feelings

The more you pretend about how you feel about someone, the more difficult it becomes for you to stop yourself from liking someone.

The person you dont want to lie to in this situation is yourself. So, swallow your pride and accept the truth about what you feel. There you can begin to strategize on how to handle the situation.

2. Avoid calling them always

Talking to someone always can create a sense of connection, likeness, or affection, especially when you like the person and want to be with the person.

Consistency in communication can create intimacy, making it difficult for you to stop liking someone.

Therefore, no matter how much you have become fond of someone you need to stop liking, the best time to pull the plug on your telephone communication is now.

To get someone out of your head, please stop calling them and find the best possible ways to avoid their phone calls.

3. Create a boundary between the two of you

You may have to create strict rules and regulations to serve as the boundary between you. Some of the rules may include the following; no visitation, no dates, no discussion of intimate subject matters, etc.

You need to understand that some people are toxic and you need to separate yourself from them. Setting boundaries would serve as a protective hedge for you, especially in the areas of your weakness.

If you quickly get intimate when you are alone with someone you like, then you should avoid any opportunity to be alone with that person. Create necessary boundaries and uphold them.Related Reading: Why Setting Healthy Boundaries in Dating Is Important

4. Stop being with them

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If you want to stop liking someone, you should stop being with them or around them. Find someone else to help you with the things they used to help you with.

Stop spending time alone with them. Identify places where you two will most likely always meet and stop going to such places; restaurants, clubs, café, etc.

If your crush is a guy, just cut him off, let him miss you.

5. Focus on your studies or job (Get busy)

You should focus more on your studies in school or pay more attention to your job or business at the office as the case may be. Take up more assignments and ensure to complete them.

Set new stretching goals and make sure you do everything possible to achieve them; by that, you will no longer have the time to think about them, and the lesser you think about them, the faster you forget them.

6. Cover up idle time

If you do not have school activities or work activities to get you busy, it would be best to find something to do to ensure that you are not idle.

You can join a singing class, a basketball team, a dance group, etc. Please make sure you are busy and not idle to keep your mind off your crush.Related Reading: Effective Ways to Stop Thinking About Someone

7. Hang out with your peers

Since being alone can get you lonely and bored, thereby allowing thoughts about someone you like to come into your mind, you should always create time to hang out with your friends, family, or colleagues.

Make sure you have fun to the point whereby the only thing you remember when youre alone is how much fun you had with your friends at the beach, cinema, restaurant, club, etc.

8. Move out of reach

If being in the same neighborhood makes it difficult for you to stop seeing them and liking them, then it would be better for you to migrate into another apartment in a place far from where you can easily reach them.

You may choose to move to another city. Just keep a distance from them.

9. Go out on dates

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If it is someone you like and cant have, maybe you should try to hang out with other people on a date.

In the course of having a date with someone you know is interested in you, you may find out this person has better qualities than the other.Related Reading: Couples Dating Tips for a Secure Future

10. Unfollow/delete or block them.

Social media has made it possible to meet daily; through posts, pictures, videos, etc. Paying attention to the online profiles of someone you like can get you more emotionally connected to them.

Therefore, to stop seeing them, you should unfollow, unfriend, or delete/block them from your friends list.

11. Discard stuff that reminds you of them

If there are materials such as text messages, pictures, or video clips of the person on your phone or any other gadgets, you may want to delete them. So that you dont remember them anytime, you see those things.

12. Redirect your affection

Intentionally resolve to channel whatsoever affection you have for someone you want to stop liking to yourself. It doesnt mean you have to be self-centred.

But you may want to consider how much you can survive without them because, of course, you have been living fine before they entered your life

You should pour so much love on yourself that you can no longer get distracted by them. Go to places where youre always happy and not bored.

Give yourself some lovely treats. Remember, nobody can ever love you more than you love yourself. If you are having a low self-esteem, seek help or read self-help books on how to love yourself.Related Reading: How Much Affection Is Normal in a Relationship?

13. Please get rid of their gifts

It would be nice for you to get rid of any gifts or presents that the person must have bought for you in the past.

However, only get rid of the gift if they seem to be a factor making it impossible for you to stop liking the person.

14. Concentrate on why you cant be with them

There are merits and demerits to almost everything and every endeavour. You seem to like someone for their good qualities, without considering their wrong sides.

If it becomes imperative for you to learn how to stop liking someone, you should take your eyes (mind) off the persons good qualities and analyze their flaws and weaknesses for a while.

Then, you would gradually cease to like such a person.

15. Talk to a friend, family member, or a professional

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When you find out that you cannot deal with learning how to stop liking someone regardless of how much you have tried, you should talk about the situation to a confidant, a friend, or a family member.

Ensure that the person is wise enough and has the necessary experience to guide you properly. Or better still, you should talk to a relationship counsellor. A relationship expert or someone with a reasonable level of expertise can take you through the step-by-step procedure on how to stop liking someone.

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To make yourself stop liking someone requires discipline in practising how to stop liking someone. Your subconscious needs to find reasons to stop liking your crush; these reasons must be deliberately and consciously orchestrated if you must stop yourself from liking someone or get over someone not liking you.

Liking someone you shouldnt like at first, especially for those already in a relationship, is not ideal. You might as well be on your way to destroying your current relationship because your attention would be divided.

Some of the ways on how to stop liking someone may be tough, but you have to practice them consistently. This will save you from any form of emotional stress that could arise from liking someone you cant have.

Make up your mind to practice the tips above, and you would gradually stop liking a guy or your ex.

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