What do you do for fun dating?

By Indeed Editorial TeamUpdated March 24, 2021 | Published January 29, 2021Updated March 24, 2021Published January 29, 2021During your interview, the hiring manager may ask questio

What do you do for fun dating?

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated March 24, 2021 | Published January 29, 2021

Updated March 24, 2021

Published January 29, 2021

During your interview, the hiring manager may ask questions to gauge how your personality will fit in with the company environment. One of the common questions that interviewers ask is what you like to do for fun. Learning how to answer this question effectively can help you make a good impression on the hiring manager. In this article, we explain how to answer this question and provide some example answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

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Why employers ask what you like to do for fun

When employers ask what you like to do for fun, they're usually interested in getting to know you as a person, but they also want to know if any of your personal interests align with the job duties. Having hobbies outside of work that are similar to the job duties may tell the employer that you continually practice and develop skills that are useful for the job.

The interviewer is also likely looking for depth in your character. They want to know that you have hobbies that encourage a good work-life balance, which can help prevent burnout and additional stress.

Your coworkers are going to see you and interact with you on a regular basis, so your interests outside of work are a good indicator of whether or not you'll get along with them. If you share similar interests with some of your potential team members, you may be more likely to connect with them, which can improve your collaboration and overall performance. Sharing hobbies and talking about them at work during your free time can also make the environment more positive.

Other variations of this question that you might encounter include:

  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What do you do outside of work?

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How to answer "What do you like to do for fun?"

Prior to the interview, consider these steps to develop your answer to the question:

  1. Make a list of your hobbies. Think of anything you do in your spare time that you find enjoyable or calming. Your list could include going to the gym, playing sports or video games or attending book club meetings. You could also list any volunteer work that you perform regularly, like working at a food pantry or visiting nursing homes.
  2. Decide which hobbies make you look best as a candidate. Review the job description to find any key responsibilities or skills that the hiring manager requires. Then compare your list to those skills or responsibilities. If you find that any of your hobbies match, you can choose one or two to talk about during the interview. For example, if one of the required skills is problem-solving and one of your hobbies is playing brain-teaser games, you might want to highlight that hobby.
  3. Consider how they make you unique. In addition to finding hobbies that make you a good candidate, you may also want to think about interests that make you unique. An uncommon hobby can help you stand out, making you more memorable to the hiring manager. Some uncommon hobbies include live-action roleplaying, archery or magic. Think about how some of your interesting hobbies help you build certain skills or abilities to provide more value in your response.
  4. Look for ways to tie your hobby back to the job. In your answer, try to relate your hobby directly to some of the responsibilities or skills to show the direct value they could bring to your work. For example, if your hobby is playing brain-teaser games, you could explain how it has increased your ability to solve challenges creatively.

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Example answers

Here are some example answers with various hobbies that can help you craft your own answer:

Example 1

"On the weekends, I volunteer with a group at my local library for about three hours a day. We read books to the kids and give them lunches. I like to spend time doing this because I'm passionate about literacy and giving children structure and somewhere safe to spend time when they're not at school. It's satisfying when a child thanks me for helping them learn something new or even just spending time with them."

Example 2

"I take yoga classes twice a week at the local community center. I really enjoy it because it helps keep me in my best physical shape. Yoga is also very relaxing and helps me manage my stress levels. My favorite part about taking the classes is definitely getting to be around new people while learning new things. I like to try different classes to improve different areas, like proper breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation."

Example 3

"I like to write in my journal a lot in my spare time. I think it's important for me to have my thoughts organized and written out at some point every day, and journaling gives me a great outlet to do that. I try to take at least a half-hour every night to make a new entry about home life, work or my goals. It's an extra chance for me to write regularly, and it promotes good mental health.

I also find that getting into the habit of writing and organizing my thoughts helps me do the same for work. I like to create a to-do list for work every morning so I know exactly what I need to accomplish."

Example 4

"I like to play video games when I'm at home, especially puzzle games. I like how fast-paced video games are, and I enjoy a little healthy competition with myself and my friends for higher scores. I find that a little healthy competition helps me continue to learn and grow so I can be the best version of myself."

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