Why do I feel sad when I think about my crush

1. You switch from being nervous and sweaty around them to being comfortable and almost even chill around them. It used to be that the idea of kissing them made you feel like you'd

Why do I feel sad when I think about my crush

1. You switch from being nervous and sweaty around them to being comfortable and almost even chill around them. It used to be that the idea of kissing them made you feel like you'd just had four cups of coffee mainlined into your bloodstream, but now you find you can *GASP* be yourself around them (of all things).

2. When you part ways after a date or hangout, you don't feel anxious and crazed wondering when they'll text you again. It's all totally cool, they'll text when they text, and in an insane twist of circumstance, maybe you'll even text first.

3. All the other crushes you had in your crush reserve start to feel kinda boring and unimportant. When Dan from the gym asks to hang out, you're like, "Meh, fine," instead of "ON MY WAY," because you'd much rather just hang out with your primary crush, Brian.

4. Your text conversations are actual conversations, instead of flirty, "I swear I'm not desperate" texting games. Like, you actually reply when you first see the text instead of doing the whole "I'll keep them on his toes" waiting game bullshit thing. You're way past this depraved form of text courting.

5. You're happy just to go to the grocery store with them instead of planning a perfect evening deserving of its own soundtrack and rom-com montage. With the right person (someone you actually like), traipsing down the chip aisle hand-in-hand is a romantic date all on its own.

6. You don't shave your legs every day just on the off-chance they might ask to hang out and see your naked legs in all their stubbly glory. Or basically, you no longer worry that they'll be repulsed by you if they have to face the fact that you're a human and, like all other humans, are occasionally a little disgusting and unkempt.

7. When they sleep over, you're finally cool to wash your face and brush your teeth and go pee without making a whole thing about it. Like, no need to pretend your nighttime beauty routine just doesn't exist because someone else is in your space when the nighttime routine normally happens. You can finally resume normal living; the chokehold of the crush is loosening.

8. You no longer daydream about smooching every single random hottie you see out in public. You've got your own hottie to smooch.

9. If they called you on the phone, you wouldn't freak out, throw it against a wall, and flee the country. If their phone call to make a last-minute plan comes across as more sweet than creepy, this is definitely more than a random crush. Phone calls are serious shit.

10. When they don't text back for a few hours, you don't immediately go into full-on "THEY HATE ME!!!!!" panic mode. You've gotten into such a good groove of texting every day that you no longer worry that a delayed response means they've suddenly lost interest because at this point, that would feel really abrupt and incredibly rude.

11. You fight the urge to say really crazy things like, "I like you," and, "You're great," when there's a nice little quiet moment. It's no longer enough to just be like, "Let's make out!" or, "Having sex is fun!" You're ready to bring actual human feelings into the mix.

12. You don't get a panic attack from thinking about taking them to events that are more than a month away. They may very well still be around in two months when your favorite band is playing a show in town and you feel really sad thinking about the possibility of them not still being around.

13. Your daily concern switches from, "Oh god, I hope they like me," to, "Oh god, I hope they like me as much as I like them." It's no question that they're crushing back but are they crushing back with the same intensity as you? God, liking people is too fucking hard.

14. Analyzing their sentences for any tiny hint of a forthcoming relationship becomes your area of expertise. Wait ... when they offhandedly referred to us as a "couple" the other day, did they mean, like, a couple, or a couple of people who hang out sometimes? I MUST KNOW.

15. You don't worry that sending them three texts in a row might make you seem like an unstable, obsessive freak. Or in other words, you no longer worry about coming across as having "no chill," or, god forbid, actually caring. You want them to know you care. Because you do care! And caring, when it's reciprocated, is so much fun.

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