What do you write in 50 things you love about you?

Anita KvaicFollowMar 27, 2018·6 min readSave100 reasons I love youThe uncensored list I made for my man2019 update: 100 reasons I love you is a project now! Check it out HERE!My pa

What do you write in 50 things you love about you?
Anita Kvaic

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Mar 27, 2018·6 min read


100 reasons I love you

The uncensored list I made for my man

2019 update: 100 reasons I love you is a project now! Check it out HERE!

My partner and me are doing a 30 days relationship challenge. One of the challenges we went through so far was to write 100 reasons we love each other. To make the list was really easy. The other part of the challenge was to read it out loud for each other. I tought that would be super-easy too.

Once I started to read my list something happened. My voice began to shake, my eyes were filled with tears and I felt a heavy sensation in my chest. Once I finished my list, it was his turn. Now I started to weep and could barely stand to listen to it.

It was so beautiful. And it made me realise how difficult it is for me to give and receive love in such an active way. Well, when its difficult, there is more work to be done. So I decided to share my list with people outside our relationship.

This simple, yet challenging practice puts more love, appreciation and acknowledgment into our relationship. I hope it will inspire another couple to try it out.

Here is the uncensored 100 reasons I love you list for my man.

1. You make me happy.

2. You dare me to be a better version of myself.

3. You follow me and you push me.

4. You love me in the times when Im not capable to love myself.

5. You love me in times when I act like I dont love you.

6. You forgive me quickly.

7. You understand me. And when you dont, you do everything and you go all in to get clarity about the things you dont understand.

8. You respect my boundaries. And you dare to cross them when you are sure you know better.

9. You accept my sadness and my anger and you live in harmony with them.

10. You see and you love the next best version of me.

11. You open yourself up for me.

12. You are truthful and vulnerable with me.

13. You dont play games.

14. You throw away the masks that dont serve you.

15. You are doing everything to become a better man for yourself and for us.

16. You are courageous.

17. You listen to me when you know Im right.

18. You go to therapy.

19. You take care of your body.

20. You nourish your relationship with your family.

21. You have the most wonderful eyes. Not just beautiful blue eyes. But the eyes I look into when Im not sure if you love me and when Im not sure if I love you and their answer is always yes.

22. You have a gentle, innocent smile that always comforts me.

23. You are sad and you share your sadness with me.

24. You have the smoothest skin. I could spend hours just watching and caressing it.

25. You have beautiful strong hands that turn me on and make me feel safe.

26. You have a beautiful cock that satisfies me, energies me and reminds me I belong to you.

27. Your beautiful back and shoulders give you the power to take me and to conquer me.

28. Your have a beautiful mans butt for therapeutic squeezing.

29. Your energy is clean and bright.

30. You have a gentle and calming voice that soothes me when Im upset.

31. The stories youre writing amuse me and inspire me.

32. You are the only person who makes me laugh more then I can make myself laugh.

33. You amuse me, make me laugh and inspire me by reading me your stories out loud.

34. You know so much about everything and I love it when you tell me about history and all the other things I know little about.

35. You know how to calm me down when Im sad.

36. You share your power with me when Im weak.

37. You have a unique style and youre cool.

38. You are handsome, sexy and attractive.

39. Your sexuality is strong and you share it with me.

40. You are smart and a fast learner.

41. You managed to gain more of my thrust then anyone before.

42. You are the first person I gave my financial dependence to.

43. You teach me how to love unconditionally.

44. You let me be myself and you encourage me to find more of myself.

45. You invest in yourself.

46. You trust my intuition.

47. You made the first move.

48. You care for me and you look after me.

49. You love and you care about our dog.

50. You respect my friends and you make an effort together with me to nourish that relationships.

51. When Im stuck, you help me find a solution.

52. You always drop me off and pick me up when I travel alone.

53. You give your best to make it easy for me when life gets tough.

54. You care to know how I feel in every moment.

55. You love expensive and beautiful pleasures and you incorporate them in our life, when we can afford it.

56. You are reliable.

57. You bravely listen and accept my complaints.

58. You care about my relationship with my parents.

59. You care about my success and my happiness.

60. You care about my body, you love it and you accept it.

61. You have a strong faith.

62. You let me give you a massage and you dedicate yourself to give me a massage.

63. You chose me and you continue to choose me.

64. You kiss me soft and tender, always and everywhere.

65. You practice yoga with me.

66. You remind me to drink water.

67. You encourage me to write.

68. You are shy and youre letting me see it.

69. You know how to take me boldly, wildly and strong while we have sex.

70. You know how to force me to the edge of fear.

71. You are gentle and thoughtful.

72. You dare to show me all your faces.

73. You write a journal.

74. You are clean.

75. You love and enjoy the nature and the sea.

76. You are ready to do any house choir I ask you to.

77. You wash the dishes more often then I do.

78. You are ready to take risk and make life changing decisions for me.

79. You threw away most of your chlothes I hated.

80. You are ready to build our big bright future with me.

81. You are ready to do anything to heal my pain.

82. You share with me all that you have.

83. Im not afraid to fall, cause I know you are there to catch me.

84. You care about your male friends and you are actively working on those relationships.

85. People love you and everyone enjoys your company, especially the kids.

86. You know how to feed us when Im not capable to do that.

87. You are strongly connected to your roots and your parents home towns.

88. You tought me to understand and enjoy nature on a deeper level.

89. You are able to live any life style life brigs us.

90. You kiss, love and take my breasts and my pussy.

91. You are tearing down my walls gentle and patient.

92. You dont hesitate to hush me down and lead us when its necessary.

93. You wrote me two beautiful pieces.

94. You listened to your heart when we started our journey and you did all the right moves.

95. When you kissed me for the first time, it was at the right moment at the right place. It will always be one of my favorite memories.

96. You care about my opinion and we make all the important decisions together.

97. You call me all the sweet nicknames and you kiss me when you leave and come back home.

98. You hug me and hold me before we fall asleep.

99. You are wonderful for at least 100 more reasons.

100. I love you for at least 100 more reasons.

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