What type of work do you enjoy doing the most interview question

Hiring managers and interviewers love to ask questions like:What type of work environment do you prefer?Describe the type of work environment you work best in?What kind of work env

What type of work do you enjoy doing the most interview question
Interview Answers to What Type Of Work Environments Do You Prefer

Hiring managers and interviewers love to ask questions like:

  • What type of work environment do you prefer?
  • Describe the type of work environment you work best in?
  • What kind of work environment do you like and why?

In this article, Im going to walk you through why they ask, how to givegreat answers when they ask about your ideal work environment, and the mistakes to AVOID if you want to get the job offer.

Heres why its tricky: Usually you arent 100% sure what they want to hear, in part because youve never seen THEIR work environment first-hand.

And if you say you dont like the type of environment they happen to have, they wont hire you.

Kind of a trap, right?

Dont worry, Im going to walk you through the best interview answers for this question right now

How To Answer What Type Of Work Environment Do You Work Best In?

1. Determine the type of work environment that this company has

Giving a good interview answer when describing what type of work environment you prefer begins with research.

If you pay attention to previous communication, the job description, the company website, and do a quick search on YouTube just in case they have videos, youll get SOME sense of the work environment.

So, make sure you research the company before your interview. I cant stress this enough.

Now try to come up with some idea of what they want to hear.

  • Do they seem to micromanage people or do they give their workers a lot of freedom? (I personally would never in a million years work for that first type of company. But do what you want!)
  • Are they very formal or casual? What do they wear?
  • Do they do things together outside of work? Does the team youre interviewing with seem to have a strong bond?
  • Do they trust their employees to make big decisions on their own? Or do you need to get approval for everything?

You can also gather clues on some of these things in the interview. Or if youve had a previous interview, think back to what was discussed. (For example, if you already had a phone interview with HR, and now they ask what type of work environments you prefer in the face-to-face interview).

Okay, now lets look at exactly how to answer

2. Show them youll do well in their work environment

Give them a sense of what you enjoy but lean toward saying you tend to like an environment similar to theirs.

If the environment seems relaxed and they give their people a lot of freedom to operate independently, say you enjoy independence and youre great at making decisions on your own.

If the job description repeated over and over that they want someone detail-oriented, and the hiring manager looks like shell fire you if you are one single minute late in your life, say that you prefer an environment thats organized, carefully planned, and systematic.

(Again not sure why people choose to work in jobs like this, but there are plenty out there and they always seem to find workers somehow)

If the job description mentions a lot of teamwork and collaboration, say that you prefer a collaborative environment, and then give some examples of how youve been in similar situations in the past.

Or even better tell them part of why you applied for the position is that it seemed like a great match for the type of work environment you perform well in (and then elaborate/explain). That will show them youve really done your research.

3. Talk about what you like, not what you dislike

Focus on describing things you like. I enjoy a collaborative environment. I really like an environment that values problem solving, creativity, and effort because I feel I bring those three things to my job each day. etc.

That way, if you happen to say something that isnt quite aligned with how the interviewer views their company, its alright.

However, if you had said, I can only work in a highly-collaborative environment and I hate work that involves being isolated or not talking to other people, youre not getting hired if the job is even a little bit like that.

So keep it positive and focus on the things you like.

4. Finish your answer with an example if possible

Give PROOF. After you tell them you love a collaborative environment, talk about how youve been successful in this environment in the past. In previous jobs, in school, and in projects. Whatevers recent and relevant.

If you told them you like an organized, serious work environment, talk about how youve used this type of environment to succeed recently.

So the first part of your answer is to directly address their question while staying positive. The second part is to give proof and examples.

5. What if you have no idea what this employers work environment is like?

Maybe its a first interview and you didnt have time to do a lot of research (hey, it happens! Ive done it).

If you really have no clue what type of work environment the company offers, your goal should be to sound balanced and versatile. You should say that youve worked in both types of environments and are able to adapt, etc.

You really shouldnt be in this situation often. Research is important. If youve got on multiple interviews and felt like you know very little about the company, its probably the reason youre not finding a job.

But it can happen once or twice, so heres an example of what Id say:

I do well in a few different types of environments. I can adapt. In my last job, we were given a lot of freedom to make decisions on our own, and I enjoyed that. But Ive also worked in stricter environments and performed well and had no issues. How would you describe the work environment here, and what type of person usually enjoys working for you?

Ending your answer with a question is a great way to turn the interview into a more natural conversation, take the pressure off, and make the hiring manager like you.

Lets look at a few more word-for-word answer examples now

Example Answers to What Type of Work Environment Do You Prefer?

Example Answer #1:

Ive worked in small companies as well as Fortune 500 firms. I dont really have a preferred company size. I do think I work best in a collaborative environment. I enjoy working as part of a team, even though I can do independent work, too. I saw your job description mentions a lot of collaboration with other teams and departments, so I think Id excel in this role. Communication and teamwork are strengths of mine.

