What majors are least popular?

The Most Popular College MajorsThe decision of what to major in is, well, major. Here, we give you some insight into what your peers are choosing by showing you the most popular ma

What majors are least popular?

The decision of what to major in is, well, major. Here, we give you some insight into what your peers are choosing by showing you the most popular majors across colleges in America.

Plus, this top 44 list of majors gives you the option to research theBest Colleges by Major, where you can view the Best Colleges for various STEM majors, Arts,Business, and more.

Explore our list of popular college majors and let it lead you to a college thats right for you!RankMajorNumber of Degrees AwardedRanking NameRank 1Major Business and ManagementNumber of Degrees Awarded 289,384Ranking Name Best Colleges for BusinessRank 2Major NursingNumber of Degrees Awarded 141,632Ranking Name Best Colleges for NursingRank 3Major PsychologyNumber of Degrees Awarded 127,066Ranking Name Best Colleges for PsychologyRank 4Major BiologyNumber of Degrees Awarded 120,375Ranking Name Best Colleges for BiologyRank 5Major EngineeringNumber of Degrees Awarded 117,553Ranking Name Best Colleges for EngineeringRank 6Major EducationNumber of Degrees Awarded 102,219Ranking Name Best Colleges for EducationRank 7Major CommunicationsNumber of Degrees Awarded 98,949Ranking Name Best Colleges for CommunicationsRank 8Major Finance and AccountingNumber of Degrees Awarded 98,663Ranking Name Best Colleges for AccountingRank 9Major Criminal JusticeNumber of Degrees Awarded 63,961Ranking Name Best Colleges for Criminal JusticeRank 10Major Anthropology and SociologyNumber of Degrees Awarded 57,630Ranking Name Best Colleges for AnthropologyRank 11Major Computer ScienceNumber of Degrees Awarded 55,843Ranking Name Best Colleges for Computer ScienceRank 12Major EnglishNumber of Degrees Awarded 44,121Ranking Name Best Colleges for EnglishRank 13Major EconomicsNumber of Degrees Awarded 39,022Ranking Name Best Colleges for EconomicsRank 14Major Political ScienceNumber of Degrees Awarded 38,630Ranking Name Best Colleges for Political ScienceRank 15Major HistoryNumber of Degrees Awarded 37,640Ranking Name Best Colleges for HistoryRank 16Major Kinesiology and Physical TherapyNumber of Degrees Awarded 37,085Ranking Name Best Colleges for Physical TherapyRank 17Major Health ProfessionsNumber of Degrees Awarded 35,733Ranking Name Best Colleges for Health ProfessionsRank 18Major ArtNumber of Degrees Awarded 29,022Ranking Name Best Colleges for ArtRank 19Major MathNumber of Degrees Awarded 28,732Ranking Name Best Colleges for MathRank 20Major Environmental ScienceNumber of Degrees Awarded 27,031Ranking Name Best Colleges for Environmental ScienceRank 21Major Foreign LanguagesNumber of Degrees Awarded 23,204Ranking Name Best Colleges for Foreign LanguagesRank 22Major DesignNumber of Degrees Awarded 19,254Ranking Name Best Colleges for DesignRank 23Major Trades and Personal ServicesNumber of Degrees Awarded 16,960Ranking Name Best Colleges for Trades and Personal ServicesRank 24Major International RelationsNumber of Degrees Awarded 16,454Ranking Name Best Colleges for International RelationsRank 25Major ChemistryNumber of Degrees Awarded 16,302Ranking Name Best Colleges for ChemistryRank 26Major Agricultural SciencesNumber of Degrees Awarded 16,005Ranking Name Best Colleges for Agricultural SciencesRank 27Major Information TechnologyNumber of Degrees Awarded 15,953Ranking Name Best Colleges for Information TechnologyRank 28Major Performing ArtsNumber of Degrees Awarded 15,318Ranking Name Best Colleges for ArtRank 29Major Engineering TechniciansNumber of Degrees Awarded 14,378Ranking Name Best Colleges for EngineeringRank 30Major Food and NutritionNumber of Degrees Awarded 14,277Ranking Name Best Colleges for Food and NutritionRank 31Major Religious StudiesNumber of Degrees Awarded 13,722Ranking Name Best Colleges for Religious StudiesRank 32Major Film and PhotographyNumber of Degrees Awarded 13,351Ranking Name Best Colleges for FilmRank 33Major MusicNumber of Degrees Awarded 9,833Ranking Name Best Colleges for MusicRank 34Major PhysicsNumber of Degrees Awarded 8,518Ranking Name Best Colleges for PhysicsRank 35Major PhilosophyNumber of Degrees Awarded 7,914Ranking Name Best Colleges for PhilosophyRank 36Major ArchitectureNumber of Degrees Awarded 7,654Ranking Name Best Colleges for ArchitectureRank 37Major Protective ServicesNumber of Degrees Awarded 4,640Ranking Name Best Colleges for Protective ServicesRank 38Major Legal StudiesNumber of Degrees Awarded 4,535Ranking Name Best Colleges for Legal StudiesRank 39Major Culinary ArtsNumber of Degrees Awarded 2,702Ranking Name Best Colleges for Culinary ArtsRank 40Major PharmacyNumber of Degrees Awarded 2,639Ranking Name Best Colleges for PharmacyRank 41Major Dental StudiesNumber of Degrees Awarded 2,312Ranking Name Best Colleges for Dental StudiesRank 42Major Arts ManagementNumber of Degrees Awarded 1,487Ranking Name Best Colleges for Arts ManagementRank 43Major Veterinary StudiesNumber of Degrees Awarded 1,020Ranking Name Best Colleges for Veterinary StudiesRank 44Major Building and ConstructionNumber of Degrees Awarded 27Ranking Name Best Colleges for Building and ConstructionExplore the Best Colleges by Major on Niche

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