Preposition after review

Every year there is a great review of the Paris garrison (thirty thousand men) by the President of the Republic, at Longchamp, on the 14th of July, the national fetethe day of the

Preposition after review

Every year there is a great review of the Paris garrison (thirty thousand men) by the President of the Republic, at Longchamp, on the 14th of July, the national fetethe day of the storming of the Bastile.

The Edinburgh Review was founded in 1802, the Quarterly Review in 1809, Blackwood's Magazine in 1817.

FOOTNOTES: Reprinted by kind permission from the English Review for December, 1914.

In order to understand Shelley's allusion, I looked up the Quarterly Review from April 1817 to April 1821, and have ascertained as follows, (1) The Quarterly of April 1817 contains a notice of Paris in 1815, a Poem.

And if the leading articles that they wrote of mornings stung and snapped with venom, it is natural that the book reviews on which they spent their afternoons had also some vinegar in them, especially if they concerned books written by those of the opposition.

After they were sufficiently trained in this they were to take part in a grand review by the general-in-chief, when the President, the Secretary of War, and all the great folks in Washington rode out to witness the spectacle.

What with sickness and fighting and losses encountered on the way up the river, Baker's force was now reduced to about five hundred men, in place of the twelve hundred whom he had once reviewed at Gondokoro.

"I think both these facts quite beyond dispute," observed Mrs. Bloomfield, laying down Mr. Howel's favourite review with an air of cool contempt; "and I must say I did not think it necessary to prove the general character of the work, at this late date, to any American of ordinary intelligence; much less to a sensible man, like Mr. Howel."

He next, to characterize the position of the Edinburgh Review as a political organ, entered into a complete analysis, from the Radical point of view, of the British Constitution.

The sensations caused by the novelty of my situation, at first checked those lively and varied trains of thought which the bird's-eye view of so many countries passing in review before us, was calculated to excite: yet, after I had become more familiar with it, I contemplated the beautiful exhibition with inexpressible delight.

Their fury against the article in the last number knows no bounds, and they will never cease till they worry you out of your connection with me, and get the whole control of the Review into their own hands, by forcing you to resign it yourself.

It is not tying the dead carcase of a review to a half-dead magazine will do their business.

You wrote those articles in the - Review about George Sand, did you not?' 'I did.'

We do not say that we approve every one of his issues and conclusions, but we insist most earnestly, that this book and similar ones, bearing testimony to what the political and social thinkers of the day in Europe are revolving in their minds, should be read and reviewed under the light of American institutions and ideas.

It has been computed that Defoe wrote for The Review during the nine years of its publication 5000 pages of essays, in addition to nearly the same amount of other matter.

During the great review after the war, I had a seat near the President's stand.

This splendid ceremony of inspection by the Doge was a day of annual triumph, for nowhere in all the world was there such an arsenal, and nowhere such an army of workmen,thirty-five thousand men trained to the cunning from father to son in lifelong service,with sailors, sixteen thousand more, who should presently make a brave review within those battlemented walls, to tickle the fancy of the Serenissimo and his guests.

The events of the day raced in review through her mind.

City Council request the City of Toronto Parking Authority to undertake an area parking review along the Finch Avenue East corridor between Avenue, with emphasis on reviewing the parking needs of the Carefree Lodge Long-Term Care Facility.

He reviews like a gentleman, a Christian, and a scholar.

The series has gained positive reviews over the years and is one of the best-selling video game franchises.

He drew commercial illustrations and collaborated in the Bravo review until 1946.

In the afternoon, having parted from his company, he set forward alone, and passed many collections of water, of which it was impossible to guess the depth, and which he now cannot review without some censure of his own rashness; but what a man undertakes he must perform, and Marvel hates a coward at his heart.

Our Business Continuity Plans are being diligently reviewed across all operations.

Each individual instance of collusion was highlighted and numbered for easy review between papers.

In the last No. of the Edinburgh Review, there is an admirably written article on Hallam's "Constitutional History," not a mere essay, but somewhat more like a review than usual.

It was strange to ride into Sour Creek, and she passed in review among the rough men of the town, constantly fearful that they might pierce her disguise.

The information will then be requested to be released for public review via a series of community workshops set to begin in February with additional meetings in March and April.

With incredible activity they mustered, in a few days, an army of twelve thousand men, which they passed in review near Ghent.

While the researchers have published on this topic in other instances, it is surprising that they do not focus their literature review toward desk staffing and service point allocations in academic libraries.

These "generic" forms are intended to provide guidance to PSGB's that have not yet undertaken preparation of privacy documents, or to review against forms/policies that may have already been developed.

Zoroastrianism: historical review up to the Arab conquest.

Quick Review above produced from information supplied by publishers.

The movement of troops was part of a general measure, extending to all the coasts, and was, in fact, a review en masse of the disposable forces throughout the empire.

The District has undergone this review due to increasing student enrolment and limited space in some of its schools.

As long as Marshal MacMahon was President of the Republic, he always rode home after the review down the Champs-Elyseesin full uniform, with a brilliant staff of foreign officers and military attaches.

No sooner had Croker got No. 56 of the Review out of his hands than he made a short visit to Paris.

The detriments to siloed review include duplication of effort with resulting effects on resources, but above all less informed and therefore less effective review by all relevant bodies.

Students can only sign up for one critique at a time, meaning that only one domcumet will be reviewed per critique.

DRS met with CNIB Orientation Mobility Instructors to review tactile signage.

I review below the evidence which supports the trial judges findings and conclusions.

Amazons perhaps the online store that has made the online review famous; it still uses reviews throughout its site.

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