Should you respond right away Bumble?

Maybe youre not matching with the meet the parents type guys you want to date, or when you do match they dont respond to your Bumble opener. Frustrating, right?Its not time to head

Should you respond right away Bumble?

Maybe youre not matching with the meet the parents type guys you want to date, or when you do match they dont respond to your Bumble opener. Frustrating, right?

Its not time to head back to Tinder. Youre probably just making one of these 9 common Bumble mistakes - and youre going to learn how to fix them right now.

Lets get to it!

#1. Youre playing it safe with your wardrobe.

Red should be your new black - men find women wearing this fiery hue more attractive.

And theres an added bonus to rocking something red in your primary Bumble photo. When choosing photos for dating apps, most people tend to stick with boring neutrals. That means a pop of bright color will instantly catch his eye.

#2. Youre not swiping smart.

According to Bumbles internal data, peak activity occurs around 6:00 pm. Using the app at the most popular time increases the odds of swiping, matching, and messaging in real time.Fun fact: Bumble use skyrockets 20-40% during weather events like blizzards and big rain storms. So if the weather outside is dreadful, start swiping. It could double your number of matches!

#3. You havent verified your profile.

Guys hate wasting time with fake profiles just as much as you do. Verifying your profile on Bumble is easy to do, and hell instantly know youre the real deal.

From the profile editing screen, tap the Verify Your Account button, and then Verify Now.

Youll then be prompted to take a selfie while mimicking a simple hand gesture such as the one in the example to the right. The photo will be used to confirm your profile is legit. Dont worry about looking good for the selfie, it wont be visible on your profile.

When the verification is complete, a little camera icon will show on your photos.

#4. You dont take your photos seriously.

Snapchat filters might look cute on Facebook, but on dating apps? Not so much. The whole point is to show guys what you look like, so covering your face with floppy ears and a dog nose isnt the best idea.

Plus, dating app Hinge found that a photo overlaid with filters got a whopping 90% less likes than a similar pic without the filter. Theres no reason to think it would be any different on Bumble.

When youre looking for the The One, make sure your pictures arent sending the wrong message. Save the club shots for Facebook - you want to look like someone hed consider bringing to Sunday dinner at his parents house.

#5. You make him play guessing games.

When youre scrolling through a guys Bumble photos, do you get annoyed when you cant instantly figure out which one you matched with? Or maybe youve felt let down after you realized hes not actually the cute one on the left.

Guys feel the same way. Your primary Bumble photo should always be you - and only you. Not a group of your friends, not you posing with your kid. Hes (hopefully) not going to date your friends, so why are you featuring them front and center?

Mixing a few group shots into your photo lineup is good - after all, you want to portray a fun, socially active lifestyle. And standing next to a friend who is similar in appearance but slightly less attractive that you makes you look even better by comparison. Its called the Ugly Friend Effect, and science says it really works.

Group shots give you one other advantage as well - and its been dubbed the Cheerleader Effect.

Researchers found that people are perceived as more attractive in a group photo than in an individual one. It has to do with the brain automatically glossing over individual features, and instead compiling a mental composite the researchers called the average group face. In a nutshell, that means any tiny flaws visible in a lone picture will most likely be glossed over in a group one.

But that being said - your lineup should never be all group shots. Use the next tip to figure out which is your very best primary photo, and lead with that.

#6. You chose your own photos.

Looking your best on Bumble means you need to achieve the perfect dating photo trait trifecta in each picture: attractive, trustworthy, and competent.

But when it turns to identifying photos where you hit these three notes, researchers found that complete strangers are a better judge of your pictures than you are.

Youre super familiar with your own appearance, so its virtually impossible for you to perceive your face the same way a total stranger does. All those fine details - like micro expressions and quirks - that you dont even notice anymore are things someone whos never seen you before might instantly notice.

The guys on Bumble are strangers, so it makes sense to go with the photos strangers respond to best. How do I get a bunch of strangers to evaluate my photos, you ask? Easy - use Photofeeler or hire VIDA.PRO TIP: Its okay to start over!

If youre literally getting nowhere on Bumble, its time to start from scratch. From the profile settings, you can delete your account entirely then recreate it with better pictures and an irresistible bio.

Youll also be resetting the search history, so all those guys you already swiped on will be back in your Bumble queue. One thing to consider, though - if you upgraded to Bumble Boost, your subscription wont carry over to your new profile.

7) Youre not getting personal.

Including his first name in your Bumble conversation starter boosts your response rate by a whopping 60%, and thats advice straight from the mouth of the apps founder.

To be effective, an icebreaker messages needs to create an emotional response. Using his name is one of the easiest ways to do that. It can warm up even the lamest opening lines: Hey versus Hey, John. See the difference?

For Bumble opening lines that get the best guys responding, check out this article!

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