How to transition off Tinder

So youre on Tinder, youve swiped right on a match and youre hitting it off. But how do you jump from fun texts and goofy GIFs to an actual in-person date?Clicking with someone onli

How to transition off Tinder

So youre on Tinder, youve swiped right on a match and youre hitting it off. But how do you jump from fun texts and goofy GIFs to an actual in-person date?

Clicking with someone online doesnt necessarily mean youll click in real life, which is why its so important to transfer your charming convos to an in person meeting to see if there is, in fact, an actual spark. Making this transition can be tricky, though. Who should initiate the date? How do you know that your match will actually say yes to the date? How do you know when its the right moment to go from messaging to dating?

Well, the truth is, its tough to say when the best time is to ask someone out on a date is, but you definitely wont know if you dont try. And hopefully with these tips, youll be able to switch your flirty banter from online to offline.

Find a common interest.
What do you have in common that would be a good jumping off point to ask your match out on a date? Do you share the same taste in music? Are you both obsessed with #TacoTuesday? Then let that be your entry point. Maybe say something like, So I hear the burritos at [insert Mexican restaurant] are supposed to be pretty epic. Interested in trying them together sometime?

Offer to continue a story in person.
Youre messaging back and forth about a fantastic travel story, and you know youve got your matchs full attention. This is a perfect time to save some of that magic youre creating by building a little mystery. Leave them with a cliffhanger, and then say, I gotta run, but Id love to continue sharing this story with you in person.

Compliment them.
Lets be honest: finding someone you genuinely click with on a dating app is hard. The chances of you having chemistry with someone over text is slim, which is why you know that youve found a diamond in the rough if youre really jiving with someone on Tinder. So let your match know how much you appreciate them. Dont be afraid to get a little vulnerable and tell them, Im really happy to have met you on here. You seem like a really cool person that Id like to hang out with in real life. Can we make that happen?

Make them ask you.
While this is a pretty cheeky move, it could get you the result you wantor at least the answer you need. Reverse psychology works in many different scenarios, so it cant hurt if you try to incorporate it into your dating life. Say something like, Youre so cute and awesome and have so much going on that I bet you dont have the time to go out on a date with me. This tactic not only stealthily demonstrates your interest, but it also puts the ball in their court.

Just go for it.
Asking someone out on a date can be nerve-wrecking, which is why it helps to dabble with cute tricks to see if your match will take the bait. No harm, no foul, right? But sometimes honesty really is the best policy. If you want to ask someone out on a date, then just go for it. If you like someone enough to want to connect in person, say exactly that. After all, honesty and clear communication are the cornerstones of a solid relationship.

And, truthfully, most people would prefer someone be open with their intentions than drag out a never-ending texting session with someone who has no desire in moving things forward. Tell them, Ive loved talking to you over these last couple of weeks. I want to take you out on a date and see where this goes. Short and sweet, and straight to the point.

So when it comes to turning your Tinder match into a real date, remember to connect with them on a real and authentic level. Keep it light and flirty, but keep it honest. Because youll never known if you dont ask.Share

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