Letter to boyfriend when hes sick

Your boyfriend is sick and you can't be with him right now.Or maybe it's your crush who is bed-ridden.Either way, this guide is packed with ideas for messages you can send to help

Letter to boyfriend when hes sick

Your boyfriend is sick and you can't be with him right now.

Or maybe it's your crush who is bed-ridden.

Either way, this guide is packed with ideas for messages you can send to help cheer him up.

These are the moments that can seperate you from those other women who are only there for the 'good times'. So, make sure to take note of these ideas and send them into this special guy's inbox as soon as possible.

However, before we begin, I think you might appreciate hearing this quick personal story.

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These psychological concepts are far more powerful than a nice 'get well soon' text.

Still, I have revealed the best texts to send to a man who's sick. Read on to discover them.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better When Sick Via Text

No one likes being sick! We all just want to be happy and healthy, but unfortunately, that isnt always how things turn out. If your boyfriend is sick, you probably cant wait for him to get better soon, right?

You are probably wondering how to make your boyfriend feel better when hes sick over text, too! That is what will be covered in this article, so get ready!

The best way to let your boyfriend know hes in your thoughts and prayers is to tell him and be sweet about it. Youll want to stay positive when you write to him and remember that he may not be able to write back right away if he is sick. He may be sleeping or just feel too weak to write a text message. Dont take it personally! Hes not being a jerk; hes sick! Lets explore this topic!

1. Send a joke or funny video

You can surely make your man feel better by sending him a funny YouTube video. Think about a cat doing funny tricks or something like that. Be creative, and Im sure that you will find the perfect thing to send him to make him get well soon. Think about what would help you get well soon, and send him that!

2. Tell him that you miss him

Say that you cant wait to see him again, and you wonder what the doctor has said about you having visitors. If you can help him get well soon by visiting him, thats the way to go, provided he isnt contagious!

3. Give him some home remedies to try

If he has the flu or a cold, you may want to suggest using a vaporizer or putting menthol on his chest to get well soon. Consider looking up what his chief complaints are and finding home remedies on the internet. Then, suggest he try one of those things!

4. Say that you love him

Provided the two of you have expressed your love for each other, you can tell him you really love him and send him hugs and kisses. Just let him know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make him feel better soon. Let him text you back if he thinks of anything that he knows would help him get well soon!

5. Tell him that he makes you happy

This is a great thing to say to your love to make him smile. You want him to know that you are happy in love with him, and you love the relationship the two of you share together. This will make him smile as he thinks about what youve said in your sweet text.

6. Send him a cute meme

You can probably find some really great things to add to your text messages on your phone! Just do a little exploring, and youll find the perfect thing to text him to make him get well soon!

7. Tell him how special he is to you

Everyone loves hearing about how much they mean to someone else. Let him know that you want to take care of him to the best of your ability because he means the world to you and everything in between. Hell be overjoyed to hear this! Its really nice to hear that someone is out there thinking of you and wishing you would feel better soon.

8. Send him funny emojis

Something you can add to a sweet text is funny emojis. I love swarming my mans phone with random emojis that dont make logical sense. He tries to figure out what the heck Im saying and laughs in the process, which usually makes his day better.

9. Tell him something embarrassing

Sometimes, the best stories are those that embarrass us. This may just do the trick to help him get well soon, though. Who knows? You may have to try many things to help him get better, so consider trying several of these ideas until something works.

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Its nice to hear about the times you spent with your love when you dont feel well. You like thinking of the good times when you werent feeling so sick. Tell him all about the best times the two of you spent together, and let him enjoy the memories as he tries to get better!

11. Tell him a funny story

Once youve told him an embarrassing story, a funny story should be no problem. Think of something thats made you laugh so much you almost peed in your pants! Those kinds of stories are the best! That will surely help him get well soon; after all, isnt laughter the best medicine??

12. Be very sweet

Remember what its like when you are sick when you text your love. You want to be patient and kind with what you send him. Tell him you hope he feels better soon and that hes in your thoughts and prayers. Show your soft, caring side, so he knows he can count on you in an emergency.

13. Tell him hes made you crazy in love

If you have said that you love him in the past, theres no harm in telling him how much you love him. It will probably make him get better just by hearing how you love him and what a difference hes made in your life. Tell him that you are nuts for him and would do anything to make him happy and get well soon!

14. Ask if hes able to have a quick chat on the phone

Provided your love doesnt have a throat issue, you could see if he wants to chat on the phone for a short period of time. That may just be what he needs to get from you rather than a text message. You may find he will get well soon after an awesome short phone call with you! Sometimes, you never know what little thing would help him get well!

15. See if you can do anything to make him feel better

He may need you to fix him some chicken noodle soup to feel better soon. Sometimes, thats all we need to get well soon. I know Ive been sick many times, and that was the only thing that made me feel better. What a great way to show you love him! Meet his needs, and you will win his heart.

