What does it mean if a girl talks about you to her parents

Its no secret that most girls are naturally more expressive than guys. We share our thoughts and worries with people close to us and oftentimes even open up about the way we feel.T

What does it mean if a girl talks about you to her parents

Its no secret that most girls are naturally more expressive than guys. We share our thoughts and worries with people close to us and oftentimes even open up about the way we feel.

This helps us reduce our stress and allows us to plan our next steps.

But just because we share what we think and express the way we feel, it doesnt necessarily mean that were emotionally weak or that we need someone to take care of our problems for us.

We girls tell people about our personal life because we trust them and want them to understand what were going through.

Deep inside, we hope they listen to us without judgment, and in return, make us feel valued, respected, and cared for.

Its just the way we deal with worries and problems.

We like to share our thoughts with others before we decide to roll up our sleeves and do something about them.

But guys, unfortunately, often misunderstand our peculiar behavior. They think that we need them to show us the path and guide us past the finish line.

They couldnt be more wrong.

One of the biggest reasons mature/independent girls need a guy is to have someone who listens to them (not advises them).

Those guys who cant listen and offer solutions instead oftentimes prove themselves to be bad listeners and bad dating candidates. Thats why girls oftentimes feel unheard around such guys and leave them behind in search of someone better suited for them.

You see, many guys dont understand girls because most guys dont like to talk about their personal life.

They fear that if they reveal their emotions and vulnerabilities that theyll look weak, incompetent, or less masculine.

For these reasons. they choose to protect their image and tackle their problems by themselves head-on and do whatever it takes to remain strong and confident in peoples eyes.

So if youre a guy and youre wondering, What does it mean if a girl tells you about her personal life, know that it could mean many things. But the most important thing you need to understand is that the girl trusts you enough to confide in you.

She thinks that you can listen and as a result, feels comfortable telling you how she feels inside.

This article is for those men and women who want to know what it means if a girl tells you about her personal life.

If a girl tells you about her personal life

What does it mean if a girl tells you about her personal life?

If a girl starts to open up to you about her personal life, it means that she feels safe around you and enjoys talking to you.

She enjoys talking to you because of your many positive characteristics, of course, but the trait that stands out the most is that you know how to listen. Your selfless behavior attracts her like a magnet as it eases her worries and assures her that everythings going to be okay.

So in a way, your presence has a soothing effect on the girl as it helps her feel good around you.

It especially makes her feel good when you acknowledge her personal difficulties and sympathize with her.

And thats because your sympathy encourages her to look past her worries and distracts her from possible unfortunate predicaments that may ensue.

So if you take what we just said into consideration, youll realize that the girl talking to you about her personal life is a good sign. By being there for her through ups and downs, youre essentially reassuring her to believe in herself as well in you.

Youre making her feel stronger about herself and your companywhich consequentely, strenghtens the foundation of your relationship.

The truth is that when a girl tells you about her personal life in great detail, shes secretly looking for a connection  a bond. She wants you to understand what shes dealing with so that she can mark you as a trustworthy person and befriend you (if she hasnt already).

A girl who confides in you basically wants you to have each others backs at all times so that you can both benefit from the relationship.

But please, dont misunderstand her intentions and deceive yourself!

Keep in mind that her talking about her personal life doesnt necessarily indicate that she wants a romantic relationship with you. Of course, theres a chance that she does, but you probably shouldnt jump to conclusions and want too much too soon.

You especially shouldnt rush things if the girl in question seems very anxious about the circumstances in her life and desperately needs a person to share her frustrations with.

In this particular case, she probably doesnt need a partner. Its highly likely that she needs a confidant (a friend) who can be there for her in times of need.

She wants to talk to someone who wont judge her or try to take advantage of her vulnerability.

So be that someone who she can trust and dont be afraid to fall in the zone that guys fear the most  the friend zone.

If she likes you as a person and you like her more than a friend, its perfectly normal (and recommended) that you become her friend first.

Great romantic relationships start with friendship because friendship sets the pace for a healthy romantic relationship.

Why do girls talk to a guy about their personal life?

Most girls are discreet and dont share details of their personal lives with people they dont know. They simply dont feel comfortable about it because they dont want to get disappointed, hurt, or embarrassed.

Girls normally confide in people theyre close to because those are the people that have already proven that theyre good listeners and that they dont judge others.

They listen intently and have girls best interests at heart.

Thats why whenever a girl talks to a guy about her personal life, chances are that she already knows the guy enough to confide in him.

She believes in his morals, trusts him with her heart, and hopes that he responds with reassuring comments.

If a guy then comforts a girl and shows her that hes interested in helping (listening), the girl immediately feels accepted and understoodand naturally wants to stay close to the guy.

