What do you think of me answer to girl

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What do you think of me answer to girl
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30 of the Best Responses to When are you going to have kids?

Weve all had the moment where someone asks the question, When are you going to have kids? Depending on the person and the day, we may feel anger, frustration, sadness, or uncertainty. Whether the question is expected or it comes as a complete surprise, its helpful to think ahead about how we might respond. If you have a partner, its also important that you present a united front and are on the same page with what you share and with whom.

Remember, you are in the drivers seat and you can choose not to respond at all. For those times when you do want to respond, below are some of the best ones we could find. Depending on your mood and the situation, hopefully, one or more will work for you.

Let Us Help Build Your Family

Reach out and we'll send you additional information on your family building options.Request InformationTable of Contents hide1. Shut them Down2. Gracefully Dance Around the Issue3. Good Fun & Humor4. Simply Turn it Back on Them5. Educate Them

Shut them Down

  • I dont know. Maybe never. Until then, you should probably stop asking me.
  • Ill let you know when I have an answer. In the meantime, Im sure there are more important things in your own life that you could be thinking about.
  • When you learn to mind your own business.
  • Why? Are you finally sick of talking about yours?
  • What answer could I give you so that youll stop asking?
  • Im sorry, what did you say? Oh, I thought you said something else thats completely none of your business.
  • I dont know. How did you predict when youd have yours?

Gracefully Dance Around the Issue

  • Thats a really great question. I wish I knew the answer.
  • Aww, thank you so much for caring. But I want to know about (ask them a question about their own life)
  • Dont worry, were trying. Hopefully, it will happen eventually.
  • Oh, you know, these things sometimes take a little longer than expected. Im hoping one day soon.
  • Im really not sure. Its something were still trying to figure out.
  • When the time is right, it will happen.
  • Only God knows, and He hasnt told me yet.

Good Fun & Humor

  • As soon as I figure out how. Got any suggestions?
  • When the time is right. My eggs (or sperm) are pretty picky.
  • Let me check. How about July 17th, at 8:03 am? (Make up your own date and specific time.)
  • I already have one. (Then refer to your spouse or someone else)
  • Tomorrow.
  • I dont know, but Im starting my list of babysitters now. Can I count you in?
  • I dont know, but if you want to plan my shower, I love________. (Insert anything you enjoy)
  • Well, not at least for another nine months.
  • We havent gotten past the trying part yet.

Simply Turn it Back on Them

  • Why do you want to know?
  • Im not sure. What do you think?
  • Can I get back to you? How soon do you need to know?

Educate Them

  • Did you know that 1 in 8 couples, who desperately want to have a child, struggle with infertility? Im not going to tell you if Im one of those people, but maybe youll think about how hurtful your question might be to someone who is.
  • You know, thats a really personal question you shouldnt ask everyone. Some people have a hard time getting pregnant, and questions like that could really make them feel bad about their situation.
  • Asking a question like that creates a lot of pressure on me/us. You cant just snap your fingers and get pregnant, a lot of things have to come together at the right time. Honestly, I cant tell you when, so please have a little more patience.
  • Having a child is one of the most important decisions in life, and making that decision takes a lot of time and thought. I cant give you a simple answer to such a huge, life-changing event.

If you are looking for more motivational fertility blog posts, check out: 10 Tips to Help You Stop Obsessing About Becoming Pregnant

Let Us Help Build Your Family

Reach out and we'll send you additional information on your family building options.Request Information2 years ago

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