What to do if he is not talking to me

Communication is key in every relationship, and a relationship will never be successful if there isnt good communication between partners.Healthy communication can beaface-to-face

What to do if he is not talking to me

Communication is key in every relationship, and a relationship will never be successful if there isnt good communication between partners.

Healthy communication can beaface-to-face conversation, or even talking over text. You should never think that you are expecting too much when wanting your boyfriend to communicate with you, but sometimes he might not see things the same way.

What does it mean if your boyfriend can go for days without talking to you?

There can be various reasons as to why your boyfriend can for days without talking to you, and you will have to look at the nature of your relationship and whether or not anything happened before he stopped talking to you for a while.

Life can be busy, and it might just be that he is wrapped up in school or work, but if you think that there could be more to the lackofcommunication, then read on to find out why he might be okay not talking to you as much as youd like!Contents show1 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Can Go For Days Without Talking To You1.1 He Is Busy1.2 He Is Upset With You1.3 He Likes His Space1.4 He Says More With Less1.5 He Isnt As Interested1.6 He Is Seeing Someone Else2 What To Do When Your Boyfriend Can Go Days Without Talking To You2.1 Discuss It & Express Your Needs2.2 Put In The Effort

Reasons WhyYourBoyfriend Can Go For Days Without Talking To You


Relationships have ups and downs, and when you are trying to work out why your partner is acting a certain way, or why there has been a change in your relationship, you have to consider a few different things.

You might love speaking to your boyfriend and find it so frustrating that he can go for days without talking to you. To understand why he is like this, then take a look at the reasons below to figure out which might be most applicable to your relationship:

He Is Busy

Before heading off into negative thoughts, you need to consider if you are expecting too much from him.

You might have quite a bit of spare time on your hands, and expect him to fill your spare timewith conversation, but he might be really busy.

He could be caught up in work, his family, friends,and other things that he has going on, and while he would do his best to fit you in and prioritize you, he cannot talk to you all the time.

Keep in mind though that while he might be busy, it should not be an excuse to ignore you for days and there needs to be a good balance between his life and your relationship.

If youve read any of my other posts, especially this one, you know how much I hate the busy excuse.

It is, in 99.9% of cases, a lie. No one is too busy to send a quick text message or voice note. The more likely reason is you arent a huge priority in his life if hes telling you hes just been very busy lately.

Perhaps this could happen every once in a while. Sometimes you have a long day at work and don check your phone all day. I get it. But if its a regular occurence, then nope. Theres something more going on (read: hes just not that into you)

He Is Upset With You

You and your boyfriend might have had a bit of an argument or fight, and this could be why he is not talking to you.

People deal with confrontation in different ways, and while you might be the type of person who wants to talk about things, he might be the type who would rather take time and space to process things.

This ismore truefor relationships that involve more disagreements and arguments, as this could cause him to be fine not talking to you for days, as he just does not want to argue any further.

Think about what happened before he stopped talking to you and if there was anything that might have upset him.

He Likes His Space

Your boyfriend might be quite independent, and he might appreciate having his own space and his own life. You could be on the opposite end of the spectrum, and be dependent on your boyfriend,and require more of his time.

Him not talking to you constantly does not mean that he does not love you, but he rather loves having some of his own space and does not feel like he has to be in contact with you all the time to show his love for you.

This can be difficult to reconcile, and both of you need to learn how to meet halfway, to ensure that both of youare getting what you want out of the relationship.

He Says More With Less

For some people, fewer words say for more than lots of words do, and your boyfriend might prefer saying how much he cares and how much he loves you through fewer texts rather than bombarding you with lots of texts.

A few minutes of conversation can be more meaningful than speaking to each other for hours on end, and it also allows you both to enjoy things outside of spending all of your time texting and talking.

However, this can turn into him hardly speaking to you at all. While saying more through less can work, it does not give him a hall pass to just not talk to you for a few days for no reason.

Make sure that when you do talk, it is meaningful and that he does give you the attention that you feel you need and deserve!

He Isnt As Interested

Unfortunately, you also need to follow your gut if you feel as though something is wrong. You would be able to pick up different cues and red flags from your boyfriend and his behavior, and then with him not talking to you for days, it could be cause for concern.

There is a chance that your boyfriend is fine not talking to you for days because he is losing interest in the relationship. In the beginning, he would have been really into you and the partnership and spent a lot of time talking to you and making you happy.

As he loses interest, this could showashim not talking to you as much. He wouldnt be motivated to keep uptheconversation, and he really would not mind not speaking to you for extended periods.

This is obviously not easy to deal with, and if you think this could be the case, you should definitely speak to your boyfriend, and hopefully,he can give you an honest answer.

Either there has been a miscommunication, or it might be time to callitquits. You deserve to be with someone who is interested in you and who will pay you the attention you deserve.

He Is Seeing Someone Else

This istheworst-case scenario and one you should consider absolutely last of all, but it is something that does happen.

It could be that your boyfriend can go days without talking to you because he is talking to someone else. He might not even have had a physical relationship with this other girl, and might still only be texting her, but it is taking his time and attention away from you.

The only way to resolve this is to talk to your boyfriend and get down to the bottom of things. Hopefully,there isnt another girl in the picture, and he has a better explanation as to why he doesnt talk to you as much.

Just be careful when approaching this situation, as you dont want to accuse him of something he is not guilty of, and cause even more problems in your relationship.

WhatToDo When Your Boyfriend Can Go Days Without Talking To You

girl at home texting
girl at home texting

The most important thing to do when you are worried that your boyfriend can go for days without talking to you is to talk to him.

Discuss It & Express Your Needs

Be very open and honest about your needs in the relationship. If talking everyday is important to you, you have every right to ask your partner to put in more effort.

It is best to do this face to face, where you can both sit down and have an open and honest conversation. Dont approach him with an accusatory tone, rather sit down and calmly ask him why he feels it is okay to not talk to you for days.

It might come out that he is upset with you for something and this then allows you to speak about this. It could also just be that he enjoys having some space, and the two of you can come to some compromise.

If there is something more serious going on, the conversation might encourage him to speak up, and while this can be really difficult to deal with, these things are better when out in the open. So you can either work to fix any cracks or decide it is time to move on.

Put InTheEffort

Your boyfriend might just not be the talkative type, or he could be waiting for you to show some interest first. You could always put in some effort to make conversation and see how he reacts from there.

Send him the first text, ask about his day, and just try to make conversation. If he is busy, he might not think to send the first text, and all it might take is that one text from you to get things going again.

My Boyfriend Can Go For DaysWithoutTalking To Me

There are many reasons why your boyfriend might be okay to go for days without talking to you, and the best way to get down to the bottom of it is to speak to him about this.

There might be no issues at all, and he could either be busy or just not the talkative type, or talking to him might open up some bigger issues going on, and this gives you the opportunity to work through any problems and to reevaluate your relationship.

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