What number is Kat in French?

The French numbers 1-10 are: un (1), deux (2), trois (3), quatre (4), cinq (5), six (6), sept (7) huit (8) neuf (9), dix (10). Learning to count from one to ten is essential for le

What number is Kat in French?

The French numbers 1-10 are: un (1), deux (2), trois (3), quatre (4), cinq (5), six (6), sept (7) huit (8) neuf (9), dix (10). Learning to count from one to ten is essential for learning higher French numbers.

Pronunciation tips for counting from one to ten in French

For the number one (un, 1), do not make an -n sound. Try not to let the tip of your tongue touch the roof of your mouth. Listen to the audio below and you will see that the sound is nasal.

For the number two (deux, 2), do not make an oo sound. To pronounce deux correctly, first say je (I in French). Isolate the e sound and put a -d in front of it. The words deux and je rhyme.

The French number three (trois, 3) has an oi sound. This is the same sound as in moi (me). Be sure not to pronounce the -s, which is silent.

For the number four (quatre, 4), say: kah-truh. The uh sound at the end may be voiced or unvoiced.

For the number five (cinq, 5), simply say sank as in You sank my battleship!.

The number six (six, 6) has very specific pronunciation rules. If the number precedes a noun which starts with a consonant, six is pronounced see. For example, six pommes (six apples) is pronounced see pum.

If the number six is standing alone, pronounce the -x. For example: Combien de pommes as-tu? (How many apples do you have?. Answer:  Six. Say the -x here like sees.

For the number seven (sept, 7), simply say set as in I set the table.

For the number eight (huit, 8), say oo-ee-t. This also sounds very similar to the English word wheat as wheat bread.

For the number nine (neuf, 9), the eu sound also rhymes with je. Isolate the -e sound son je and wrap -n and -f around it.

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The pronunciation rules that apply to six also apply to ten (dix, 10). When dix precedes a noun starting with a vowel dont pronounce the -x and say dee.

For example, dix tomates (dee tomates) is pronounced dee toh-maht. When answering the question, Combien de tomates avez-vous? (How many tomatoes do you have?), answer: -Dix. Say the -x here like Dees.

French numbers 1-10 chart with pronunciationNumberSounds LikePronunciation SymboleUn 1uhn[œ̃]Deux 2duh[dø]Trois 3trwah[tʀwɑ]Quatre 4katruh[katʀ]Cinq 5sank[sɛ̃k]Six 6sees[sis]Sept 7set[sɛt]Huit 8weet[ˈɥi(t)]Neuf 9nuf[nœf]Dix 10dees[dis]

What this video from FrenchPod101:

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