What do you mean by rubbish in Urdu?

he has pointedly rubbished professional estimates of the development and running costscriticize severely and reject as worthless.an alleyway high with rubbishwaste material; refuse

What do you mean by rubbish in Urdu?

he has pointedly rubbished professional estimates of the development and running costs

criticize severely and reject as worthless.

an alleyway high with rubbish

waste material; refuse or litter.

people might say I was a rubbish manager

very bad; worthless or useless.

We have been accused of selling out at Warwick - what a load of 'rubbish' .

And we can safely say that it is a load of 'rubbish' .

Well, I do have some ideas, but they're all 'rubbish' .

It was finally discovered right at the bottom of a pile of garden waste and other 'rubbish' , but with the gold and gems intact.

The claim made by the Minister that this bill will reduce compliance costs, and suchlike, is a load of 'rubbish' .

Often the buses are dirty, smelly and littered with 'rubbish' .

The team will also be happy to offer practical help and advice to anyone who experiences difficulties fitting 'rubbish' into their refuse bin when the new fortnightly collection rota begins.

The landscaped areas behind the bus stop - which residents say attracts rats because of 'rubbish' thrown by litter louts - will also be cleaned up if the scheme is passed.

Under the new scheme the town's bin lorries will collect recyclable waste and household 'rubbish' on alternate weeks forcing residents to hold onto black sacks for up to 14 days.

They thought it was a load of 'rubbish' and just ignored it as any proof had yet to be discovered.

It was a load of 'rubbish' , I don't want to waste my time watching that.

From the start of the procession we were pelted with 'rubbish' , litter, very hard sweets, stones and eggs.

We constantly hear about people being encouraged to dump their cars and get on the bus but then we are left with a 'rubbish' bus service.

It is very difficult to believe half the 'rubbish' uttered by some team managers before and after matches these days.

The winners of City of York Council's summer clean-up campaign were presented with prizes, won after they gained raffle tickets for putting their 'rubbish' in waste bins.

They cobble together any old 'rubbish' to pass off as art such as baths full of baked beans or piles of old house bricks.

I have never read such a load of 'rubbish' in my life.

It sounds like a 'rubbish' chain of hotels.

It is smug, fundamentalist 'rubbish' to suggest that simply because people do not believe in this particular bill, they are anti-family.

Since when are you a great believer in true love and all that romance novel 'rubbish' ?

What do we care what happens to our 'rubbish' after the nice refuse engineer has collected it from our home?

What we are hearing now is just total drivel and 'rubbish' .

Some people were having to take their excess 'rubbish' to the municipal waste depot at Thornton-le-Dale.

Some of these television pundits do talk a load of 'rubbish' !

Among the jumble and mess were hidden treasures priceless articles bundled next to worthless 'rubbish' .

The Government has known for five years that disposing of solid toxic waste with domestic 'rubbish' would be banned, bringing the UK in line with the rest of Europe.

How can so many people in the world's most technically advanced nation believe such 'rubbish' ?

West Wiltshire District Council is introducing a new twin bin scheme, which sees recyclable waste and regular 'rubbish' collected on alternate weeks.

The government and councils have told bin workers to refuse to collect 'rubbish' from homes that have not paid.

It is nothing short of extraordinary that, at the close of the 20th century, intelligent people still believe in superstitious 'rubbish' .

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