What should I ask a girl on chat?


What should I ask a girl on chat?
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  • 21 questions to get to know your crush better
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21 questionsisaGOATedgame.And coming up with21 questions to ask a girlis pretty easy if you know what youre doing. For example, if youve got homework you havent done,onequestion could be Whats the answer to 1A?.

Right, but we wantfunquestions though. Thebest 21 questions to ask girlsgive them a chance to open upand lead to youhavingagreatconversation about their answer. So, lets get into it.


Once you havea bunch ofgood questions for 21 questions to ask a girl, you havetheopportunityto askherthings thatcouldotherwise bealittleawkward toapproach.Keep in mind that the best21 questions to ask a girl you likeare the ones that are fun, unique, and thattheycantrespond to withonlyyesornoanswers.

Check out thesegood questions for 21 questions to ask a girlto getyour crushto open up and have a great time:

  1. What are five words you would use to describe yourself?
  2. What are five words you think other people would use to describe you?
  3. What is your dreamvacation?
  4. If you could have a housebythe ocean or in the mountains, which would you choose?
  5. What does your dream house look like?
  6. If you could be a character in a movie, who would you be?
  7. What is your biggest achievement?
  8. Whats something about you thatI wouldnt know when first meeting you?
  9. If you could binge watch an entire movie series in one day, which would you choose?(Or askwhat show theyve done that with already).
  10. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  11. Whats the craziest thing youve ever done?
  12. What was your dream job as a kid?
  13. If you could have dinner with three people living or dead, who would they be?
  14. Who is your celebrity crush?(Try and guess this one,weoften have a completely different ideaofwhoourcrush finds attractive  fingers crossed theychoose a celebrity thatkindalooks like you).
  15. Whats your favorite smell on a guy? (Hopefully youllfind it here).
  16. If you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would it be?
  17. Whats your favorite dinosaur? (Throw a random one in there, mix it up).
  18. Who was your first crush/first kiss?
  19. Whats your idea of the perfect date?(And take notes!)
  20. What are your bad habits?
  21. Imagine yourself in 10 years: what do you see?

The best questions to ask a girlor guyshould always aim todiscovermore aboutthem.Make surethat youre really listening to the answerstheygive you.


At the end of the day,this gameissupposedto be fun and encourage both you and your crush to get to know each other more.Sodont stress over trying to come up withtheperfectquestions to ask a girl in 21 questions. Take a deep breath and remember thatconfidence is key.

If youre planning to play21 questions,thequestions to ask a girlor guyshould always aim todiscovermore aboutthem. So make surethat youre really listening to the answerstheygive you. Questions likewhat is your dream date?will help you in the long run for when youdostart dating. Come to the game with yourbest 21 questions to ask a girlon handand be prepared to listen, laugh, and have a good time.If all goes well, you can check out oursuper funny questionsfor next time.


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