Example Answer #2:

I prefer an energetic work environment where people are excited to be there. I immediately got the sense that this is that type of place when I came into the first interview. I love the energy here and I think its the type of place where Id do my best work. My last company had a similar environment and I thrived there. It was where I made the biggest gains in my career, learned the most, and accomplished the most for my team and company.

Example Answer #3:

I dont have one single ideal work environment. Ive been able to thrive while working in very different environments in past jobs.

For example, Ive done well in a corporate environment with a lot of structure in my most recent job. Prior to that, I was in a smaller start-up and enjoyed the fast-paced environment and the ability to wear multiple hats and be involved in many areas of the organization as we grew.

But to answer your question more directly, I enjoy collaborative environments. Im a team player who likes to share ideas and work alongside others, so I enjoy a working environment that encourages teamwork and communication.

This type of work setting allows me to perform at a high level and excel.

Example Answer #4:

I work best in a company culture and environment where team members enjoy working together and are positive and motivated. That was a big plus in my last companys culture and Id like to find another positive environment like that in my next position.

My previous company did an excellent job of employee recognition, too, which helped team members feel they were appreciated.

I do my best job in an environment like this, and I prefer working in a company that values these ideas.

One interview question Ive been asking each employer is: How would you describe the work style of the team? Is there anything you can share about how the team currently works together?

Different Types of Work Environments

The most common types of work environments that job seekers will encounter are:

  • Start-up environment: A smaller, fast-growing company where employees are often asked to be flexible and willing to help with multiple areas. New ideas and flexibility are highly valued and the work setting tends to be more laid back, though fast-paced.
  • Corporate/conventional work environment: A larger, mature company where team responsibilities are more well-defined than in a start-up environment. Employees are often specialists, not generalists, and each team performs a specific and narrow function for the company.
  • Hierarchical environment: Each team has one leader and all team members look to that leader for direction.
  • Flat/collaborative environment: Employees will report to various members of the organization depending on the project/task. One team manager is still responsible for their team members performance reviews, raises, etc., but those workers may take direction from more than one person on a day-to-day basis. This is sometimes referred to as a matrix environment.
  • Remote vs. in-person work environment: Finally, consider whether the job is remote or based in a specific location.

These arent the only ways to define a companys work environment. For example, we could talk about indoor vs. outdoor work environments, and more.

But the bullet points above are some of the easiest ways to understand a companys culture and work setting, especially in the corporate world.

Reviewing the points above will help you recognize a companys work environment/work culture when you see it, so that you can give a better job interview answer and show that youll be able to thrive working in a specific companys environment.

Note that some work environments will involve multiple factors above. For example, a remote work environment can still have a start-up culture or a more conventional work culture.

Mistakes to Avoid When You Describe Your Ideal Work Environment

As promised earlier, Im now going to run through the top mistakes to watch out for when you describe your ideal work environment to an employer.

First, if youre not too sure what type of workplace or culture they offer, dont get too specific. The more specific you get, the riskier it is (if you dont know their own work culture).

For example, if youre not sure how a company operates, its risky to say, I only like a relaxed, open work environment where people are free to do what they want throughout the day.

Youd be better off saying, Well, Ive worked in some very relaxed companies where I was able to structure my own day, and I enjoyed that a lot. It taught me to be organized, prioritize tasks, and more. However, Im able to work under closer supervision, too.

This leads me to another mistake you should avoid: Dont ever go into the interview without researching the company. Watch videos on YouTube. Check out their Facebook page. Read a recent news article or two about them.

This step should be a review if youve read the steps earlier in this article, but its very important.

Finally, dont badmouth or complain. This was mentioned in the steps above, too. Focus on positive things that you enjoy in a workplace and avoid talking about what you dislike if possible.

If you avoid these mistakes, youll have a strong answer to what kind of work environment you like best.

Lets move on to a recap of everything weve discussed

How to Describe What Type of Work Environment You Prefer  Quick Instructions

  1. Research the employer before your interview to learn as much as possible about their work environment
  2. Notice if this employers environment seems more casual or strict; more fast-paced or relaxed, etc.
  3. When you describe the work environment you prefer, you want to make it sound like youll excel in THEIR environment, or else theyre unlikely to hire you. So talk about how you do your best work in an environment similar to theirs
  4. Focus on the positive aspects  talk about why you work well in an environment like theirs instead of bad-mouthing or talking about why you dislike other types of work environments. Its always better to focus on the positives when describing the environment you work best in.
  5. Give specific examples if you can. For example, if this work environment is going to be very fast-paced, youd want to tell them you do your best work in a fast-paced environment and then back it up with a real example of a past job that you produced great work in.

If you follow these steps youll have a great answer any time the interviewer asks what type of work environment you perform best in, or what type of work environment is ideal for you.

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