Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim Summary episodes

Our happy couple continues to be in love and adorable, and the finale is filled with last minute wedding details and not much else. Its not exactly riveting plot exposition, but le

Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim Summary episodes

Our happy couple continues to be in love and adorable, and the finale is filled with last minute wedding details and not much else. Its not exactly riveting plot exposition, but lets be honest. We were watching for the cute anyway. Right?

Whats wrong? Nothing

Episode 15 ended with some sort of wedding wrecking problem looming as Young Joon wondered what was wrong with Mi So. It turns out the big problem is he wants to pick out dishes and try on wedding clothes, but he cant get his uber-efficient secretary to stop working long enough to join him. The final straw is when Mi So takes her already upset fiancéto the coffee shop where she had her blind date with that fussy reporter. This reminds Young Joon of her wardrobe indiscretion when she reached up to fix the neck wear of another man. (I like that the necktie theme makes one final appearance in the finale since it was such a prevalent part in the first half of the show.) The two lovers part with things still unsettled until Mi So realizes how important this wedding is for both of them and Young Joon has a right to be upset. She shows up in his living room in the wedding dress she didnt try on earlier and all is forgiven. Well, that was easy. In fact, every supposed problem that arises is just a misdirect. Young Joons family meets their soon to be in-laws and welcome them with open hearts. Neither their lack of money or Rocker Dads hair bothers them. When Mi So objects to her mother-in-law paying for everything, she accepts it gracefully and realizes what a treasure she has in her new unspoiled daughter. And it also gives her an excuse to swipe a few diamond studded wedding presents, for Mi Sos sake of course, so she doesnt feel uncomfortable. Every problem that would take weeks to solve in another drama is quickly dispatched in this sweet show.

Turnabouts fair play

Director Parks hapless secretary makes another faux pas and rushes to his office to confess her mistake; but he is waiting in expectation since this is a daily occurrence with her. She admits that she meant to order a box of chocolates for his business associate but sent it to his ex-wife instead. Director Park flips out as he worries what his former spouse will think but it turns out he owes his secretary a bonus this year. His ex-wife shows up at his door, supremely touched that he remembered the kind of chocolates he bought her after he proposed. The man is clever enough not to correct her assumption and they get busy in a direct parody of the shows earlier makeout scene between Secretary Kim and Young Joon. And in another hilarious mirroring, Young Joon interrupts them just as his best friend did to him more than once. His petty boss drags out the visit longer than necessary as his friend whispers for him to GO AWAY over and over, but he finally leaves them alone. The reconciled couple later attend the wedding together so it looks like our funny, faithful sidekick is getting a second chance at happily ever after. I hope it works out for them this time.

Happy endings for everyone

Even the kooky co-workers find romance in the final hour. Manager Bongs hero has grown tired of meeting in secret and being accused by his girlfriend of inappropriate behavior when anyone catches them. His tender heart cant take anymore and his lady agrees to reveal their relationship to the whole office. They gather their courage and make the big announcement to which Mr. Honey replies, We know. The other employees barely spare them a glance as they hurry about their work, but the big confession cements the relationship between our Aegyo Couple. They arent the only office romance making progress, however. Ji Ah delivers take-out to her thrifty rooftop neighbor and urges him to treat himself better in the present instead of saving it all for the future. Go Gwi Nam takes her words to heart and shows up at the wedding in a new outfit, offers to buy her a fancy coffee afterwards, and they walk off hand in hand. (Changsung must have been so relieved to wear something different after dressing in the same two outfits for the entire show.)

Goin to the chapel

You can tell that Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim was a successful show because the network sprang for a beautiful wedding. The elaborate flower arrangements, overabundance of candles, and gauzy swaths of fabric hanging from the ceiling seem appropriately lavish for a chaebols ceremony. Everyone that matters is there, including Young Joons whiny, supermodel, fake girlfriend from the beginning of the show. Shes furious that Mi So Unni told her there was nothing between them and now shes marrying Young Joon! Her brilliant plan for revenge is to take the focus off the bride with her thunder stealing white dress but she didnt count on Director Parks clumsy secretary. Miss Mistake-a-day sits down and fangirls over the famous woman but ends up knocking a glass of juice all over the models lap. (I knew I luved that secretary). This leaves her to hustle out in all her orange stained glory. Not that anyone would have been looking at her anyway once Mi So arrives. Our couple looks a step above stunning in their wedding finery. Young Joon offers his arm to Mi So as they prepare to head down the aisle and he promises her that he will always protect her. He worries that she doubts his word but she knows better than anyone what a great promise keeper he is. A flashback reminds us of the time they met as children when Young Joon pinky swore to a five-year-old Mi So that he would marry her one day. All these years later, he is making that promise come true. The two walk together to the front as all their loved ones applaud, and the curtains open to reveal an impressive array of water fountains behind the glass windows. (It was soooooo pretty!) Young Joon and Mi So seal the deal with a romantic kiss as they continue their life together side by side.

Just like the warm summer sunshine, this show provided a continuous bright spot for the audience on Wednesday and Thursday nights. I feel grateful to the writers, cast, crew, and production for providing me with so many laughs and heart tingles over the last few months. Thank you to everyone who squealed along with me as you read my recaps. Heres hoping that the future holds many more dramas for us to do it again.

Until then. Keep the K-love alive!


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