How to tell if a guy you just met is attracted to you

In this article, we will talk about how to tell if someone likes you and the signs you should look out for.Disclaimer: this post may containaffiliate links, which means that I may

How to tell if a guy you just met is attracted to you

In this article, we will talk about how to tell if someone likes you and the signs you should look out for.

Disclaimer: this post may containaffiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

The clues someone likes you are often easy to miss, however, when someone is interested in you, they tend to be there, right under your nose.

Remember when we used to hang out with our college friends? I liked you a lot. But you never noticed me.
Whaat? Seriously? I liked you too and tried to give you some hints, but you never made a move. So, I assumed you werent interested after all and didnt make a move either.

I dont know about you, but I have heard of a lot of conversations like this.

And I also had this type of conversation at least twice in my life.

However, each time, it was too late.

You liked someone, they liked you back, but you didnt see the signs they sent you  or they didnt get your hints.

Then, you later realized that there was a mutual interest. Typical.

There is a funnyconversationbetween Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon, where they clearly had no clue they liked each other when they first met, which is a great example of this.

How Can You Tell if Someone Likes You?

Its not easy to understand if someone is into you or not. In fact, its almost impossible to know it for sure  unless they tell you directly or you ask them. Right?

However, there are a few signs that can help you understand if someone actually, genuinely likes you.

And the common denominator is this: when someone is into you, they will show it through their actions and behaviors, rather than empty words.

What follows are some clues that can help you figure out if the person youre interested in likes you back.

1. Proximity

When someone likes you, they may subconsciously lean towards you when you are together.

If they do it, its generally a good sign.

As Jack Schafer Ph.D. explains in one of hisarticles, people tend to lean toward people they like.

And inward leaning increases as rapport increases.

Also, as Sadie Leder Elder, Ph.D. explains in anarticlepublished inPsychology Today, for more than fifty years, relationship researchers have consistently found that one of the most powerful predictors of attraction is proximity  that is, physical closeness.

When we like someone, we like being close to them. In fact, the closer we get to them, the more we like it.

Sometimes, we may even make physical contact.

When we dont like someone instead  and they get too close to us  we tend to feel uncomfortable and distance ourselves from them.

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2. They remember the small details

I experienced this multiple times.

For example, a few years ago, I was dating a guy, James. A few weeks after we started dating, I noticed he remembered many details of what I had told him during our first dates.

I didnt know if he had a good memory or if he was more into me than I expected.

Then, he eventually told me he was interested in a more serious relationship.

He was a great guy, but unfortunately, I realized I didnt quite feel the same about him, so we ended up being just friends.

A few months later, I was interested in a guy, José, who hung out with my group of friends.

Unfortunately, he couldnt remember anything about me  basic things like the city I came from, the neighborhood where I lived, and my job. Nothing.

Then one day, I saw him with a gorgeous blond, tall, curvy lady, and I understood why he remembered almost nothing about me.

I was just not his type.

The point is this: we tend to remember the things we care about and to forget things that arent important to us.

When someone consistently remembers many details about you, they might genuinely like you  especially if they display other signs.

Remembering so many details about you usually means they paid close attention to what you told them in the past.

Someone who is not into youinstead, wont notice the small details.

Their brain wont bother to retain information about you.

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3. They make an effort to find conversation topics

Years ago, I went to a party on a Sunday night. There was a friend of mine, Simon, with whom I had many things in common.

We liked each other, but we were both particularly shy. That night, we were sitting next to each other in silence.

Then he looked at me and asked me out of the blue: Are you watching some series lately?

Then, after a while we were talking, he asked me: What are some countries you would love to travel to? And later, he asked: What book are you reading?

Yes, he was asking lots of questions.

At that moment, I understood he was trying to keep the conversation going and was using someconversation starters.

I loved that.

We ended up talking for three hours until I had to go  or I would have missed the last bus to go back home.

According toresearch, one of the most common signs someone likes you is they do their best to keep a conversation going.

In particular, they search for new conversation topics and find things in common.

If you think about it, thats an obvious sign someone likes you.

And its probably one of the best ways  if not the best way  to understand your special person likes you back.

Think back to the last time you were with someone who was clearly into you.

Did they try to spark up conversations? Did they actively keep the conversation going?

Or did they passively answer your questions without showing much interest?

I guess the answer is one of the first two  or maybe a mix of the two.

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4. You will see the Duchenne Smile

As Ronald E Riggio Ph.D.explains, when someone feels attracted to you, they typically smile, making direct eye contact, often with a slow glance away, but still holding the smile.

Also, even if we frequently smile when interacting with people we like, when we are really attracted to someone, the rate of smiling tends to increase.

There is a way to distinguish between a genuine and a fake smile. When a smile is genuine, more face muscles will be involved.

This is also called theDuchenne smile, which is a movement produced by the joint action of two facial muscles.

The zygomaticus major muscle lifts the corners of your mouth while the orbicularis oculi raises your cheeks, causing the subsequent laugh lines at the outside corners of your eyes.

This kind of smile is often one of the signs someone likes you.

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5. They are nervous aroundyou

According toresearch, there is a link between feelings of anxiety and attraction.

Thats why most of us tend to get nervous, blush, or evensweatwhen we see someone we like.

In particular, one of the most common signs of nervousness is blushing. Physiologically, it occurs when an emotional trigger causes your glands to releaseadrenalinein your body.

