Is whatever an informal word?

whatever determiner, pronounOPAL S /wɒtˈevə(r)/ /wətˈevər/Idioms jump to other results any or every; anything or everythingTak

Is whatever an informal word?

whatever determiner, pronounOPAL S /wɒtˈevə(r)/ /wətˈevər/Idioms                             jump to other results

  1. any or every; anything or everything
  • Take whatever action is needed.
  • Do whatever you like.

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  1. used when you are saying that it does not matter what somebody does or what happens, because the result will be the same
  • Whatever decision he made I would support it.
  • You have our support, whatever you decide.
  1. (especially British English) used in questions to express surprise or lack of understanding
  • Whatever do you mean?
  • Chocolate-flavoured carrots! Whatever next?
  1. (informal, ironic) used as a reply to tell somebody that you do not care what happens or that you are not interested in what they are talking about
  • You should try a herbal remedy. Yeah, whatever.
  1. (informal) used to say that you do not mind what you do, have, etc. and that anything is acceptable
  • What would you like to do today? Whatever.      Idioms or whatever
  1. (informal) or something of a similar type
  • It's the same in any situation: in a prison, hospital or whatever.       whatever you do
  1. used to warn somebody not to do something under any circumstances
  • Don't tell Paul, whatever you do!                                                                                    whatever you say
  1. (informal) used to agree to somebodys suggestion because you do not want to argueTopics Opinion and argumentc2, Suggestions and advicec2      See whatever in the Oxford Advanced American DictionarySee whatever in the Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic EnglishCheck pronunciation: whatever

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