16. Tell him you are sending good thoughts and get well wishes his way

Tell your love that you are praying for him to feel better soon. Explain that you are thinking of him and wish there was something you could do to fix it. He will appreciate the thoughts and words you share with him. Sometimes, its just the thought that counts when you arent feeling up to par. You just want to know someone is there for you!

17. Explain what he means to you

I know when Im sick that I love hearing about how much I mean to someone else. Perhaps he is so foggy that hes forgotten what you think of him, or maybe it would just cheer him up to hear you say the words. You can explain what a difference hes made in your life and how much you want him to get well so you can be together again soon!

General Guidelines When Texting a Sick Boyfriend

One thing you should do when taking care of a sick boyfriend via text is to be extremely sweet and sympathetic. You want to show him that you are a kind soul who will always take care of his needs, whatever they may be. You want to show your man your soft side. Its actually times like this when guys are able to tell whether a girl is marriage material or not.

This means youve got to control your temper; if you are fighting over something, its time to let it go. Now is not the time to nag or get upset if he doesnt respond right away to your text messages. Remember that he is sick and may not be able to respond soon to texts. He may be sleeping or feel too weak to look at his phone right now. Hes not feeling well; be patient!

As you send him sweet text messages to make him feel better, make sure you are positive. He doesnt want to hear about negative things like something sad that happened on the news. Instead, try to make him smile or laugh with the things you say. You want to try to lift his spirits while he is down. This may be the time to send him a hilarious YouTube video or meme.

What You Can Do To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better

1. Purchase medicine for him

One of the sweetest things I ever did for a boyfriend was to drive two hours to his house after I got off work and take him a vaporizer with a bunch of cold medicine. He was shocked at my sweet actions. Make him a gift basket with medicine goodies (cough drops, cough syrup, honey, lemons, tea, and whatever else you can think of)!

2. Pamper him

Give him a massage or even a pedicure; yes, guys can get pedicures! Hell enjoy the attention you are giving him and appreciate the efforts you are making to ensure that hell get better soon! You can easily win the heart of your man if you take good care of him!

3. Fix him his favorite food

Sometimes, you just need something delicious to get better soon. If he loves tamales and has a cold, make them extra spicy, and that will help clear his sinus problem! Be creative with what you make, and be sure to serve it on a fancy platter, so he can eat in bed. My personal favorite is old-fashioned chicken noodle soup! I think its a cure-all!

4. Make him a gift basket

There isnt much better when you are sick than a care package of some kind. You know with a gift basket that your loved one really cares about your well-being. You might include some medicine, tea, a handheld game, a cozy blanket, and some delicious treats like candy or chocolate. Hell love the thought you put into this act of kindness!

5. Listen to his complaints with care

If youve never been sick with what he has, it may be hard to empathize, but try your best. Try to be understanding and caring when he complains of his ailments. You may be able to research his symptoms online to find some great home remedies you can try. Be sure to listen intently when he talks about whats going on, too. Thats important.

6. Have sex with him

Glamour recommends distracting your man with sex. Provided he isnt too sick, sex is a great way to get his mind off whats going on. Hell easily forget all about the fact that hes under the weather, and hell be happy for the nice distraction! If you think this might work, put on your sexy lingerie under your clothes and win his heart!

FAQsHow can I make my boyfriend feel better when he's sick over text?

One way you could make your boyfriend feel better when hes sick is to make him laugh or smile by sending him a joke, meme, or funny video that you know hell love via text message. A sweet text may also do the trick; it really depends on your man!How can I help my sick boyfriend?

One thing you could do to make him feel better is to make him some delicious chicken noodle soup and take it over there to him. You may want to wear a mask or leave it on the porch to prevent getting sick yourself. Thatd be sweet, though!What can I say instead of get well soon?

You can say that your boyfriend is in your thoughts and prayers; if you dont want to say, Get better soon! Id suggest telling him to take care and that you are sending him hugs and kisses from your home! Thats a nice way to say youre thinking of him!How do I pamper my boyfriend?

If he isnt contagious and you can be with him, give him a foot massage, clean up any mess hes made, and cook his meals. When you are sick, you enjoy it when people try to make you feel better; it means a lot, especially from a loved one.How can I make him miss me badly?

To make your boyfriend miss you, tell him what you are doing if its something fun hed like to be a part of. Also, you may want to send him selfies via text messages. Hell really miss you and long to be with you again as soon as possible.

To Sum Things Up

What do you suggest saying to a sick boyfriend? How do you make your boyfriend feel better? Have you ever had to cheer up a sick boyfriend? Id love to hear all about it! Please comment in the section below, and dont forget to share this post with others!

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