Adrenalines effect on your nervous system causes the capillaries that carry blood to your skin to widen.

Since blood is then brought closer to the surface of the skin, it causes you to blush. So, its something you cant control.

The point is this: when someone blushes, stutters, or sweats when in your company, their body is basically having a reaction to something, and its a reaction they cant control.

It might be an emotional reaction to seeing you. This is why this is one of the clearest signs someone likes you.

So, its always a good idea to pay attention to the context.

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6. They are curious aboutyou, more than you expected

This goes hand in hand with the third point.

When I feel interested in someone, even if only as a friend, I want to know more about them.

When I have a romantic interest in someone, that feeling of curiosity multiplies by ten  maybe more.

Consequently, a lot of questions pop up in my mind.

PsychologistWilliam James (1899)calledcuriositythe impulse towards better cognition, meaning that it is the desire to understand what you know that you do not.

Most of us tend to be curious about what we cant completely understand, especially if there is some mystery around it. Because our need to know drives our behavior.

In fact, according toresearch, curiosity is a critical motive that influences human behavior.

And a clear sign someone is curious about us is they will ask a lot of questions, not only to us but also to our friends.

For this reason, curiosity is also often one of the most important signs someone likes you.

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7. They always find the time to seeyou

AsRick Warrenonce said,

When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that youll never get back. Your time is your life.That is why the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

See, when someone has a genuine interest in you, they make time to see you. In fact, its one of the most common signs someone truly likes you.

If you are datingsomeone who is into you, they will try to meet you frequently.

This also applies to when you are not dating

In this case, you will notice they will find ways to see you, for example, joining group gatherings or attending events where they know theyll find you.

An example of this is Bob, a friend of mine, who liked Giulia, a girl who used to hang out with our group of friends. We all understood he was into her.

Before meeting Giulia, Bob wasnt hanging out with us a lot. He probably came once a week or every two weeks.

After they met, he started to join us twice a week  to talk with her almost all the time. And we were right. He was clearly head over heels for her.

Fast forward to today, they live together and are waiting for a baby.

8. If they cant see you the day you suggest, theyll reschedule

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. And when it comes to know if someone likes you its one of the main thing you should pay attention to.

As I explained in a recent article about thesigns a girl likes you, it can happen someone cant see you the day you suggest.

This doesnt necessarily mean theyre not into you.

The thing you should keep in mind is this.

Theres a big difference between telling someone I cant, Im busy, and saying Im sorry, I already had plans for today, but I would love to see you as soon as possible. What about this Friday?

As a rule of thumb, if someone shows they want to see you and hang out with you, their interest is probably genuine.

For example, you want to see them today, but they cant because they have a job interview.

If they genuinely like you, theyll proactively suggest another day  or time.

Instead, if someone makes you feel like youre disturbing them, theyre probably not that into you.

Or they might have lost interest.

In this case, have some self-respect, never bother them again. Move on.

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9. Their body always points towards you

As explained in anarticlepublished inBetter Help, people tend to point their feet in the direction of what interests them.

Someones feet pointing toward you doesnt necessarily mean theyre in love with you, however, it does mean that they are at least interested in the interaction and in the present moment with you.

Instead, if their feet are pointed toward the exit, they are probably thinking about leaving.

Also  and this is more unexpected  as therapist and relationship expert Margaret Stoneexplains, when someone is into us, they tend to angle their bellybutton towards us.

Final Thoughts on Understanding if Someone Likes You

Like I said, its not easy to tell if someone likes you.

In fact, knowing for sure if someone in into us is almost impossible  unless they explicitly tell us.

However, small signs such as how close to us they sit, how much they remember about us, how much they keep a conversation going, the way they smile, nervousness, curiosity, and the amount of time they spend with us, can help us understand if someone is into us or not.

A person interested in you may show these signs or at least a few of them.

However, if they dont make a move and youre still wondering whether they like you or not, the best thing you can do is to take the first step yourself and ask them.

Life is too short to waste time overthinking.

FAQsWhat to do when someone likes you?

If the person you like clearly likes you back, let them come to you. Send them some clues you are genuinely interested in them too and, if you think they are shy, make the first move.

Ask them out for a coffee date and see how they react.How to tell if someone likes you or is using you?

If you want to understand if someone genuinely likes you and is not using you, pay attention to what they do for you.

Do they like to help you even when you dont ask them to?

Do they contact you even if the dont need anything from you?

Are they enthusiastic of making future plans with you?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then their interest for you is authentic and theyre not using you.How to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it?

When someone likes you but is trying to hide it, you need to focus on two things: their body language, and if they search for excuses to talk to you or to spend time alone with you.

For example, if you often catch them staring at you, and pointing their chest and feet towards you, their body language is telling you they are probably interested in you.

Also, if they randomly contact you to send you a link to an article about a topic you were discussing during a party, thats probably an excuse to talk to you.

How to Tell if Someone Likes You  Quick Summary

  1. They lean towards you and make physical contact;
  2. They remember the small details;
  3. They make an effort to find conversation topics;
  4. You will see the Duchenne smile;
  5. They are nervous around you;
  6. They are highly curious about you;
  7. No excuses, they always find the time to see you;
  8. If they cant see you the day you suggest, theyll reschedule;
  9. Their body consistently points towards you.


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