What words attract a man?

When it comes to relationships, words are powerful.They have the ability to evoke emotion in us. They have the ability to cause arguments. And also they have the ability to heal ar

What words attract a man?

When it comes to relationships, words are powerful.

They have the ability to evoke emotion in us. They have the ability to cause arguments. And also they have the ability to heal arguments.

But guess what? Words can also ignite attraction and desire in a man, so he instantly sees you in a whole new light the very second you say something.

In this short e-book (meaning its straight to the point with zero fluff and waffle) Im going to share with you 4 types of statements you can use to ignite desire in your man.

In total, there are 15 feminine phrases, split out across the 4 different types of statements. Ill give you the 15 phrases word-for-word, as well as explaining the different types of statements in more detail.

If that doesnt quite make sense right now, dont worry. It will in a moment.

So, are you ready to begin?

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Great! Then lets get going

Type of Statement #1: Qualification Statement

The first type of statement you can use is called a qualification statement.

This is where you let a man know he qualifies to be with you.

The reason this is so powerful is because men want to feel special. They want to feel different from all the other guys. So when you actually lead early in the relationship with some qualification statements to challenge him, hell feel proud and extra special when he eventually wins your favor.

Here are some qualification statements you can use early in the relationship:

FemininePhrase 1: It takes a special guy to win my heart.

FemininePhrase 2: I dont like to rush into a relationship.

FemininePhrase 3: I like to take my time and get to know someone before I commit to anything.

FemininePhrase 4: Im really enjoying my life right now, and if I get into a relationship its gotta be with someone really special.

These are great because they show you are selective. And highly desirable women who men want to be with are always selective.

In fact, my wife used a qualification statement on me early in our dating. Back then, I didnt even know it was a qualification statement. Though in hindsight, it clearly was.

She said, You know, youre probably going to get really bored of this dating process with me because I live at home, and Ive got a curfew with my dad. I cant spend the night at your house and you cant spend the night over here.

Then she goes, Other guys Ive dated got fed up with that. So you probably will, too.

Can you tell what she was doing in that exact moment?

Challenging me! She was saying, do you have what it takes to get through this phase where Im living under the roof of my dad?

All I thought was, Well, Im going to be better than all those other guys who couldnt handle that. Im going to actually surpass that. And I am going to win your favor.

The brilliant part about her qualification statement was that when I did get frustrated that she had to go home early, I never showed it. I never took it out on her and made her try to change her dads mind about keeping her under curfew. After all, I knew it was something Id have to deal with right from the very beginning. Id accepted the challenge.

Yet if she didnt begin by giving me the qualification statement, chances are I would have thought, is dating a girl who has to be home early even worth it?

So as you can see, a qualification statement can be VERY powerful.

Moving on

Type of Statement #2: Empowerment Statement

The second type of phrase you can use is an empowerment statement.

Us men love to feel powerful. And in life, we feel powerful when were producing. In other words, when were earning money, working on a project, or doing something else that takes us a step closer to achieving a goal we set out to achieve.

So when it comes to a relationship, what is productivity or production for a man?

Let me tell you:

Production for a man is giving you an experience that you love.

That experience or emotion you feel is what hes producing. It makes him feel ten feet tall knowing hes made you happy. So thats what creates this empowered feeling in guys.

Now, the big question: How exactly do you help a man feel empowered? How do you help him feel like hes creating an experience for you?


Start a sentence with this phrase: You make me feel

For example, you can say something like

Feminine Phrase 5: You make me feel so sexy.

Feminine Phrase 6: You make me feel safe.

Feminine Phrase 7: You have a way of just making me feel better.

Feminine Phrase 8: You make me so hot.

Feminine Phrase 9: I feel so feminine around you.

These are great statements.

I encourage you and challenge you to put these to the test for yourself.

When you use a you make me feel statement, notice what your man does. Notice his face. Notice his body language. He will become more empowered as you share those experiences. Youll find it fun to see the feeling that comes from him when you use these statements.

And finally

Type of Statement #3: Pet Names

The third type of words you can use to ignite desire in your man are names of endearment. In other words, pet names.

Think about it for a moment

You give the people youre closest with in life pet names. Chances are you dont call your mom and dad by their first name. You call them mom and dad. Or when youre little, its mommy and daddy.

Think about some of your best friends. Maybe you have pet names for them, too.

Guys will do this all the time. I have a good friend named Brian. Ill say, Hey, B. Whats going on? And well give each other these nicknames.

Using nicknames actually surpasses the area of our brain that says, Hey, this is going to be a formal interaction, and lands right on the we are connected area of our brain.

So use pet names like

Feminine Phrase 10: Hey, gorgeous.

Feminine Phrase 11: Hey, handsome.

Feminine Phrase 12: Hey, rockstar.

