What to say when someone leaves you on read

We all know the pain, you text someone and they never text you back, leaving you questioning your friendship and even your self-worth as a human being. Trying to figure out what to

What to say when someone leaves you on read

We all know the pain, you text someone and they never text you back, leaving you questioning your friendship and even your self-worth as a human being. Trying to figure out what to say when someone leaves you on read? Keep reading.

Sometimes they even text you first and when you reply nothing. The struggle is real, people, and here is how you can deal with it: sarcasm, historical references, talking to yourselves until the other decides to show up to the party of texting or just assuming theyre dead with excitement and cant text back orrrr, just wait, have patience and never give up.

You know how time really messes up with your expectations? When youre happy, it just flies by you or disappears with the speed of light.

When youre angry or sad, it just sort of lingers on and when youre waiting for someone or something it seems like forever. Above all of these, though, is the wait for someone to text you back: this is the worst of all.

You might be thinking: well, maybe shes at the bathroom and now maybe shes preparing something to eat, maybe she just doesnt want to look at the phone tonight and shes going to bed. Then morning comes and still no text back. What has she done?

Turned into sleeping beauty? Well, for desperate situations you always have a back-up plan: Call! I love calling someone who doesnt want to text me back. If they just dont answer after hours of not texting back, theyre either dead or dont want to talk to you.

So, people, when she or he doesnt text back, just call her. Its simple. Do not be afraid, otherwise, youd just have to go through the hell of wondering: what on Earth is she/he doing?.

Fortunately for us, texting has kind of gone out of fashion and now theres Whatsapp and Facebook messaging which makes it easy to make out if the recipient has received the message, read it or just doesnt want to do so.

Anyhow, if youve ever been through this (and we all have), just give it 5 minutes to enjoy these 18 brilliant ways to respond to someone who doesnt text back

What to say when someone leaves you on read or doesnt text you back

1. You didnt reply, its cool that you fainted.

Poor guy, he thinks hes making fun when hes actually dead inside

2. The sarcastic approach.

Sarcasm is always one way to get out of uncomfortable situations and shield ourselves from the brisk vicissitudes of this world. Just use sarcasm!

3.The guilt trip. You better be writing me a novel.

And you better finish it on time, otherwiseall hell will break loose because theres not such a thing as not answering a text

4. More guilt tripping. People die John. People

Dark humour is always such a nasty idea. My grandma always advised me against using it because it might backfire on me. So far, Im not dead

5.Leave her, she is hibernating.

Sleep is really important and shes preparing for the role of the Sleeping Beauty, no time for texting back. Dont leave him on read like that

6. Ah can you feel the love.

Adorable can sometimes be such an angry word that you throw at people who do not give a damn about texting you back

7. You could go all out emotional like this person.

I do not have a good opinion of emotional messages. Anger is a strong emotion and you might even end up destroying your phone trying to get the other person on the line. Nope, its not worth it.

8. Ormake historical references like this.

If youre both history majors, you can always come back with history references, maybe even recite a whole history book in the meantime, until he texts back, an eternity after

9. Lyrical genius.

Still, not such a great idea. What if the other person completely hates that song? What do you do then?

10. Or just start having the conversation you started but without the other person.

Well, with the way the text chats are displayed nowadays, you can actually trick yourself into thinking you are talking with another person when actually you are talking to yourself.

11. I was laughing because I thought your thumbs had fallen off

Thumbs falling off can be a really tough punishment for all that kind of people who never text back. Lucky us its not happening

12. Stalk them on social networking sites to see what they are up to.

Social Media has skyrocketed stalking to a whole new level and we can only be grateful about it

13. Blunt but at least they dont mess about.

Imagine how much it could take to say I want to go out with you. Too much wasted energy

14. I guessyou did die. What a shame.

You have all the time in the world to rush to conclusions when someone is just not replying your texts

15. Im waiting. Bit*h.

Hell need a looooot of patience to do thatwait.

When someone sees your message but doesnt reply this is what you do

16. This got real so fast, think about that next time you leave someone on read

This approach might seem desperate, but sharing your emotions might just work.

17. Does this make sense? I mean it kinda does

When people are drunk they usually are the most honest, so, just sayin.

18. You could just hit them with the cold harsh truth

what to say when someone leaves you on read

Thats like the most truth I heard in a long time.

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