She may not want a romantic relationship with him (yet), but she nonetheless enjoys conversing with him because he makes her feel positive emotions.

The kind of emotions that girls desire.

Heres what if means if a girl tells you about her personal life.

When a girl tells you about her personal life

Dont misunderstand her kindness for affection!

Girls dont talk to friends and family about their personal lives only when they need to.

Thats what guys do. Especially the ones who werent encouraged to openly express themselves throughout childhoodand were told to act like men when they encountered a difficult situation.

Such guys developed deeprooted beliefs that talking about feelings is off-limits and that those who talk about them need to share something really, really important.

Something that they dont understand.

So if youre a somewhat private guy and youre wondering what it means if a girl tells you about her personal life, try not to compare her openness and friendliness to your differences and assume that shes interested in dating you.

Shes probably just being her regular self and wants you to acknowledge her feelings so that she can feel better and trust you more.

Keep in mind that for girls, talking about their lives (whether its serious or not) is in their nature. They grow up that way, which is why open communication feels natural to them.

Some girls talk about random everyday things while other girls talk about more important matters. But no matter how heavy the topic of the conversation is, most girls choose to talk about it.

It relaxes them, makes them feel valued, understood, reassured in their abilitiesand helps them prepare themselves for whats to come.

How do you know if a girl wants to be your friend?

If a girl talks to you regularly and not just when she feels down or when needs something from you, you can rest assured that shes interested in being your friend.

Regular communication proves that she appreciates your company and that she enjoys talking about various things. This includes small talk as well as personal life matters.

So dont get confused and overanalyze things if she tells you about her personal life. Every single person has at least a few worries on his or her mindand so do you.

It just so happens that the girl youre thinking about is an open person who trusts you and isnt afraid to tell you how she feels. Her parents most likely encouraged her to express herself openly, which is why she grew up with a positive, expressive mindset.

If she dated anyone before you, (assuming shes single now) her ex-boyfriend also didnt affect her communication style, self-esteem, or force her to develop trust issues.

He didnt tell her that she talks too much or that shes indiscreet about her life.

So in a way, her open communication is a good sign. Its a sign that shes a healthy person who openly discusses her thoughts and feelings.

The fact that shes able to let her guard down around you and talk freely about whats happening in her life means that youre not a threat of any sort. Youre someone who she deems reliable and trustworthy.

How can you tell if a girl only wants to be friends and nothing more?

If you observe a girls behavior and attitude for a week or two, you should figure out everything you need to know about her.

But you need to look at her words and actions from a rational standpoint and discern her eagerness to invest in you.

If you realize that she often initiates conversations, plans her free time with you, freely expresses her beliefs, and asks for your opinion, you can be certain that she respects you as a person and likes being around you.

Actions dont lie.

But if she reaches out to you once in a blue moon, asks for a favor, and disappears shortly after, then she probably has enough people to confide in. Its possible that she talks to you only when her friends are unavailable or when she argues with her boyfriend.

When a girl likes you only as a friend, you could hear her say that she appreciates you being her friend and see her display non-romantic physical gestures such as placing her hand on your shoulders or hugging you briefly.

How do you know if she wants to be more than friends?

Girls love getting an emotional reaction out of the guy they like because it assures them that they matter.

It also gives them the reassurance that the guy is ready to invest his time and energy into themand that he may want more than friendship.

When a guy likes a girl romantically, hell often give her compliments. Hell say that shes amazing, funny, smart, or cuteand might even say that she very important to him.

He wont just admit that he appreciates the girl. Hell also say that he appreciates her time, knowledge, experience, or something that only she possesses.

With girls though, its slightly different. When a girl likes a guy, she usually wont compliment him directly. Shell instead try to give him verbal and non-verbal cues that shes into him and show him that she wants him to reciprocate her levels of emotional investment.

One way for a girl to do that is to become very talkative/expressive around the guy she likes. She could get very excited to talk to him, ask him loads of questions, and try to impress him with her communication skills.

And depending on her personality, she might also flirt a little and observe how he reacts to her playful side.

If she sees that he likes it and obtains the reassurance that shes after, shell likely continue to tease him.

Shell talk to him at least a few times a day (whenever shes free) and try to meet up with him as frequently as possible.

In her preferred way, shell basically show the guy that she wants his attention and that she likes spending one on one time with him.

Attraction toward the guy will impel her to want more and more until her eagerness for connection drives her to become obvious about her intentions.

So if you like this girl and you have a feeling that she likes you back but arent 100% certain, be patient and continue to invest in her.

Show her that youre willing to selflessly listen to her even if you dont get much in return. Its the mature thing to do.

Are you still wondering what it means if a girl tells you about her personal life? Do you have a story of your own to share? Leave your comment below the post.

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