Use these kinds of names over text, in-person or over a phone call. It will help him feel more connected to you.

Hell feel like, Wow, she just called me gorgeous? Like, thats amazing. Thats so cool. Thats so different. Not a lot of other women are calling me gorgeous when I text them.

And heres a bonus tip to make him feel even more special:

When he calls you, change your tone.

Pick up the phone and say, Hello? just like youre going on your normal day.

But when you hear its him, change your voice up a few octaves and put on a sweet tone. Say, Hey, gorgeous! How are you doing? You should also slow down the how are you doing part, to draw him in even further.

This change also helps him feel empowered. Hell be like, Wow, I actually have an effect on this woman.

Its a very, very powerful strategy for stoking desire in him.

Type of Statement #4: Challenge Statements

Challenging a man in the right way helps to ignite his desire.

This is because it gives him a call to action that awakens his competitive nature. In other words, it gives him something to accomplish.

Then, when he achieves this goal and accomplishes his mission, he knows it will make you happy.

For the record, us men love a mission. When we achieve it, we get a rush of positive biochemicals. Which is what makes these challenge statements so darn powerful.

Feminine Phrase 13: Honey, can I ask for your help with something

Feminine Phrase 14: Babe, can I ask you for a favor

Feminine Phrase 15: Honey, I would really love it if you would


YOU  Babe, can I ask for a favor

HIM  Sure thing.

YOU  My lower back is really tight, I would love it if youd give me a little massage.


YOU  Honey I would really love it if youd take me someplace romantic this weekend, just you and me, Im craving some alone time with you.

HIM  Sure thing.


YOU  Honey, can I ask for your help with something

HIM  Sure thing.

YOU  We need water for the house, would you be willing to re-fill the jugs for me?

Did you notice in each case there is a challenge he can accomplish? And by accomplishing that challenge, he makes you happy, which in turn makes him happy.


Though listen up, because this is KEY:

In order to stoke his desire, you need to increase the payoff after he has accomplished the challenge. So, when he has completed your task, make sure to acknowledge and celebrate him.

This is the most important aspect of igniting his desire, because every task must have the payoff to receive the reward of doing the task. For men, your happiness and your approval is his payoff. So the better response you give him for a job well done, the more he will jump at the chance to serve you in the future.

The best kinds of pay-offs for men include the AAA Pay-off.

Appreciation  Share how much you appreciate what hes done for you

Affection  Give him a hug and sweet kiss

Admiration  Later, admire him in front of others for what he did for you.

Its rather simple, but brings super high rewards.

Examples of Celebration Statements:

You rock babe! Thank you so much! (Big Hug and Kiss)

Youre the best. It feels so good to have this done. Thank you. (Big Hugs and Kiss)

Youre my hero. I appreciate you. (Big kiss and hug)

Later on, when youre at dinner with friends, you can say, Hey guys, my man is so awesome. My back was really right and hurting the other day. My man totally saved me with the best back rub ever!

This public validation will make him feel like a king. In return, hell be sure to treat you like his queen.

Though you should know this:

All the phrases youve learned today work best when youre dating a man with whom youre in a relationship.

So if youre wanting to find that special man who will cherish you forever and make you feel like youre the type of woman he wants to COMMIT to, you need to know the secret to attracting such a man.

For the record, this secret has nothing to do with learning any manipulative tactics. Instead, you will find an amazing man by being your true self.

So, the big question What is this secret?

Well, its all to do with:

Removing inner-blocks that are keeping you stuck, and developing a magnet heart for amazing love.

Understanding what creates authentic attraction and lasting connection in men.

Knowing how and where to meet high quality men, and how to progress things from just going on a few dates to having an amazing partnership that lasts a lifetime.

Heres the thing:

Most of us dont ever learn this because we are taught relationships by watching our parents or friends. If their relationships werent incredible, then we naturally learn bad habits.

But dont worry, because you can easily unlearn any bad habits youve picked up and, just as importantly, learn exactly what you must do to attract an amazing man.

See, when it comes to love, there are very specific things that create interest, attraction, and lasting connection.

Which is why Ive created an entire program called Manifest Your Man to help you not only meet your special man, but to help you do so in a way that makes it last forever.


Never falling for an emotionally unavailable man again

Never wasting your time going on dates with jerks, losers and men who lead you on

Never dating someone who goes cold on you for no apparent reason

Instead, my Manifest Your Man program can help you find a man who loves you just as much as you love him.

I know this can happen because Ive already taken hundreds of women through this proven process.

So if youre ready to manifest YOUR dream man, then check out my Manifest Your Man coaching program.

You can find out more about it (and apply for a FREE coaching call so you get a better idea of what to expect on the program), by clicking the link below:

Click here now to manifest your dream man.

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