What do you want from me answer

What Do You Want From Me?When it comes to quality information on how to navigate the confusion of a troubled relationship and the predicament of should I stay or should I go?, Ive

What do you want from me answer

What Do You Want From Me?

When it comes to quality information on how to navigate the confusion of a troubled relationship and the predicament of should I stay or should I go?, Ive got you covered. A Healthy Path to Love is the go-to resource for valuable insights, helpful tips and empowering exercises.

As a result, the HPTL community has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, and I am thrilled to see so many women listening to their hearts and breaking through the painful relationship patterns that were holding them back from their greatest life.

This healthy momentum is strong and Im committed to making it even stronger. Were all in this together, and I need your help. If youre willing, youd also be helping thousands of other women who are feeling alone and/or anxious and stressed out about their relationships.

We all know what this feels like.NOT good. And we all know how helpful it is to have love and support when going through a particularly strong rough patch in our lives. For some women, this rough patch has lasted decades, and theyre ready to break free!

So what do I want from you? I want to know what you want from me.

The question, what do you want from me? is often in response to the feeling of frustration that comes from unresolved relationship issues. But in this case, this question is being asked as a proactive approach to providing what you need so you dont have to stay in the spin cycle of frustration.

SoWhat Do You Want?
There are several ways to approach this, and Im providing a few options below. However, the door is wide open and youre welcome to ask me anything!

Lets start here. When it comes to your romantic relationship, especially with regard to the question of should I stay or should I go? or whether or not youre with the right partner:

  • What questions do you want answered?
  • What topics do you want covered?
  • Whats your biggest challenge?
  • Whats your biggest priority?
  • Whats holding you back/stopping you from making changes?

In other words, what specific information are you seeking that will help you gain the clarity and courage you need to follow your heart?

Help Me Help You
If youre feeling confused and stressed out, its almost impossible to make wise choices about what to do. But if youre feeling clear and confident, youll not only be able to make wise choices, youll also be able to move forward in your life.

Whether that means reconnecting with your partner in a way that works, or gracefully letting go of a relationship that no longer feels right, you deserve to stop feeling stuck and start moving forward. You deserve to grow into greater and greater expressions of your ever-expanding self. You deserve to be who you want to be and feel how you want to feel!

This all starts with you. You are responsible for the quality of your life. If its not as good as youd like it to be, you have the power to change that. You might need some help  we all do  but that doesnt need to stop you.

Are you willing to help me help you? If so, Im willing to listen! All you have to do is send an email to  and share your answers to the bulleted questions above (you can copy and paste the questions to make it easier). You dont have to answer them all if you dont want to. And if I didnt ask a question that you want to answer, feel free to share your your own question.

Moving Forward
Throughout the month of May, I will be focusing on the topics of:

  • relationship burnout
  • are you choosing someone out of love or loneliness? and
  • thriving in your relationship, instead of merely surviving

Stay tuned for more mindful messagesgiving you helpful tips and exercises to improve the quality of your life and relationships! And if I hear from you in response to my request, you might just see your topic in a future subject line :-).

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful Healthy Path to Love community, and thank you for being YOU!

With love and support,

Catherine Dietz
Healthy Relationship Coach

P.S. If you have friends or family members who would benefit from these messages, I will be happy to add them to the list of recipients. Just ask them to send a quick email to with a subject line of please add me to your list.

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