Who are we Essay

Today there are about 7 billion people in this world. With that many people it is pretty amazing that each one of us is unique in our own way. Contrast to our individualities, howe

Who are we Essay

Today there are about 7 billion people in this world. With that many people it is pretty amazing that each one of us is unique in our own way. Contrast to our individualities, however, we tend to create this perfect person that everyone should aim to achieve within our societies. By doing this we almost set ourselves up for failure, seeing that nothing in life is perfect. However, what a lot of people dont realize is that imperfections and individualities that are in all of us and are the free measure at our successes in life.

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Being a leader rather than a follower is something not many people know the difference between. Politics is a great example; it is a good thing that we have different parties so we can get the opinions from a different side. However, religion is another topic where individuality is key. Our society considers someone who stands up for their faith and doesnt back down an accomplished person; yet frowns upon it in schools.

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Contrary to what we should do, society tends to rate and judge others greatly. Though we may be a bit different and differ in opinions we all should be treated equally, just as our founding fathers wrote it. The society we have built for today scares many people because we are sometimes subconsciously told to be a certain way or to do a certain thing and we are losing our ability at freedom to be who we are.

We still have sexist or racist people out there saying horrible things or putting it up on media.

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Now that we are more ahead in technology, much more than before that is, it is much easier for people to have accesses to what society seems acceptable. Internet, a huge part of our lives, gives access to many of the hateful things that are out there. These are some of the things that make it hard for people to fully express themselves, bogged down by fear of denial or unacceptance. Those select few that have little or no fear at being themselves are truly successful. Manytimes we seem to not give ourselves enough credit, feeling like no one is ever pleased, or that we are going back to these for society standers. This idea alone can be detrimental to children growing up trying to figure out who they are. Even fitness and style have people doubting themselves because of it.

Expressing yourself is a great thing but there is a line that has to be drawn between what people are telling you and what your actual beliefs are. Today what is shown on TV, magazines, or any kid of media site is ridiculous. The celebrities that our children look up to are stars doing drugs, alcohol, dancing in disturbing. If children are being told that this is what our society likes, they might be scared to admit their true selves. Fitness and health is a wonderful thing, and people really should be healthy; but to a certain extent. The fact that kids, young teenage girls in particular are harming themselves or starving themselves because they dont look like a supermodel they saw in a magazine causes serious mental and emotional problems. How much of an impact our world can have on us, causing diseases such as Bulimia, or causing young men to take steroids, is an extremely unappealing thought.

Embracing uniqueness and individuality is ideally what should be encouraged. Maybe you didnt get into the smartest college, or have the biggest house, but you should be proud of yourself for trying because growing up in this world can be difficult, like Emerson once said to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. I agree with that 100 percent.

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