What is apple in French

pommeLearnUnstartedSummaryThe French translation for apple is pomme.Pronounced the sameRecordingEnglishFrenchLearnapplespommesLearnnozzle; headpommeLearnExamples of "apple" in useT

What is apple in French


Apple. The French for "apple" is "pomme".


SummaryThe French translation for apple is pomme.

Pronounced the sameRecordingEnglishFrenchLearnapples

pommesLearnnozzle; head


Examples of "apple" in useThere are 3 examples of the French word for "apple" being used:RecordingEnglishFrenchLearnan apple

une pommeLearnpotato

pomme de terreLearna red apple

une pomme rougeLearn

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Lesson wordsapple,potatoetc.

View all lesson wordsLesson phrasesa red apple,an appleetc.

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