What bothers you the most at work

What bothers you the most at work

What Bothers You Most About The People You Work With?     Lindsay Colitses

Lindsay Colitses

Hiring Decisions & Talent Management  Increase your organization's productivity / Identify, Develop & Retain the best!   Published May 15, 2015           + Follow

Don't be shy... let's get real... it's their behaviors!

Small things add up quickly in the daily grind and being able to quickly identify behavior traits, assets or liabilities, is critical to the success of your workforce.

1. Behavior Assessments create a better work environment by providing a common nonthreatening language for describing behaviors, a definite asset to the team building effort.
2. Behavior Assessment feedback provides a place to begin personal / professional development and succession management strategies.
3. Behavior Assessments actually contribute to the equality of the hiring process, by creating an objective "level playing field" for comparing candidates.

It's pretty simple -
Behavior Assessments = Information
Information = Insights
Insights = Smarter Hiring and Talent Management Decisions

Lets start where it all begins  Internally.
Here is a list of the various areas to use Winslow Assessments internally.

Needs Analysis - Objectively determine the specific training and development needs of individual employees.
Succession Management - Identify the most suitable individual(s) to be groomed to replace those who will be promoted, transferred, retired or terminated.
Reorganization Decisions - Determine which employees will function most successfully in the reorganized unit.
Termination / Outplacement - To explore the possibility of changing duties, positions, managers, departments, etc., as an alternative to termination.
Organizational Development - Identify the development needs of the organization as a whole  the strengths and weaknesses of the workforce.
Performance Appraisals -Determine if employees are performing to potential and help them create their performance expectations based on assessment feedback around strengths to capitalize on and/or liabilities to be identified and modified.
Career Pathing - Help advance individuals by identifying their career path choices based on where they fit now and where they need to develop their strengths, modify their weakness, and expand their areas of interests and/or expertise.

Remember, small things add up quickly.... be smart!

At Windridge we work with you to identify best fit candidates for the positions you are filling (all levels: top to bottom). We also provide behavioral assessment expertise (certification if desired) to help you develop your current workforce to their fullest potential.

Lets schedule a time to develop your assessment plan - Contact Lindsay at  - 206-533-9700

Questions? Please do not hesitate to ask!

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