who is the leader of why dont we

The boys ofWhy Dont We have been blowing up the music scene lately: from their dashing good looks, fun personalities, and great songs, its no wonder they are so popular! We have 30

who is the leader of why dont we

The boys ofWhy Dont We have been blowing up the music scene lately: from their dashing good looks, fun personalities, and great songs, its no wonder they are so popular! We have 30 fun facts about the boy band for you below, so check them out!

1) The members of Why Dont We are: Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais, and Jack Avery.

Why Don't We Band Group Photo

From L-R: Jonah, Corbyn, Zach, Daniel, and Avery. Photo Credit: IG @WhyDontWeMusic.

2) The boys originally all started out as solo artists, then they met up in LA and decided to form a band.

3) Before pursuing the band, Daniel made the Top 10 onAmerican Idol season 14; the others posted cover songs on YouTube.

4) Since they formed in 2016, the band has released 5 extended plays (EPs), and has gone on a summer tour.

5) They are currently on the Asia leg of their Invitation Tour, and have a pre-order for the title song 8 Letters from their debut album (out August 31!).

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Our album #8Letters is out August 31st! Pre-order tonight and youll get a new song instantly.

A post shared by Why Dont We (@whydontwemusic) on Aug 8, 2018 at 12:00pm PDT

6) In addition to their road trips on tour, they also share a house in LA together.

7) Daniel plays 20 instruments, including the piano; but his favorite is cello.

8) Jonah used to play baseball in high school back in Minnesota.

9) Jonah is from Minnesota, Zach is from Texas, Corbyn is from Virginia, Daniel is from Washington, and Avery is from Pennsylvania.

10) Zach has an extensive bandana collection. He think he has around 30 now  but never stops wanting more (as evidenced by this funny tweet)!

can someone buy me a cool bandana

Zach  WHY DONT WE (@ImZachHerron) March 22, 2018

11) The bands go-to food place is Chipotle.

12) Corbyn has a fascination with airports. He even collects postcards at each one he visits.

13) One of Jonahs biggest musical influences is Ed Sheeran. Jonah (and the rest of the band!) have actually met and hung out with him at iHearts Jingle Ball.

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Thanks for the support, @teddysphotos! It means a lot to us. If you haven't seen the #TrustFundBabyVideo yet, it's out now and one of our favorite things we've ever done!

A post shared by Why Dont We (@whydontwemusic) on Mar 3, 2018 at 11:45am PST

14) The band has also been on tour dates with Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and The Chainsmokers.

15) Avery is addicted to gum.

16) Corbyn is considered to be the nerd of the group  he has a love for all things space and universe related.

17) Averys favorite emoji is the crying laughing one:?.

18) Corbyns current TV binge?Stranger Things!

19) Jonahs go-to Starbucks order is a venti caramel latte.

20) Zachs favorite app is Instagram  which makes sense because his theme is really cool! Right now hes been doing a lot of black and white photos, like this one below!

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A post shared by Zach Herron  WHY DONT WE (@imzachherron) on Aug 12, 2018 at 12:34pm PDT

21) Jonah loves hanging out by the water or in the pool. Check out the photo below!

Jonah pool day Instagram

Photo Credit: IG @jonahmarais.

22) Before becoming 1/4 of WDW, Avery actually went on tour with IMPACT as a solo artist.

23) Jonah also recorded music as a solo artist prior to WDW, and even released a full length album calledWhen the Daylights Gone.He also went on the 2014 DigiTour with famous vloggers Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier.

24) The boys think of The Beatles and *NSYNC as musical aspirations. Check out their homage to the Beatles Abbey Road below!

Why Don't We "Abbey Road" Beatles homage

Photo Credit: IG @WhyDontWeMusic.

25) Jonahs dad is a musician, and Corbyns mom played the harp for 40 years. Music has always been a part of all the guys lives.

26) Thanks to their YouTube backgrounds, the band is super talented at mashups and covers! Check out one they did below!

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We didn't want to keep you guys waiting until Wednesday, so here's our first "Weekend Words with Why Don't We" ? This weekend's word is "Forever" submitted by @madison_mcguire210! Comment down below for the next word!

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27) In the first 9 months of being a band, Why Dont We already amassed 1 million followers on Instagram! They even had a sold-out tour (their smaller Something Different tour).

28) If they had to describe their music: a bit more urban driven R&B and of course, some pop influences.

29) Their favorite part of their journey? Being able to grow individually, as a group, and along with their fans.

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love u

A post shared by Corbyn  WHY DONT WE (@corbynbesson) on Feb 21, 2018 at 11:50am PST

30) The name Why Dont We came from the idea to form a group. The name also serves a group motto for their music and in their lives. How cool is that?!

You can download Why Dont Wes newest track 8 Letters, which is also the title of their debut LP, set to be released on August 31st. Be sure to follow the band on Instagram to keep up with all their success!



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